For the week of August 18, 2003

From the 6th floor....and not from the beach where I really want to be right now.

I don't know how anyone can argue that there is any more perfect piece of the world during summer than right here in Marquette. Man, we have had such a beautiful summer. Day after day of beach weather, no humidity, and the nights cooling off just enough to make sleeping comfortable. It really has been a summer tourism officials dream of. Even the flies are cooperating and not chasing sun worshippers off the beaches. And as you can see from the photos, Lake Superior has warmed up enough that people actually have the guts to get in a swim. According to our sources, the current temp of Lake Superior is right around 60 degrees near the shore and in the 40s as you get further out.

NMU public stations receive one-time funding boost

Northern Michigan University will invest $250,000 in one-time funding to extend operations of its public radio and television stations through June 2005. The stations were originally scheduled to be phased out entirely by June 30, 2004, as part of the university's cost-cutting efforts.
During a focus discussion this morning, the NMU Board of Trustees gave its consensus to the proposal presented by Fred Joyal, provost and vice president for academic affairs.
"This is one-time support; it is not permanent funding and will not come out of the base budget because that has already been approved," said Joyal. "Northern received a one-time allocation of $350,000 in state budget carryover money. We will tap into that to keep both operations going an extra year. This will buy some time to investigate ways to secure sustainable financial support for the stations beyond 2005."
Joyal said a citizens committee and station personnel will help produce a plan that identifies new revenue streams and measures that can be taken to enhance existing fundraising. It will be presented to the board in February.
"The plan will also address ways that the stations can add more value to the university while maintaining their public service role, Joyal said. "We would like to see more hands-on learning opportunities for students and more programming related to Northern so that they are fulfilling their educational and recruiting potential."
As part of the process, the university will hire a consultant to assess the situation. "It's not very expensive and this person will provide an outside perspective on how our stations' budgets compare with other public stations, the direction the industry is going, potential fundraising sources, and ideas for reorganization," Joyal said.
The one-time support will allow the NMU stations to retain grant funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This amounts to about $500,000 per year for WNMU TV-13 and $150,000 per year for WNMU-FM.

NMU Board updated on presidential search

The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees received a report on the first meeting of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee at its Aug. 8 business session.
Sam Benedict, trustee and chair of the PSAC, said members were informed of their charge and responsibilities. They also developed a tentative timeline for the process.
Benedict said the committee will review all resumes in October and select 25-30 candidates who "rise to the top." In November, the committee will narrow the list to 10-12 and begin the interview phase between December and February. The committee plans to present four or fewer finalists to the board for consideration in February or March

Search Chair Sam Benedict wrote a special letter to the NMU community about the search. You can read the letter here.





And now for the REALLY important news....The Wooden Nickel may close!

Yes, it's true!
The Wooden Nickel may have to shut down.
Late last week, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission was set to revoke their liquor license as of Sunday, August 17th.
According to the MLCC, the Nickel was cited three times in two years for selling alcohol to minors. In addition, the bar had accumulated a total of 18 liquor control charges since December 1990.
Marquette County Circuit Judge John Weber approved a temporary restraining order stopping the MLCC from seizing the bar's license, pending a hearing.
In a three-page order staying its enforcement Weber found, among other things, that the revocation would have caused irreparable damage to the bar and that the public interest would not be harmed if the stay were granted.
This will allow the Nickel to stay in business until the case is reviewed by the court.
A hearing date has not been set.


NMU Distinguished Alumnus makes Today Show appearance






Robert Archibald '70, President of the Missouri Historical Society made an appearance on the Thursday, August 14th edition of The Today Show on NBC.

Archibald, an Ishpeming native, is supervising Lewis & Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition which begins a cross country tour in January 2004.
On the show, Archibald highlighted the tour, which brings together, for the first time since 1806, hundreds of rare and priceless artifacts and documents.

The NMU Alumni Association honored Archibald with a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1998.

Click here for more on the Lewis & Clark Exhibition.

An easy way to give back

Get your Wildcat license plate today!

Purchasing these plates not only shows that you are "true to your school", but provides NMU with additional funds to help support the programs and services of the university.
The original fee for a University License Plate is $35, in addition to all other applicable fees. Northern will receive $25. Each time the plate is renewed, a $10 renewal fee will be collected and sent to the university.

Can you think of an easier or more fun way to assist your alma mater?
Visit the Secretary of State online for more information.

You can even have fun and play around with personalizing your Wildcat plate.

One of the best parts of this job

I have said this from day one of my job: one of the best parts of being involved in alumni work at Northern is the wonderful people you meet.

I had the pleasure of having breakfast Saturday, August 16, with Jim Jacques '77 and his wife, Kristine '78. Jim and Kris had not been back on campus in almost 20 years. But the best part of this story is that they were on a 25th Anniversary trip back to the place they had met: NMU. (Well, to be perfectly honest, the place they met was the former North End, which is now Whiskers. But I am going to claim poetic license here and claim that counts as Northern.) The Jacques decided that the best way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary was to revisit all their favorite haunts from their time at Northern. That, to me, sounded like a great anniversary plan.

I met the Jacques at Sweet Water Cafe, which is located at the site of the former Ten O'Clock Charlies. A name recognized by anyone who attended Northern in the 70s and early 80s. Both Jim and Kris are originally from downstate but did not meet until venturing north. Kris related the story to me about coming to Northern between semesters, in the dark of winter, when everyone else was home for the holidays and she had to bunk in the basement of Spooner until everyone else came back. Jim lived in Payne Hall. He was drawn to Northern primarily because of skiing. He'd spent his mornings in class and then hit Marquette Mountain (Cliff's Ridge) for the afternoon.

While in Marquette, the couple planned to visit the remaining places they used to hang out at or go on dates to. They commented on the fact that the Nordic Theatre was gone. They remember some very fun times on Sugarloaf. As a matter of fact, I think that's where they were headed after breakfast.

Both said Northern played a pivotal role in their lives, even aside from the fact that they met here. Kris received a Nursing degree and is still in the business and Jim works for a contract company of GM. They live in Clarkston and have 4 children.

I really want to thank Kris and Jim for including me in their anniversary trip. It never ceases to amaze me just how important Northern is to its alumni.

Kris and Jim, Happy Anniversary!







Kris (Centilli) '78 and Jim '77 Jacques

From the Email bag

"Good Afternoon. My name is Michael Bond and I am a 2000 grad from NMU. I am presently living in Peoria, IL and I am looking to network with any NMU alumni in the central and Chicago-land area. Through my company (Integrity Mortgage Services), I have four tickets to a Chicago Cubs game on Friday, September 12th and I would really like to take some fellow NMU alumni. Please let me know if you might be interested."
Michael Bond '00

"To all alumni in the Marquette area: The NMU Men's Club hockey team is looking for a volunteer coach to help run the 2003-2004 hockey season. We are searching for a motivated person with some knowledge about hockey to run practice, travel with the team, and help make this season a success. If anyone is interested in volunteering to coach the NMU Cats to victory, please contact:
Scott Husak or 226-3175"

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