For the week of April 4, 2005

From the 6th floor

The best sign of "open" sign at Frosty Treats!

Plenty of sunshine this past weekend had everyone thinking "spring", even if some of them were wearing mittens while standing in line at Frosty Treats. Temperatures have been mild, coming close to breaking record highs. Forecasters call for continued sunshine and mild temperatures with cool air moving in later this week.

The nice weather had folks outside enjoying a breath of fresh air. These young ladies, who live in Hunt Hall, were out Sunday taking photos at Picnic Rocks to send back home.

A message from President Wong as he prepares his testimony

I am scheduled to give Northern’s annual legislative testimony to the House on April 27 in Lansing. The House appropriations subcommittee for higher education has asked for information on the following questions: economic impact to the local community and state, cost-effective savings implemented at each university during the past two years of state funding reductions, initiatives regarding access and affordability, and short-term future goals for funding investments. In addition to answering these questions, the three key points I hope to get across are to the legislators are:

1) Northern personifies the profile of the university mission outlined by the Cherry Commission for Higher Education and Economic Development. We place our priority on scholarships, financial aid and active service learning. We attract many high-caliber students, but we also have the programs in place to enable students who enter with less than perfect academic credentials to rise to great heights of success during their NMU career and after graduation. The state wants to double the number of students enrolled in college. Obviously, most of that growth won’t come at the highest academic-achiever end of the scale – those high school students are already advancing into college. It will come at the level where students need more refinement. At NMU, individual attention is what we’re known for – we have successful programs in place and ready to perform to motivate these students to levels of excellence.

2) While headcount (or full-year equated student, FYES) is an important funding measure, other factors also should be considered. These include such things as location, efficiency of scale and potential for private/corporate giving and partnerships. For example, how drastically different is the cost to build a science building that serves 10,000 students compared to one that serves 30,000 students? Probably not much. However, larger schools are able to spread the cost of the facility over 20,000 more students. Consider location for a moment. For the three U.P. universities, location adds to our cost of operations with regard to maintenance (winter), recruiting and retention. And corporate partnerships, which can help to ease funding burdens, especially for new initiatives, are much easier to foster when there is a large amount of industry in your backyard, which isn’t the case for Michigan’s rural universities.

3) Northern prides itself on always having a balanced budget and being among the most affordable public universities in Michigan. I will explain to the legislators what we’ve discussed in this newsletter before – that NMU’s funding equation is pretty simple when one considers that state appropriations make up about 50 percent of our general fund budget and tuition and fees the other 50 percent. When one goes down, the other goes up, and vice versa. The only other option is to cut programs and services. After reducing our general fund budget by about $13 million over the past three years, what could be be cut without impacting quality was cut. Drastic funding changes will result in drastic changes.

Northern has a great story to tell. I’m armed with a plethora of examples of how NMU is making a difference in students’ lives. I’ll keep you updated on how the hearing goes.

Upcoming Alumni events to keep in mind

Annual Wildcat Club/Alumni Association Golf Outing
Thursday, June 23
Marquette Country Club

Join in the fun at the 2005 Golf Outing.
This event is an important fundraiser and one that promises a great time to renew friendships and make new connections with Wildcat alumni.

Organize your team and invite friends to participate.

Registration 11:30 12:30 p.m.
Lunch from the grill will be available.
Driving range will be open.

Shotgun start at 12:30 p.m.

Cost: $100
Includes 18 holes of golf, dinner, prizes, goodie bag and refreshments on the course.

Advertise your business to Wildcats!
Hole sponsorships are available.

Get in touch with us for details!


Green Bay Golf Outing for Wildcat Hockey
Monday, June 6
Thornberry Creek Country Club (west of Green Bay)

Cost: $115.00 per person includes golf w/cart, lunch, beverages on the course and steak
dinner after the outing at Brett Favre's Steakhouse
Golf only: $75.00 Dinner only $50.00
Hole sponsorship, beverage cart sponsorships, etc, available. Raffle prizes appreciated

Contacts: Maggie Mahoney (920) 499-6874
Mike Welsing (920) 592- 0243

NMU taking part in Virtual Job Fair

The NMU Jobsearch Center, in partnership with other state universities and colleges, is taking part in the first Michigan Collegiate Virtual Job Fair. This new venture can connect graduating seniors, alumni and students interested in career possibilities with employers--all in a fast, convenient, and cost free environment.
What is a Virtual Job Fair?
A virtual job fair is similar to any other career fair except that it happens online.
Employers set up
virtual "booths" or profiles with information such as organization name, organization overview, industry summary, and the positions they have available.
Candidates upload their resume into the Virtual Job Fair and, once they have identified employment opportunities, can submit their document to multiple companies with one click of a button.
The Michigan Collegiate Virtual Job Fair also allows interested candidates to chat with a company representative at times determined by the company.
Why a Virtual Job Fair?
To create an online environment in which students and employers from many geographical locations may make initial contacts to discuss career opportunities and goals.
To learn more about the Virtual Job Fair and how you can take part, visit the NMU JOBSearch Center.

NMU Team Banquets planned

The annual NMU Athletic banquets have been scheduled.
Date Time Location
Hockey Wednesday, April 13 6:30 Jacobetti Commons
Football Saturday, April 16 12:30 UC Great Lakes Rooms
Women's Basketball Sunday, April 17 1:00 Casa Calabria
CC Run/Ski Sunday, April 17 6:00 Bonanza
Soccer Sunday, April 24 2:00 Presque Isle Pavilion
Men's Basketball Tuesday, May 3 6:30 Wildcat Room
Berry Events Center
For more information, to sponsor a student-athlete or purchase tickets, contact the Athletic Department at 227-2105.

From the Email bag

"After reading the e-mails fellow grads send to you, I want to say how I enjoy reading them and all the information you provide in "What's New, NMU?" I'd like to contribute this to a future edition: I recently helped my daughter with a school project in Creative Writing. She wrote on the Edmund Fitzgerald. It brought back memories to me of that Monday, November 10, 1975. Five of us from Ghetto House in Gries Hall decided to "cancel" our afternoon classes, grab some schnapps (it was cold out there!) and go check out the 25' waves on Lake Superior. They were an awesome sight! We all agreed how terrible it would be to be on a boat on that lake that day. Around 10:00 that night the news started reporting that the Fitzgerald had gone down. I have many great memories of my four years at NMU, and that day ranks up there with the best of them. I'd love to see more people from the '74-78 years send you a note. Take care and keep up the good work!
Bob Keck '78
Manistee, MI

"Hello Deanna- I saw a pic of some old friends in the last newsletter, and I wanted in on the action. Here's a pic from a few months ago of a group of us that got together in Chicago for an impromptu alumni party."
Todd Starcevich '01
Northville, MI

"I look forward to getting the weekly emails updating me on who, what, when, etc., of Northern Michigan University. Thank you so much. After living in the southeast for almost five years, I've recently moved to the Marinette/Menominee area and would like to get in touch with other alumni."
Zac Britton '94
Marinette, WI

"I enjoy getting the weekly update, even though I'm right here in Marquette, it's still a pleasure. I especially like the letters. A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend who was in Qatar at the request of the Emir, on the same day I received my What's New, NMU and there was a letter to you from an alum who is currently living in Qatar. I tried to get them together but the alum was out of town and they didn't connect until my friend had left. Hopefully they'll have another opportunity, it would have been fun. If they do ever get together I'll report back to you. My friend was raised in Marquette and took some classes at NMU so they would enjoy visiting, I think.
One tiny thing..............
In last week's issue you used the term "breakwall". There is no such word, the correct word is breakwater. It's confusing since the Mining Journal, although it knows better, continues to misuse the "word". Years ago they even wrote an editorial about this but they still forget.
It reminds me of "ain't", also commonly used, also very wrong.
A small thing but I know you'd want to be correct.
Sue Manson

"Hello Deanna, I enjoy getting your alumni update emails every week from the great North Country! My wife Kym and I are '94 alums both from the UP and miss Marquette...we have been in Grand Rapids since we graduated from Northern and love it here too. I was just with a good friend of yours this weekend, Allie Hansen, who is now finally going to be my future sister-in-law.....she just got engaged to my younger brother Luke last weekend. She will be a welcomed addition to our family for sure...we love her lots. I was telling Allie that I enjoy a taste of NMU each Monday from your emails as I knew you and her were friends. Great job on them...I do the same type of emails monthly for all my corporate accounts so I know how hard they can be to keep fresh and readable. Nice job!
Eric Erickson '94
Grand Rapids, MI

"Some rambling thoughts from a Marquette Native. I have remembrances of the Alibi even though I never stepped foot into it. You see, my sister Joann Greet lived next door ( the house with the city lamp post in the front yard) and with every visit she would have a new story for me regarding the excitement it created for the neighborhood.
100 years old? My uncle Roy DesJardins just turned 100 last week on March 24. He was employed by NMU during the 60's and 70's. He was the custodian at the West Science Building. I got the opportunity to work as student custodian with him during Christmas and Easter breaks (that's what they were called back then.) He currently lives in the apartments across the street from Jilberts Dairy.
Speaking of Jilberts, it's my first stop on each visit to Marquette. This August cannot come too soon. My wife actually used a photo of the cow with it's Christmas wreath for the setting of Christmas cards we sent out a few years ago."
Paul M. DesJardins '71 (Graveraet '61)
Richmond, VA

"Hello from south Florida. I saw the recent photos of the upper and lower harbors. It made me homesick. I love the Florida climate but nothing will ever match the friendliness of the people in the UP. Thanks for keeping me on the newsletter list."
Lori Hazen '81
Palm Springs, FL

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