For the week of May 8, 2006

From the 6th floor

We are enjoying what seems to be the nicest day of spring so far, with sunshine and a temperature predicted to top out around 70 degrees. Fortunately, for the hundreds of visitors to Marquette over the weekend, the predicted snow flurries didn't make an appearance, at least locally. By the end of last week, forecasters had revised those predictions and it did warm up. I heard a number of travel stories from some folks coming in to town from outside Marquette County, but still in the U.P., and they reported some flurries during their travels Friday morning. It is expected to cool off towards the end of the week with some precipitation expected.
Some signs of spring in Marquette

I think this photo actually qualifies as more of a sign of graduation than spring. What does it say about your college experience if it makes more sense to throw away all your furniture than move it with you? I'm guessing many of you can relate.

Welcome newest alumni

Nearly 1,000 students were eligible to receive degrees as part of Spring Commencement 2006. Of those, almost 800 participated in the ceremony.
Welcome to this newest group of NMU alumni.

If you are a new grad, make sure and take a moment and visit the NMU Alumni Association to sign up for your free year of membership!


NMU student speaker Eric Johnson '06, a pre-med student from Iron River, addressed the crowd.

Alumni Association sponsors Pizza Party for new grads

A congratulatory pizza party was held Friday, May 5, for graduates of Spring 2006 Commencement. The NMU Alumni Association and student group First Impressions annually sponsor this post graduation rehearsal social. Pizza and pop are provided, courtesy of the NMU Alumni Association and plenty of prizes are handed out. Students are able to sign up for their free year of membership and lifetime E-mail, make last minute purchases from the NMU Bookstore and get any final financial aid questions resolved.
First year membership in the NMU Alumni Association is free of charge to new grads. These young ladies took advantage of that and signed up. A whole lot of pizza was eaten.

Board sets housing rates, waiting on tuition

The NMU Board of Trustees approved 2006-07 student housing and dining services rates at its meeting Friday, May 5. Tuition rates will not be announced until this summer, when administrators have a better handle on the state funding outlook.
The cost of a standard double-occupancy room with the “constant meal pass” and a comprehensive residence hall fee will be $6,874 per student for the next academic year. That represents a 6 percent increase from the previous annualized rate.
The board authorized the university to continue operating at a budget level no greater than in 2005-06, with the exception of negotiated union contract increases, until a new general fund budget is approved.
During a focus discussion that closed out the meeting, trustees received updates on the legislative timeline, NMU budget planning and enrollment. The state funding proposals on the table right now – ranging from the House’s 0.3 percent increase for NMU to the governor’s and Senate’s versions calling for a 1.8 percent increase – will go into conference committee in June.
In the meantime, the university will continue its Lansing-based grassroots effort to convey key messages to legislators. NMU President Les Wong said one point of contention is that the House’s formula funding model fails to recognize differential variables. These include the seven universities that, because of their mandated participation in the MPSERS retirement system, must absorb the increased costs with no state support. Other variables include each university’s unique breadth of mission and the type of students who enroll there – particularly at rural institutions like NMU, where financial need is greater.
“We don’t mind a formula if it’s applied fairly and provides an apples-to-apples comparison, but in its present form, it doesn’t,” Wong said. “Some legislators are starting to grasp what we’ve been saying, for example with regard to MPSERS, but we need to continue to make our case. They seem to be impressed with our willingness to offer solutions. We come in very prepared and we have offered alternative modeling strategies.”

Carillons chiming again

After being silenced by a lightning strike some years ago, the carillons located just north of the University Center entrance returned to musical form recently. The chimes play a rendition of the alma mater, "Hail Northern," to usher in each day at 8 a.m., then ring in the top of each hour until 8 p.m.
"This is a piece of campus history, and once the decision was made to get it up and running again, we did a lot of research in order to update the technology," said Eric Smith, director of broadcast and audio visual services, who was enlisted to help repair the computer system and resurrect the sound.
"The speaker technology we're using is a ground system. It's a modified version of what you'd find at Disney. The sound is there, but it's not obtrusive. We're hoping it gives off richer tones that sound more like real bells. We're testing it this week and then we will make plans to get the speaker placed and permanently cemented."

NMU V.P. making network debut

If you haven't already seen this video clip, I have to wonder if you've been living under a rock. Now, I'm not saying Vice President Mike Roy is over-exposed, but this video clip has been buzzing all over the Web for several months. Well, it finally caught the attention of a producer at NBC and Mike Roy will be making his network debut on "Most Outrageous Moments" Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. eastern.
View the clip here and then continue reading.
(Scroll down to "Leaning Tower of Pisa filmed coming down" and click.)

***Spoiler Alert***
The back story.....yes, it was staged. It is a mock interview that was used for a Lake Superior Community Partnership dinner. It features Dr. Roy playing the role of a television reporter. In the process of interviewing Bryant Varney about his Jenga-block creation, Mike stands dangerously close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then "accidentally" demolishes the structure with his microphone cable. The funny thing is that people who have seen the video clip on the Web but don't know Mike often have the impression that he is a real (clumsy) reporter.

Wildcat golf outing set for Thursday, June 22

The Wildcat Club will host its annual golf outing on Thursday, June 22 at the Marquette Country Club. For complete details, contact Wildcat Club president Brian Gaudreau.
Sign up to play, become a sponsor, donate a prize!

From the E-mail bag

"Since Don gets this newsletter, I am sure he would want to share this message with NMU alumni: Donald (Don) Paulosky '76 passed away at home in Williamsburg on Friday, April 28. There will be a mass and luncheon in his remembrance on May 13 at Sacred Heart Church, 143 Charles, Elk Rapids, Mich. "
Karen (Schajter) Paulosky '81, '97
Williamsburg, Mich.

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