For the week of August 13, 2007

From the 6th floor

Thought perhaps our readers might be getting tired of all the beautiful summer weather photos we've been sharing. (Is that even possible?) Decided to turn the camera around this week and show you the actual 6th floor window. You can decide if it's creative and clever or just lazy. In Marquette County, we've been blessed with a gorgeous summer. There have been plenty of beach days, good camping weather and pleasant evenings. We haven't had enough rain, though, and the fire danger remains high throughout Upper Michigan. More than 18,000 acres have burned in Luce County. On August 2, lightning ignited trees near Sleeper Lake and the fire has become the largest wildfire in the U.P. in 30 years. Crews are making progress on putting the fire out but are also hoping Mother Nature will assist with a good dose of rainfall.

NMU Night at Comerica Park

Close to 200 NMU alumni turned out for the first-ever NMU Night at Comerica Park, Wednesday, Aug. 8. Sponsored by the NMU Alumni Association and the Detroit Area Alumni Club, Wildcat fans turned into Tigers fans for the evening and enjoyed a pre-game reception and a night at the ballpark.

David '72 and Charlotte Wirth. Jack Craig '67 and Joe Prinzi '70, '79
Damon Scott and Grace

Check out lots more photos here!

Football players host reunion

Former football players from the 1987 Wildcat team got together in Chicago, July 19-20. They shared this photo with us from their golf outing.

As for the identities, Jeff Harry '89 gave it the old college try.

If you know the folks without identities, please let us know.

Front row: Steve Avery '89, Chris Goerlitz '87, Bob Arend '91, Scott Johnson '89, Vito Gill '88, Mike Boomer '89, Jay McQuillan '89.
Second row: Mike Sherrill, Brad Schuenemann, L.D. close, Coach Herb Grenke, Chuck Whelpley '90, Rick Popp '88, '09, Pete Young '89, Tim Wilinski '91.
Third row: Pat Modjeski '93, John Tessaro, Chris Allison '90, Tom Ostrowski '89, Phil Virnoche '88, Ken Kubiak, Jeff Harry '89,
Fourth row: unknown, Charlie Nickel '96, Brian Franks '88, Mark Strube '92, Marty Crouse '92, Chris Napoli, unknown.
Fifth row: Coach Bernie Anderson '78, '89, Tony Michels '88, Andy Kroll '90, Tom Laage '90.

Summer issue of Horizons in mailboxes now

Legacies at NMU highlight the Spring/Summer issue of Horizons, the magazine for alumni and friends of Northern Michigan University.
We heard about, and from, many families whose roots run long and deep at Northern. Check out some of those stories in the pages of Horizons. Also see the editor's note requesting your "Northern Family" stories, which will be included on the Horizons'' Web site.

Features include:

  • 95 years of Feldhausers on the NMU campus
  • Father and daughters graduate together
  • A father-son football legacy
  • On-campus legacies including Dakota House and the John D. Pierce Training School

    A special thank you to the many families that shared their stories.

Homecoming rapidly approaching

With more activities than ever, Homecoming 2007 promises to be an exciting weekend on campus.
Friday-Saturday, Oct. 5-6.

These groups are planning reunions:

  • NMU marching band alumni
  • NMU political science and public administration alumni
  • NMU College of Business alumni

A special appearance by famous zoologist Jack Hanna is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 4.
Additionally, we'll see Detroit Free Press columnist and NMU alumnus Dawson Bell '77 on campus Oct. 5, for a symposium.

Is your group planning a get together during Homecoming?
Let us know.

Check out the Homecoming Schedule of Events.

NMU students gain edge in physician assistant program

Northern Michigan University students now have an advantage in the highly competitive admissions process for Central Michigan University’s physician assistant program. Through a recent agreement, NMU is guaranteed four interviews annually for pre-physician assistant students who meet the entrance requirements and are nominated by their adviser.
“This program is unique in that qualified NMU students do not have to compete for interviews with the general pool of applicants to Central’s program,” said Dave Lucas, director of the pre-medical programs at Northern. “There are several hundred applicants each year for only 40 available slots, so having four interviews guaranteed really benefits our students. Central initiated this agreement because they were very impressed with the NMU graduates they’ve selected through their normal application procedure the past few years. It’s nice when a professional school recognizes the quality of your students and program.”
Physician assistants are mid-level health care professionals who practice medicine under the guidance of a licensed physician. Common services they provide include taking medical histories and performing physical examinations; ordering and interpreting lab tests; diagnosing and treating illnesses; assisting in surgery; prescribing and/or dispensing medication; and counseling patients.

Thanks for stopping by...

It has been a very busy two weeks of visitors on the 6th floor.
...Kevin Smith '77 and his wife, Mary, of Owosso, Mich.
...Wil Geiger '83, his wife, Robin, and daughter, Jackie, from Middletown, N.Y. Wil hadn't been on campus in more than 20 years. He also shared with us his tribute to his alma mater.
...Rolly '70 and Merry '71 Babcock of Montclair, Va.
...Kyle Anderson '05 and Mary Phillips '05 of Las Vegas, Nev.

After their U.P. stop, Kyle and Mary were headed to Detroit to catch a Tigers game. Unfortunately, they were at Comerica Park the night before NMU Night, Aug. 8. Seeing as they are both members of the NMU Alumni Association, we sent them to Detroit with free t-shirts.
...Jim Gleason '90 of Auburn, Mich.
...Andy Forbing '03 of Ann Arbor (front, center) and friends from Ann Arbor. The group spent a week camping at Tourist Park.

A visit to Marquette is not complete without stopping by the 6th floor of Cohodas Hall.

From the Email bag

Dick and Cynthia '72 Hook, Marcy Canel and Barry Axelrod ' 69.

"Hi. Here is a picture from Augusta, ME. Marcy Canel and I had dinner with Cynthia '72 and Dick Hook. Dick worked at WNMU Radio & TV with me."
Barry Axelrod '69
Vernon Hills, Ill.

"We have another Wildcat addition to our family! Miracles do happen and wishes do come true. I've stored up all of this love--it's time to share it with you. Danielle and Brent are blessed with another gift from God. Joshua John Lamming arrived at 5:11 p.m. on Tuesday, the 17th of July, weighing 8 lbs, 2 oz. and measuring 23 inches. Keira's loving nature will sure be a blessing to her new brother. Brent continues to work in the accounting department of Algoma Steel Inc. Danielle is balancing motherhood with a successful career as a physiotherapist."
Danielle Lukenda '96

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada


Hello, NMU. I would like to share this campaign commercial I am a part of with MTV Network. I graduated from Northern in 2002 in general business. I was a part of the Olympic Education Center for eight years and really enjoyed Marquette and its people. I would like to keep the university and its alumni posted on news going on with my career and positive activities I am doing around the community with youth. Here's a link to the commercial. "
Roberto Benitez '02

Ocala, Fla.
"I've been doing my art work for years and enjoying every moment. We moved to the Bitterroot Valley when it wasn't going through the growth period it is now.
A lot of people are moving here to be part of the wonderful western lifestyle that is available in this area. I am fortunate because many people buy my work for their homes. I just opened my own gallery to showcase my art. I call it the Running Horse Gallery. Things couldn't be better, we live in a beautiful place and I am paid to do what I love to do. See my work online at"
Patricia Don Diego '64
Stevensville, Mont.

"Thanks again for working so hard to put together 'What's New, NMU?' They are always great. Here are a couple pictures I thought readers might find interesting. I was visited by a NASA Johnson Space Center engineer recently. I am working with this engineer on outfitting the Space Shuttle and other space vehicles with seat belts and other safety devices."
Curt Tucker '82
TeamTech Motorsports
Saginaw, Mich.

"I was the RA of Dionysus the year the girls painted the walls and murals down the halls.  I remember all the hours all the girls put in. I also remember waking up in the middle of the night hearing people talk outside my door, thinking I needed to get up and do my job. I was wrong, they were out there painting away. That was a go-getting group of women. Seeing the picture in the last newsletter brought back wonderful memories.  I come back to Michigan once a year to see my family in Port Austin. I wish I would have known about the Dionysus reunion.  I would have loved to see everyone. I have been a teacher of theatre and speech in Nebraska the last 32 years. I'm a Cornhusker fan, but I always read on the web how NMU is doing.  Thanks for all the great updates each week. You are doing an outstanding service for the University. Thanks to whoever posted the Dionysus photo, everyone looks great!"
Cathleen( Kate, Cathy) Goretski Diaz '75
Ogallala, Neb.
"Thanks for the picture of Coach Meier in the last newsletter. He doesn't look much different than when I took his class in the '70s. My special memory is getting hurt doing a cartwheel dismount off the balance beam. He had a couple of football players carry me across campus to the health center for xrays."
Donna Vandermark '75
Bradley, Ill.
"Hi. I was just named to the Colorado Bandmaster's Association Hall of Fame. This is the first time in the 32 year history of the organization that a woman has been named. You can find more information here.
Kathy Joseph '76
Grand Junction, Col.
"On July 21, I participated in the North Country 100 mile Bicycle Tour in Wakefield. Finished in 7 hours and 10 minutes."
Jim Johnson '60
L'anse, Mich.
"Just got the latest 'What's New, NMU?' and was so excited to see a picture of the girl I used to babysit, Kristin Nicklas. This is the girl I've known since she was in diapers! I am so proud of this girl and her sister that is an NMU student. She is a great student for NMU and will do great things!"
Jodie Filpus '00
Duluth, Minn.
And more on the closure of the Shamrock:
"I remember the bar and I hope the class of '82 Animal House remembers the hangover we had. It was the greatest time of our lives!"
Steve Roe '84
Bradenton, Fla.
"I always enjoy 'What's New, NMU?'. I miss home very much and this helps me stay connected at least a little, especially the photos of Marquette and NMU. Summer really is the most spectacular time of the year in the U.P. Next to fall colors, of course. My husband and I were recently able to go to Ireland and the pace of life, people and scenery helped me feel a little like I was back home in the U.P. I am saddened by the closing of the Shamrock. My husband, Todd Marshall '99, and I had one of our first dates there and some of our best. Us girls had quite a few fun dancing nights as well. I even remember going for a burger on vacation with my parents before I started college. It just won't be the same without the 'Rock. Thanks for the updates and keep it up, please."
Alison Miller Marshall '01
Jackson, Mich.
"I did not frequent the Shamrock as much as Andy's and the North End but still it is sad to see it go. My fondest memory is being in the Shamrock on a cold, cold evening in January of 1973, celebrating the signing of the cease-fire to end the USA's involvement in the Vietman War. It was quite a party. Thanks, Shamrock."
Robert Miller '74
Disneyland House, Payne Hall
Ft. Mitchell, Ky.
"I was glad to see someone mention Snowflake in your feedback. He was one of Marquette's residents that was just there and never bothered anyone. Does anyone remember his little black dog? Just a mutt that followed him everywhere. I moved to Marquette in 1956 and can remember Snowflake very vividly. Now there is a mime artist that does the character of Snowflake. What a treasure."
Anita Dionne Gray '66
Frisco, Tex.

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