For the week of May 26, 2003

From the 6th floor

Ah. A hayfever sufferers worst nightmare....spring.
Yes, spring has sprung in Upper Michigan. The grass is finally starting to green up and most of the trees finally have buds on them. Is it just me or does spring seem pretty late this year? The ice is finally gone from Lake Superior and the daffodils and tulips have arrived. We're just waiting for the lilac bushes to blossom, now. Although it's beautiful today, the weather has only been so-so in the past week. While we had lots of sunshine over the weekend, temperatures in the city of Marquette did not get all that high, but did remain pleasant. The rest of the week calls for temps in the upper 60s and some light rain showers.

I included this photo so you could see the tree blossoming in the foreground, but also, a look at Hedgcock Fieldhouse, minus the windows, from the 6th floor. See related story below.

Flood update

Marquette County is still suffering repercussion from Dead River flooding. On May, an earthen dike on the Silver Lake basin in rural Champion Township failed, sending the entire basin's contents spilling into the Dead River. The resulting flood wiped out bridges and roadways from the basin to its mouth at Lake Superior in Marquette. Substantial damage was done to Marquette's Tourist Park, where a Marquette Board of Light and Power hydro dam was destroyed.
In addition, the Presque Isle Power Plant sustained damage and had to temporality shut down.
Because of that, much of the city of Marquette remains on a reduced power usage request by the city. They are encouraging all residents to limit the use of electricity to ease the burden.
In addition, boats and watercraft have been prohibited from using the Dead River from Silver Lake to Lake Superior. Dam safety barriers, buoys, and booms are damaged or missing. Police are also advising sightseers to avoid the Dead River area or risk the chance of citation. Barricades have been installed at the McClure, Hoist and Forestville Dams access sites. Public access points are closed. The flooding did extensive damage to river banks, making them undercut, steep and extremely dangerous.

Did you miss last week's flood coverage?

Athletic Director candidates visit Northern

The athletic director search committee has invited three candidates to town for interviews. Northern is in need of an athletic director following the resignation of Dan Speilmann last December.
The candidates have been identified as: Greg Waggoner, athletic director at Western State College in Colorado; Kent Stanley, associate athletic director at Eastern Washington University; and Mark Griffin, associate athletic director at New Jersey City University. In addition to meeting with the search committee, each candidate will have an opportunity to meet with alumni at informal receptions.

Hedgcock renovations begin

I looked out my 6th floor window last week to quite the disconcerting view: Hedgock Fieldhouse complete without windows. You can see straight through to the other side of campus with the windows gone. The window removal is just one of the first steps in the $15.7 million dollar renovation project. Hedgcock Fieldhouse will become a Student Services Center. It's a project that has been in the works for quite a while, an effort to streamline student services. Almost any office that a student would need will be moved to Hedgcock; from Admissions to Financial Aid to the Dean's office.
I am not allowed to say what it was designed to eliminate...but those of you who have lived it know what I'm talking about:-)

The lighting isn't very good in this photo, but if you look closely you can see piles of dirt in what used to be the extra gymnasium.

Coming next week, a look at the new art gallery.

Criminal justice course addresses school violence

Northern Michigan University is offering a criminal justice course this summer at the Dickinson-Iron Technical Education Center in Kingsford. The course addresses school violence and will meet from 6-10 p.m. on Fridays and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays on the following dates: June 20-21, June 27-28, July 18-19, and July 25.
NMU criminal justice professor Robert Hanson will be the instructor of the interactive course. It will examine the nature and scope of violence in schools and include research findings versus media coverage, ways of making school buildings and environments safer, the role of school policies and procedures for incidents and their aftermath, prevention strategies that make sense in Upper Peninsula schools, involving communities for prevention, and community policing as applied to this topic. The course is aimed at educators, law enforcement and counselors.
To register, use NMU’s SOLAR system at or call the Student Service Center at 906-227-1221.

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From the Email bag

"Dear Deanna, the flood photos are great! Thank you for keeping us all updated on what's going on in Marquette. I had no idea of the magnitude of this disaster and how it impacts the community. Thanks once again and great job!"
Brandon Craig '01

"Thanks for the great information and pictures of the flood. We learned much more from you than any other source."
Dorothy Drozdiak

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