Students, register for the Build-A- Barbell Competition

To kick off the 2010 National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships the USOEC is sponsoring the Build-A-Barbell Contest. Any group of students, student organization or dorm/house can enter! Teams may be no larger than 5 people. Groups can use any material, excluding wood and metal, to create a 3-D barbell to mimic the ones the athletes are using in competition. Barbells must minimally consist of weight plates, a bar, collars and be 4-5 feet in length. The winners will be decided based on how real the barbell looks and how creative contestants are. Bonus points will be awarded for having “USA Weightlifting” shown somewhere on the bar.

The winner of the contest will be decided based on fan voting at the event and points awarded by judges based on creativity and realism. The two will be combined to determine an overall winner. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. Contestants are not allowed to vote. The barbells will be displayed at the Berry Events Center during the USA Weightlifting National Collegiate Championships April 16-18 to show off your talent. Winners will be announced Sunday, April 18 at 2 p.m. and winners must be present to win. Have fun and good luck!!

To register, click here!