For the week of May 9, 2005

Congratulations new alumni!

The NMU Alumni Association and the student group First Impressions hosted a pizza party for graduating students immediately following commencement rehearsal last Friday. It was a last chance to mix and mingle before Saturday's commencement.
Congratulations to all our new alumni!

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NMU Board meets

The NMU Board of Trustees met last Thursday and Friday. One action the board took was to approve student housing and dining rates for 2005-06, which will increase by $300, but will keep NMU ninth lowest in room and board of the 12 Michigan schools that offer housing options.

The trustees will not set tuition until this summer, when administrators have a better handle on the state economic outlook. Because of the uncertainty, the board also authorized the university to continue operating at a budget level no greater than in 2004-05 until the new general fund budget is approved.

A final decision on WNMU-TV will come in October. Full story.

New business dean named

Rajib Sanyal is the new dean of the Walker L. Cisler College of Business. His appointment is effective July 1.Sanyal has served as a professor of management in the School of Business at The College of New Jersey – formerly Trenton State – since 1987. He also spent four years as division head.
In that capacity, he was responsible for administering academic majors in accounting, economics, finance and international business with 19 full-time and six part-time faculty.

"I am excited at the opportunity to lead Northern's business college," Sanyal said. "It is well situated to serve as a key driver of economic development in the region. The college's human and intellectual resources offer the promise of building on its record of positively changing the lives of students and the lives of the citizens in the community. It is this promise, I should say, that attracts me to Northern."

Full story.

From the Email bag

"Thanks for your weekly updates from NMU. When I graduated in May 1986, it was sunny and mild...perfect actually. The weather may be frosty now, but I'm sure it will be really nice in the U.P. this summer when we're well into the 100's here."
Patrick McCormick '86
Mesa, AZ

"Hi Deanna. I look forward to the newsletter each week! You sparked a memory when you asked if we remembered what the weather was like on the day we graduated. I think I was one of the lucky ones to graduate in Spring 1991--we enjoyed an incredible week of sun and 85 degree days which prompted studying for final exams on the beach enjoying every second of this unusual phenomenon. I think that may have been one of the few winters where the snow sculptures were cancelled due to lack of snow. It was a GREAT winter!
Laurie Miller Robinson '91
Green Bay, WI

"I laughed at your comment about what we tell people about our graduation day and the weather. I usually tell people the story about how a group of us were tanning in the porch roof of Carey Hall. It was the first week in May. We all got sunburned and the next day we had a blizzard. It was 1972, I believe. But those are the things that made Northern students and grads flexible, strong and resilient."
Bev Solomon '74
Rochester, MI

"Hi Deanna. I must say that I am really tempted today to email you some photos from my 4th floor office here at the Student Union Building at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. While it is autumn here, the sun is out, we have a great temperature (MQT summer temps) and the view of the palm trees and other greenery among the campus buildings is in such contrast with the view out your window. However, both places are dear to my heart and it is great to receive the weekly message in my mailbox on the events that are taking place at NMU."
Andrea Gommans '94, '97
Durban, South Africa

"Love reading all the emails from past students. I remember it snowing when I was at NMU in the 60s. How about snow in Texas on May 2nd? Thanks for the memories."
Jeff Haslitt '69
Grand Prairie, TX

"Hi. Winters aren't always that bad at NMU. Check the records for the school year 65/66. We had to truck in snow for the snow sculptures that year. There is always hope for another year like that. By the way, for the next three years after we never had that problem again."
Ken Trank '69
Pleasantville, NY

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