For the week of August 16, 2004

The weather has been remarkably similar to the past several weeks, not too hot, not too cold. Except for a few mornings last week when it got quite chilly. I am hoping the remaining days of August treat us well, seeing as the beginning of summer was miserable. Today's photo would look exactly like the photo two weeks ago, so I skipped it. Plus, I spoiled you in the last edition with beach photos.

The move is on


The west entrance of C. B. Hedgcock.

Several departments and offices are moving into the C.B. Hedgcock Student Services Center over this week and next.

The renovated fieldhouse will now be home to just about any office a student would need to visit such as; Dean of Students, Admissions, Financial Aid, Financial Services, JOBSearch Center, among many others.

In addition, some 8,000 square feet of Hedgcock will now be home to the Reynolds Recital Hall.

Meanwhile, construction continues on the new Art & Design facilities and DeVos Museum.

In the next edition of "What's New, NMU?", we'll take you inside the former fieldhouse for a look at all the changes.

Legendary NMU coach dies

Faust L. (Frosty) Ferzacca, 96, died Friday, August 13, 2004 at the Woodside Lutheran Home in Green Bay, Wis. He was born January 29, 1908 in Iron Mountain.
Frosty worked in the Green Bay Packer Organization before taking the football head coaching assignment at Northern Michigan University. In 30 years of coaching, Frosty achieved his greatest collegiate success at Northern where his teams compiled a record 55 wins, 19 loses and 2 ties. In 1965, his final season, he was named Associated Press and N.A.I.A. coach of the year. It was his second A.P. and fourth N.A.I.A. award. Ferzacca was a charter member of the Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame, the Michigan Upper Peninsula Hall of Fame and the Eastern Michigan University Hall of Fame. He was also a charter member of the Green Bay Packers and of the National Football League Alumni.
He is survived by two children, John Ferzacca and Mary Pierce; two grandchildren, Anthony Quinn and Emily Quinn-Nausadis; one great grandchild, McMillan A. Quinn; two brothers, Louis Ferzacca and William Ferzacca.
In lieu of flowers, the F.L. Ferzacca Scholarship fund has been established at Northern Michigan University.

NMU students study in Vienna

Fifteen NMU students, accompanied by history professor Robbie Goodrich, traveled to Vienna for a four-week study abroad program.
The program, which is through the Actilingua Academy in Vienna, was organized by Goodrich and Carol Strauss, who teaches German in the modern languages and literatures department.
“The program consists of 20 hours a week of intensive language instruction every morning at the host institution, Actilingua, which specializes in German language instruction,” said Goodrich. “We increased the stay from three to four weeks based on student feedback.”
During the program, students earn credit at Actilingua, which can be applied as four transfer credits in German or as part of the international studies major/minor study abroad requirement.
In addition to intensively studying German, the students participated in a cultural program that included classes on waltzing, Austrian cuisine and the history and culture of Central Europe. In their free time, students could attend opera or theatrical performances or tour museums. They also organized trips to Salzburg, home of Mozart and the von Trapp family; down the Danube River; and out of Austria to Venice, Prague and Budapest.

NMU student designs cards for breakups

Sometimes it’s hard to find a greeting card that expresses the perfect sentiment. It can be challenging enough for joyous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and falling in love, but what if it’s a case of falling out of love and breaking up with someone?
Angela Kipling, a graphic communications major at Northern Michigan University, recently unveiled a line of cards called “Let’s Just Be Friends.” It is produced by Kipling’s company, Graphic Issues, and inspired by her own experience when an ex-boyfriend opted out of their relationship.
“When [the breakup] happened, I’d wished that I had something to send him,” she said. “Not something mean – just something to say how I was feeling.”
Kipling originally designed the cards for the NMU Senior Art Exhibit. Strong encouragement from friends and family convinced her to market them commercially.

Full story.

NMU grad working with Rockettes in NYC

Meg Hartley, a 2002 NMU graduate, is an assistant athletic trainer for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in New York City. She was offered the job after completing an internship with the Rockettes during the winter holiday season.
Hartley worked for four years as a student athletic trainer at NMU while earning a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. She attended Syracuse University for a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Hartley spent last summer in New York City, contacting shows and theaters about their health-care coverage and what was available.
“I had always been interested in dance medicine, being a dancer most of my life, and I decided to investigate it,” said Hartley. “I got in contact with the athletic trainer for the Radio City Rockettes and … she offered me an internship because I had dance experience and I could relate to the dancers.”
Hartley spent the winter holiday season with the Rockettes as an intern athletic trainer, helping the dancers before and after their shows. Getting ready for shows included stretching, rehabilitation and injury care.
“It is very similar to the athletic setting, except these dancers were performing the same show (several times each day),” said Hartley. “I loved every minute and was extremely excited when they called me this February and offered me the job of assistant athletic trainer for this season.”

News from Wildcat Athletics

Zeta Kappa founders visit campus 30 years later

Five of the members posed in this 1971 photo:

Doris McEwen Walker '71
Alberta Shamlin
Gail Caldwell Leonard '72
Perryne Raiford Thompson '71
Lynnette Horn '72


Some of the original members strike a familiar pose on campus in 2004, their first visit back in 30 years.

Doris McEwen Walker '71
Gail Caldwell Leonard '72
Perryne Raiford Thompson '71
Jeannie Young Fergeson
Judith Bailey Williams

The Zeta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was founded on the campus of NMU in 1969. The group was designed to further the ideals of the founders and a five point plan of public service. The five areas were--job opportunities, library science, mental health, international understanding and volunteers for community service.

Rugby planning 25th reunion

Former NMU rugby players are getting together in Marquette, Sept. 4-5, to celebrate 25 years of the club sport on campus.

Events include a social and alumni rugby match.
For details, contact Steve Nemeckay '90 at 1-586-243-6000 or

Thanks for stopping by....

Richard '62 and Dorothy '64 (Woodbridge) Nobert of Livonia, MI. Editor's note to Richard and Dorothy: Sorry I missed your visit. I hope you enjoyed checking out the Alumni offices. Please stop by again when you are in town.

Dave Staples '70, '71 and his mother, Marjorie Staples '35.
Marjorie lives in Dearborn in the summer and was in town visiting relatives. The retired teacher has attended several alumni events in the Tampa-Clearwater area where she winters. She and her late husband, Fred, established a scholarship in Northern's College of Technology and Applied Sciences in 1992.

If you're in the Marquette area for a visit this summer, please stop by and say hello. We're on the 6th floor of Cohodas, room 603.

From the Email bag

Here's a rather enlightening story that I thought you might want to share with the readers of "What's New". A friend of mine, with whom I attended high school, recently told me of his first experience visiting the Northern campus. Upon graduation from high school, he opted for UM-Ann Arbor, later graduating as a Wolverine alumnus at the same time I received my degree from NMU. We lost touch for quite a while, but have been fortunate enough to re-connect in recent years. Amidst the rekindling of our friendship, he has enjoyed touting his Wolverine pride, and has often teased me---albeit in a friendly vein---for having attended a smaller university so far from what he calls "the mainstream", even though he had never seen the campus and had only driven through Marquette via the US-41 Bypass once or twice. He could never quite figure out why, having been accepted at the U of M, I opted to travel so far from home to attend NMU. Nonetheless, he has respected and admired the intense pride I hold for having attended and graduating from Northern and the fact that, 23 years later, I still rave about those four and a half years on that beautiful campus.

I recently received an email from him, telling me of a trip he and his wife had made up to the U.P earlier this summer. As part of their four-day drive through Superiorland, they decided to stay in Marquette one night. The next day, before heading back downstate, they thought it might be fitting to check out my alma mater and see what it was I had been raving about all of these years. In his email, he told me of their tour of the NMU campus, both the older sections as well as the newest additions. The beauty of the campus left quite an impression upon both of them, and he said, "I never realized how incredible NMU was until I saw it for myself firsthand...the campus is beautiful and I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to be part of a college town amidst such natural grandeur. I can now see why you decided to attend Northern instead of Michigan." He went on to say how impressive it was that the campus was growing, slowly moving closer to the shores of Lake Superior. Moreover, he received some promotional material from the admissions office and is passing it on to his son, who is just starting high school this fall. However---and, knowing my friend as I do, it just wouldn't be complete without this---he couldn't let the email go by without a friendly dig, by saying, "Northern's new hockey arena is quite the venue, and, although the Superior Dome is quite impressive for a smaller football stadium, The Big House (Michigan's stadium) is still the best football stadium in the country". Although that may be so, the newfound respect he has for NMU makes it even more enjoyable for me when it comes time for NMU to face off with Michigan during hockey season, regardless of whether the 'Cats win or lose.
I can't speak for everyone, but I certainly got a kick out of the fact that someone who thought the world began and ended in Ann Arbor had such a lasting impression made upon them by the beautiful campus that we NMU alums, at one time or another, were so fortunate to call home.

Dave Sevick, '81
Lakewood, CO

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