For the week of July 24, 2006

From the 6th floor

Mostly cloudy skies to start the work week. No unusual weather to write about in this week's newsletter; temperatures have remained seasonal. The forecast calls for a relatively moderate few days, with a chance of some showers moving in by mid-week. I have been meaning to get to the beach to shoot some much-requested photos, but the weather did not work in my favor over the weekend.

Communications and Marketing Dept. alumni get together

Alumni, former employees and friends of the NMU Communications & Marketing Department held a reunion Friday and Saturday, July 21-22 on the campus of Northern Michigan University. Over the years, hundreds of students and staff have worked for the department in a variety of positions. The department is home to the NMU News bureau.

Front row:  (l-r)  Julieann Kowaleski '04, Becky Kratz, Jessica Holman '04, Carol Cousineau '86, Jim Leinonen '85.

2nd row:  (l-r) Dave Faiella, Mike Clark, Jerry Nobert '68, '70, '79, Dee Heard, Chyrl Hemmila, Jack Hemmila '74.

3rd row: (l-r) Tony Tollefson '82, Maureen Schulte, Liz Nobert '89, Kristi Evans, Cindy Paavola '84, Barbara Mead '77, '00, Kathy Kabe '81, Patti Samar '85, '89, Debbie Paavola '88.

Back row: (l-r) Jon Kamps 96, Dan Lea, Ike Lea '79, Jim LaJoie '86, '99, Steve Latus '78, Don Marana '70, '79, Jan Marana, Jim Carter '67.

In addition to reminiscing, the reunion provided an opportunity for those gathered to thank Chyrl Hemmila for her years of dedication to the NMU Communications & Marketing department. Chyrl will retire in September after 36 1/2 years at Northern. NMU Director of Communications Cindy Paavola '84 and Chyrl Hemmila.

Haltof named Peter White Scholar

Marek Haltof, a professor in the English department at Northern Michigan University, is the recipient of the 2006-07 Peter White Scholar Award. He plans to produce a book that explores the depiction of the Holocaust in Polish cinema. The project will blend his professional expertise in Central European and Australian film with his personal interest and insight as a native of Cieszyn, Poland.
When the book is completed, Haltof said it will fill a noticeable void in film scholarship.
“There have been numerous books on the Holocaust, but I was surprised to discover that there hasn’t been a single study, in any language, that deals exclusively with the Holocaust’s portrayal in Polish cinema,” he said. “This is despite the fact that Poland was the site of many German death camps, that the country lost more than six million of its inhabitants, and that the Jewish culture once so prevalent had virtually disappeared after World War II.”
Since joining the NMU faculty in 2001, Haltof has published three books on the cultural histories of Polish film, with another scheduled for release in 2007. He is a two-time recipient of NMU faculty research grants and was honored with an Excellence in Professional Development Award in 2005.

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Work for NMU

The NMU Admissions office has two full-time Admissions vacancies; one position is based in southwest lower Michigan and one position is based in southeast lower Michigan. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.

In addition, the NMU Foundation is looking to fill a number of positions. Applications for those positions must be submitted by July 31.

Complete job descriptions can be found at the NMU Human Resources Web site.

They didn't have to tell us

Marquette was named as one of the seven best places to find a dream vacation home in August's issue of Men's Journal magazine, which is on newsstands now. In an article titled "The Land is Your Land," the magazine provided a guide to the most desirable, yet affordable, locales for buying vacation property. Marquette was singled out for the area's hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. The feature singled out "seven corners of the country where you can have it all for a deal" and also included tips on buying land and building a cabin. In addition to Marquette, Men's Journal highlighted Leadville, Colo.; Asheville, N. C.; Silver City, N. M.; Springfield, Mo.; Lubec, Maine; and Eureka, Cal.

Thanks for stopping by...

...Rob Olson '92 of Hillsdale, Mich.

...Dennis Stromberg '75 of Naperville, Ill.

Paul '97 and Debbie Thomas of Kingsford, with recent arrival, Aaron.


Beth '92 and Frank Kurta and their sons, from Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.
John Kumjian '85, '01 of Lake Ann, Mich. "Thought you folks might want to know...I have just released my first "solo" blues CD entitled "To Be So Blue". It was a labor of love and something I've been working on for a while. The CD should be available soon on CD Baby, Amazon, etc, and local stores around Traverse City and Marquette. Thanks for having the online newsletter and keeping us all informed. It's a great asset to NMU and the alumni who wish to stay in touch with the university. Happy Summer!"

Don't forget, if you are in town visiting this summer, stop by and say hello. We're located on the 6th floor of the Cohodas building.

From the E-mail bag

"Hi Deanna,
Two days ago I returned from vacation which included a stop at Mt. Rushmore.  As we finished listening to one of the National Park Service Staff deliver a presentation about Gutzon Borglum, the man responsible for designing the sculptures, Jordan (our son) was asking the park ranger some questions.  During the course of their conversation, the ranger found out that we were from Marquette and proudly announced that she was an '02 NMU grad.  Her name is Sommar (Jastorff) Chaffee and she graduated from the School of Education.  During the winter months, she teaches school and has a job during the summer as a park ranger providing interpretative tours.
I shot a photo of her with talking with some kids at the visitor center which is attached.  Sommar would be interested in being added to your newsletter mailing list and I’ve included her e-mail address below.  It just shows that you are never far from campus – no matter where we travel."

Sommar Chaffee '02 talks with children at the Mt. Rushmore Visitors Center.

"As I sit here today in 90% humidity and a forecast of 92 degrees, I am moved to verse. For all "Yoopers" in my favorite part of the state.
Sam Detmer '71
Indianapolis, Ind.

"Here's to the U.P."
by Sam Detmer '71.

Ah yes, here’s to the U.P.,…
It’s so much better for me,
The pace is so slow,
the people you know,
it’s my favorite place to be.

Air so exceptionally clear…
wildlife you can hear,
temperature so cool,
no humidity to fool,
so very sad… it just isn’t near!

Snow on the ground…
plenty of hockey around,
nights full of stars,
very, very few cars,
a perfect place to be bound.

Memories so great…
many stories to relate,
much more than trees,
so important to me,
my favorite part of the state!

"Hi. I was just reading the latest "What's New, NMU?" and always enjoy reading who dropped by to visit. Wouldn't it be nice if a photo accompanied the names. Sometimes it's the only way we see people that we might know."
William "Bob" Nordstrom '66
Clio, Mich.

Note from the Editor: "Great idea, Bob! Hope you enjoyed this week's visitors' photos. We'll try and keep it up."

"Hi. I recently took a position at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Arizona. I met fellow NMU alumni Eric Spore '05 today, who also just took on a position here at the museum. We both were history majors and probably met some time on campus, but never realized it. I love that I am thousands of miles from NMU, yet I run into an alum!"
Jamie Wilms '04
Flagstaff, AZ

"Hi. I thought you might like this story- my name is Doug Becker (NMU alum - 1977).
My daughter Katie (NMU alum - 2004) married Brad Balesky (NMU alum - 2003) on june 3rd, 2006. The bridesmaid was Katie's sister Sheri (NMU alum - 2005). The grooms parents are Dann Balesky (NMU alum - 1972) and Jeanne Balesky (Reno) (NMU alum - 1972). And there had to be at least 30 NMU alumni attending as guests. Maybe someday there will be a third generation Becker/Balesky NMU alumni!
Also interesting- my daughter Sheri and I both had John Kiltinen as our Calculus 1 and Abstract Algebra professor. He told us at her graduation that we are the only 2 generation underclassmen he has had. I have been teaching math for 29 years at Gaylord and I had my first 2nd generation student in 1997 (last year i had 22 2nd generation) and Sheri started teaching math downstate right after she graduated. Katie is an accountant/auditor. We have 8 teachers at Gaylord High School who attended NMU and if you check the hometowns of your students, you will see we send more than a few students your way. I start telling my students when they are freshmen the reasons to head north to NMU. Keep up the good work, if you can find a spot for the wedding announcement someplace, that would be great.
Doug Becker '77
Gaylord, Mich.

"Hi. What a great read! Really enjoyed all of last week's newsletter. Keep up the great work. Darn...I just have to get out some of my old photos from 59 to 63. Good laughs and memories."
Barb Hanshaw '63
L'anse, Mich.

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