For the week of June 6, 2005

A message from Dr. Wong

There has been good and bad news lately regarding state higher education funding. On May 19, Michigan held a revenue projection conference and revenues are up for the current fiscal year (that ends Oct. 1 for the state). That means higher education will receive about half ($16.5 million) of what was reduced in the past executive order. So, Northern’s $800,000 reduction becomes a $400,000 cut for the fiscal year that ends for universities on July 1.

A few days later, we received some bad news with the funding formula proposal of the GOP leaders on the House Higher Education Appropriation Subcommittee. Northern and Wayne State are the big losers in that recommendation. For NMU, it is a 31 percent cut or more than $14 million. However, there is a cap of 5 percent on the amount any individual school can gain or lose in the upcoming fiscal year, so Northern will, in essence, lose more than $2 million over the next six years as long if the formula remains effective and unchanged. This is a very disturbing plan, for it asks NMU and WSU students and families to bear a disproportionate burden in fixing a state-created and historical funding problem – one that the data indicates is due to explosive enrollment growth at some schools, not past political favoritism as some legislators have suggested.

In the Senate version, released June 2, Northern receives a 10 percent reduction ($4.5 million). While announcing that plan, the subcommittee chair actually singled out NMU in his public comments to state that his plan is trying to ‘right a long-term wrong of overfunding to some universities.’ We strongly disagree that this is the case and we feel that we have the proof to back up those claims. We also have several questions about how the formulas were built and why alternative funding options, such as cutting the amount to private and parochial institution aid ($58 million annually), have not been considered before devastating public institutions.

On the positive side, Governor Jennifer Granholm has publicly stated that she will oppose any legislation that significantly harms a few institutions to the benefit of others, saying that it does not support her goal to double the number of college graduates over the next 10 years.

This summer, the NMU President’s Council continues its budget-planning work. We are meeting regularly to revise possible models. Much of our discussion this spring centered on how to bring in revenue via new courses, new ways to offer courses, and other services. We will spend much of June considering what budget reductions can be made. Once we have a clearer idea of the state funding numbers, we will mold one of the proposed options into a firm plan and set tuition. I will keep you updated as we move through the process.

As alumni, you can join in our campaign for fair state funding by writing to your local state legislators. If you reside outside of Michigan, a note to the Governor would be helpful. The various contact information can be found at Alumni who reside in areas of legislators we feel will be key to blocking these bills will receive additional messages from me this week asking you to assist your alma mater in this matter. Our collective voice can make a difference in impacting the actions of the legislators.

From the 6th floor

It's another one of those Mondays where I had to check the calendar. Why, you ask? Because we've already had several days in a row where the temperature has climbed past 80 degrees and people are hanging out at the beach. Is it really only June 6? And is this a hint of what summer has in store for us? If so, bring it on! We were on the receiving end of severe weather Sunday evening, with a tornado warning posted for areas of Marquette County. A funnel cloud was reported in Gogebic County, but Marquette County only saw severe thunderstorms and some reports of hail. Forecasters call for cooler temperatures early this week with rain likely.

The talk of the town

Generally speaking, the weather is the topic of conversation around the water cooler in Marquette. And while you would think that would be the case, what with the record heat we've been having, the water cooler honor goes to the newest addition to Park Cemetery: a 700 pound female moose. The yearling apparently wandered to town from the Huron Mountains and has decided to hang around. City officials believe the moose to be living in the area commonly known as the "fit strip," which includes 29 wooded acres of the 119-acre cemetery. The strip lies between Seventh Street and Lincoln Avenue. For the past week, she has been making daily appearances at the lily pond in the cemetery and drawing quite a crowd. Hundreds of people flock to the cemetery each day to try and get a look at the animal. Even though this is the U.P. and wildlife abounds, it is quite unusual to see a moose in town. While officials are concerned about safety, both for the moose and the crowd, they do not plan on removing her just yet. They are encouraging people not to get too close and to let the moose go about its business.
Our cameras caught her Sunday evening when she ventured to the lily pond for dinner.
This photo from the Marquette Mining Journal shows the crowd gathered at the fence to watch the moose.

Delta Sigma Phi plans June reunion

NMU alumni from Delta Sigma Phi will be getting together June 10-11 in Livonia, Mich.
The group holds a reunion every couple of years and this year's event is scheduled for the upcoming weekend at the Livonia Holiday Inn.

Close to 100 alumni have participated in the past.
If you are interested in knowing more about the reunion, contact Bob LaCosse '69.

NMU alumni from Delta Sigma Phi at their 2003 reunion.

Golf outing deadline drawing near

If you haven't yet registered, get a move on!

The deadline for the Wildcat Club/Alumni Association Golf Outing is rapidly approaching.

NMU Wildcat Club/Alumni Association Golf Outing

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
Marquette Golf and Country Club.

This annual golf outing supports the NMU Wildcat Club and Alumni Association.
Get your team together now!
Cost is $100 per person.
Covers golf and dinner, prizes and goody bag.

Want to sign up or sponsor a hole?

For details on other summer golf outings, click here.

NMU professor receives distinguished athletic trainer award

Julie Rochester '95, a health physical education and recreation professor at Northern Michigan University, is the recipient of the 2005 Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award. 
Rochester first came to NMU in 1990 as an athletic trainer and coordinator of student development in the athletic training non-degree program.  In 1999, she transferred to the health physical education and recreation (HPER) department where she planned, implemented and directed the new baccalaureate athletic training program.  Her service to the university, local community and several other organizations over the years granted her tenure and promotion at NMU in 2004. 
“It was mostly the educational aspect that drew me to the athletic training field, which was why I made the shift from the athletics department to the HPER department,” said Rochester.  “I enjoy working closely with students and teaching them what they need to know to go out there and get good jobs in the field.  I was pretty surprised when I learned that I’d be receiving this award, because I know people who’ve received it in the past and never considered myself to be at their level.  But I’m very excited and it’s a great honor to represent NMU for this award.”
Rochester has teaching experience in approximately nine health promotion/athletic training courses at NMU and currently serves as an active member in several campus organizations including the Campus Visit Program, Student Leader Fellowship Program and the Student Athletic Training Organization, as well as several organizations in the community such as Upper Peninsula Partnerships for Safety and “SAFE KIDS” of Marquette and Alger county. 

NMU student gets an offer from the Packers

Kiejuan Davis, a Northern Michigan University student from Jackson, Mich., has been offered a six-week summer internship with the Green Bay Packers.  Davis applied through the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society and received word of his acceptance at the end of the academic year.
“I applied for this internship last year and wasn’t accepted, so I revised my resume and figured out which teams I would work the best with,” said Davis, a junior athletic training major.  “When I was notified on the last day of finals week that I had been accepted, it surprised me because I had given up on it.  My goal in the athletic training field is to work with a pro football team, so this internship will help me put my foot in the door and hopefully open up more opportunities.”
Davis is the third student from NMU to work with the Packers in the past three years. 
“It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a student to get an internship with a professional athletic team,” said Julie Rochester, an NMU professor of health, physical education and recreation.  “These internships are competitive, so it’s extremely exciting for an NMU student to be offered this experience.  It also boosts NMU’s reputation in terms of student recruitment.”
Davis will begin his internship at the end of July. 

Thanks for stopping by....

.....Carl Pletzke '75 of McLean, VA. Carl was in town for his mother's 80th birthday. Carl retired from the CIA and now works as a security specialist for Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Don't forget...if you are in the Marquette area visiting this summer, make sure you stop by and say hello. We're on the 6th floor of the Cohodas building.

From the Email bag

"Hi Deanna. As the former social chairman for the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, I am once again organizing a social engagement for Alpha Xi's and Theta Chi's from the years 1978-84. Let's get together at the Tailgate Party before the Homecoming football game on Saturday, September 17th. Game time is 5:00, so we'll meet in the parking lot for warm-up at 2:00. See you there!"
"I'd like to also invite the nursing classes of 1981-84 to get together after the football game at the Fifth Quarter Reception at the Steer and Stein, at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, September 17th. Bring all those memories of old classes, teachers and study groups. Hope everyone can make it."
Barb Cole '82
LIvonia, MI

Note from the Editor: This week's walk down memory lane: Alpha Xi Delta from the 1979 Peninsulan.

"We were at Northern '56-'58 after leaving Suomi (Finlandia) husband E. Gary Curtin was a veteran of the Korean War.. (served in the navigation dept of the Battle ship Iowa-BB-61) so we were privileged to live in"Vetville", where he was designated "Mayor of Vetville", when Bob Charter moved on to grad- school....the Mayor had the responsibility of keeping the plumbing etc. in working order and was actually an employee of Northern and we were assigned apt #1. It was an interesting lifestyle......we moved on to the University of Michigan and had a more "luxurious" (by comparison) apartment on their newly developed North Campus...but we didn't have the fun we had in our old "hut" on the campus of Northern. Wonder how many alumni remember "Vetville", an interesting part of NMU history."
Mary Lou Curtin '
Escanaba, MI

Postscript from Mary Lou: "These are the women who lived in Vetville ( I am seated on the floor on the far right)....Most of these women remain my good friends today and many of them became teachers and are still in the UP. The GI Bill enabled many young men the opportunity to be the first in their family to receive a college education....and it was considered a great opportunity."

"In 1960 I graduated fom NMU and neglected to purchase a class ring.  I returned to Massachusetts {home} and in 1963 asked an entering freshman to order one for me.  He returned after one semester and indicated the ring was ordered and would be sent in the mail.  After a marriage, two daughters, and a masters degree from UCONN ,the year was 1973 and no ring.  So in exasperation ,I ordered one through the catalogue and it was delivered in about one month.  Soon after, I met Len St. Jean '63 in Boston for dinner.  He had recently returned from an NMU homecoming where he had picked up a class ring.  We naturally compared our new jewelry and to our amazement found both rings were --class of 60--Having both studied logic, we looked inside the bands and found both initialed WDB. Amazing in light of the 2000 mile distance and 10 year time span.  Len immediately gave me the ring and I now have as many as the Barnum & Bailey circus .Our moral to this story is "whatever goes around--comes around"  maybe you have one--we'll donate dinner and an overnight stay on Cape Cod with legally restricted imbibing with the best to the best entry -GO WILDCATS--send your moral entries to the NMU alum assn. hopefully with a gift.   best to all."
Dr. William "Bill" Brodeur '60
Yarmouth, MA

"I will always remember the last day of class in May of 1988. At the end of my Chaucer class, Dr. Daryl Davis told us all what a great semester it had been and said, "Have a great summer!" We walked out of the building into a snow storm that eventually dropped ten inches on the city. Happy UP summer break!"
Theresa (Wilklow) Larson '88, '90
Katy, TX (where our high today should be 94)

"I just wanted to send a quick note in recognition of Mike Geary, the resigning women's basketball coach. I worked with the women's team as a student athletic trainer during the 1998 season. The team and everyone associated with them really respected him and I am sad to hear that he has resigned. I wish him the best of luck and would like to thank him and all the women that played that year for including me in such a great season."
Kris House '98
Binghamton, NY

"Dear Deanna, I live in North Carolina, and am getting a unexpected NMU visitor...My college roommate from long ago ...we lived in Payne Hall together. I was a freshman and she was a Junior or a Senior...We both got Home Ec degree's, and we both are Tri Sigma's. Linda Hitch is flying in from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and her two dogs. We are planning a "Girls" weekend, here in North Carolina. This NC adventure includes a trip to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore Estates, and a hike up Chimney Rock if we can make it. Say HI to all my Sorority Sisters! "
Melinda Ashton Semer '80
Cornelius, NC

"I really enjoy all the stories, especially the recent one about the alumni grandfather. Thank you for sending this newsletter out to us. I have not been in the Marquette area since 1976 and the photos bring back so many good memories. Thank you for your time and effort."
Phyllis Staniec '75
Sterling Heights, MI

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