For the week of September 8th, 2003

From the 6th floor

It is gorgeous in Marquette today, but you can't help but long will it last? Is this going to be the last nice day before falls rolls in? While I certainly hope not, I have learned that you have to appreciate each nice day because you never know when they will come to an end. Does that sound too philosophical for a Monday? I apologize, but you can already smell fall in the air. Several trees have the beginnings of fall color on them. While the trees outside the window of the 6th floor are still pretty green, there is a hint of yellow on them and you know orange and red aren't far behind. I just hope summer doesn't give up her fight too soon.

I thought you might enjoy a pictorial update on the Tourist Park. It's been almost four months since flooding destroyed the park. You can see from today's photos that it looks more like a field than a basin. A small river of water is now running through, but no one seems to know if it will ever be back to the old Tourist Park. Look at the photo on the left....before the flood, the water level would be up to the bottom of the trees in the background. Now, two foot high grass makes up most of the basin.

Thoughts of fall lead to the inevitable: Homecoming

If anyone needs a reminder of how quickly Homecoming is approaching, a drive past the Superior Dome will keep you up to date. I remember when this sign said "68 days until Homecoming." Yipes! Now we're down to 19 days. I better not drive by the rest of the week or it will just confirm to me how close Homecoming is.

If you haven't heard, this year's theme is: "Green and Gold, Young and Old, Northern through the ages."

It's all taking place September 26 and 27 on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

The NMU Book Store will have special Homecoming hours, Saturday, Sept. 27th, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Stop by and get all your green and gold attire before the game!

For a complete look at the Homecoming schedule, click here.

Deadline is approaching for Dickinson County bus trip.
NMU Alumni in the Dickinson/Iron area are putting together a bus trip to NMU for Homecoming festivities on Saturday, Sept. 27.
The bus will make two pick-ups, one in Kingsford and one in Sagola.
Your ticket includes bus transportation to and from Marquette, game ticket and a chance at prizes on the bus ride.
Plus, if you are a member of the NMU Alumni Association or Wildcat Club you can eat for free at the Tailgate Party at the Dome.
Tickets are $20/per person.

Want to RSVP or have questions? Contact Mark Pontti or Joanne Berutti.

NMU Among 'Best Midwestern Colleges'

Northern is included in the first edition of The Best Midwestern Colleges, a higher education guide compiled by The Princeton Review. NMU is among 150 schools featured as the top choices in 11 states.
The book includes two-page narrative profiles with information and data on admissions, financial aid, student body demographics, and academics. It also incorporates feedback from current students obtained through a 70-question survey about campus life.
Students said they chose NMU because of its “small class sizes, reasonable in-state tuition and excellent education and nursing programs.” The report indicates a majority of students agree that the most rewarding aspect of undergraduate life at Northern is the level of support and personal attention they receive from the faculty.
The profiles also include The Princeton Review ’s ratings of each school’s academics, admissions, financial aid, and quality of life – plus its “Inside Word” on admission patterns.
The Princeton Review began by publishing a flagship book, The Best 351 Colleges. According to a company news release, it developed a new line of five regional college guides based on the growing trend of students choosing colleges closer to home:
“Tuition increases, travel costs, the affordability of state schools, the downturn in the economy and concerns about terrorism have all contributed to this … A Horatio Alger Association study reported that 56 percent of students it surveyed would rather attend a college within driving distance of home.”
The five regional “ Best College ” guides all have an index of schools by state. They are part of a line of college- and learning-related books developed by The Princeton Review and published by Random House.

Championship volleyball team gets shown up by new 'Cats

Saturday night at the Vandament Arena was the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the 1993 NCAA II National Volleyball Championship, which was NMU’s first national championship in volleyball. The 1993 squad played the current ‘Cats in a volleyball match. The “youngsters” handled the 1993 team in three straight (30-23, 30-20, 30-20).

Ashley Kiel led the current squad with 11 kills and nine digs on the evening. Kelli McCune had 34 assists while Anne Hasenstab had a match-high 14 digs. Beth Honaker had three service aces for the match. Andrea Smith was felt at the net as she had one block solo and four block assists on the evening.

For the 1993 team leading the way were Andrea Gommans and Heather Koenig as they both had seven kills to pace the alumni. Current NMU assistant volleyball coach, Stacy Metro, had six kills, 18 assists and six digs. Tricia Tuler led the ’93 squad with 12 digs.

The ‘Cats are back in action next weekend in Highland, Ky. at the Northern Kentucky Tournament as they will play Alderson Broaddus College in their first match of the tournament on Friday afternoon, September 12 at 2:30 p.m.

All but two members of the championship team were back in town to play the current squad in an Alumni Match at Vandament Arena.







Tough season opener for the football 'Cats

The Wildcats went up a division on Saturday by playing the NCAA I-AA, Northern Iowa Panthers and they found out what it was like to play a game with the big boys. At the sound of the final gun in the UNI-Dome the ‘Cats looked up at the scoreboard and saw the 62-0 score in favor of the Panthers. It was the ‘Cats fourth opening game loss of the season in the last five opening games. The ‘Cats continue with their road quest as they travel to Erie, Pa. next week to take on the Mercyhurst Lakers at 1:30 p.m. NMU will play a third road game in a row when they play at Ferris State on Sept. 20.

Show everyone you're proud to be a Wildcat

Support Northern Michigan University with the purchase of an NMU license plate!

And you don't have to wait until your birthday. Just visit the Secretary of State's office in your area or visit their web site. They can pro-rate your fee.

The original fee for an NMU license plate is $35, in addition to all other applicable fees. NMU will receive $25, and each time the plate is renewed, a $10 renewal fee will be collected and sent to NMU.

Purchasing the plate not only shows that you are "true to your school", but provides NMU with additional funds to help support the programs and services of the university.

Family fun at Wildcat Sports Festival

The NMU athletic department will hold a Wildcat Sports Festival from 6-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15, at the Superior Dome.
Participants will have a chance to meet and have photos taken with the Wildcat coaches, student-athletes and recreation staff members.
A variety of games will be available, including hockey target shoot, sleeping bag relays, flag football, Frisbee golf, and several obstacle courses (trolley, soccer, and snowshoe).
There will also be contests for free-throw shooting and field-goal kicking. The event is free of charge and the public is invited to attend.

NMU Alumni in Indian River beat out Big Ten schools in the College Cup Challenge..and donate winnings to Northern

A special Thank You goes out to Ray Tollefson '50, Jeff Hamal '66, '69 and Karen Oman Hamal '66.

"A small golf tournament was held Labor Day weekend at our course in Indian River, MI hosting five teams representing five different universities: Ohio State; Michigan State; University of Michigan; University of Arizona and Northern Michigan University. The participants, mostly club members, competed on behalf of their school of choice paying a small entrance free to be split as prize money between our local high school golf program and a designated program from the winning team's school. NMU, represented by Ray Tollefson '50, Jeff Hamal '66, '69 and Karen Oman Hamal '66 were the winners and chose the NMU Development Fund as the designated program to receive the prize money. Please accept this check for $80 to be applied to the NMU Development Fund on behalf of your proud alumni, the winners of the inaugural IRGC College Cup Challenge, the NMU Wildcats."
David Marsh
Club Manager
Indian River Golf Club

Congratulations to Ray, Jeff and Karen and thanks for remembering Northern!

Thanks for stopping by.....

The award for longest trip made by an alumnus to visit the 6th floor goes to Muraino Ogunsanya '79 of Nigeria, Africa.
Muraino was in town visiting and stopped by to renew his NMU Alumni Association membership.
Thanks, Muraino!

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