For the week of March 28, 2005

From the 6th floor

We are enjoying a bit of spring in Upper Michigan. After a lovely weekend, we could see high temperatures wander past the 50 degree mark today. A very nice weather treat for us. As you can see, today's picture is not from the 6th floor but from Presque Isle. The ore boats have begun arriving in the harbor for the new shipping season. While a boat got hung up on ice for a short bit last Friday, mild weather is now moving the ice out of the harbor, making it easier for the big ships to come and go. Perhaps an early arrival for Easter means an earlier spring in Upper Michigan? A girl can dream, can't she?

The area near the ore dock most of us know as the "Hot Pond." You can see there is still ice floating offshore.

The lower harbor breakwall.

A legislative update from NMU President Les Wong

In Lansing, the state leaders continue to work on making decisions pertaining to the current fiscal year’s deficit and on creating a budget for next year. Governor Granholm’s executive order proposal announced in February was voted down, but a revised EO was worked out with the legislators and presented to the public Wednesday, March 23. The impact on higher education is similar in both versions: all 15 public institutions will see a 1.87 percent reduction in state funding for 2004-05, which for NMU is just over $800,000. However, a new addition to this EO is that the reduction to higher education will not take place until late in the summer so that if revenues come in higher than expected, a lower cut will be considered. Maybe the most important aspect of the current EO is that there is no tuition restraint language. Northern has always been conscientious about keeping an NMU education accessible and affordable, but in the big picture, tuition restraint has not and will not work for Michigan higher education. With this information now in hand, Northern can move to the next level of discussion about 2005-06 budget planning, keeping our focus on maintaining quality programs and outstanding learning opportunities NMU students expect while considering rising operational costs. Those of you who deal with operational costs in your own jobs understand the impact such things as skyrocketing utilities and health care costs can have on budget planning.

NMU to celebrate student research and creative works

Northern Michigan University will host a “Celebration of Student Research and Creative Works” from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, in the Explorer Rooms of the University Center. It will showcase the accomplishments of more than 100 students through posters of scientific presentations, podium presentations, dramatic readings and – for the first time – Microsoft PowerPoint presentations via student notebook computers.
The event will kick off with an opening ceremony featuring President Les Wong and Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs Fred Joyal.
“We put on this event to celebrate the research efforts and scholarly activities of our students,” said Cynthia Prosen, dean of graduate studies at NMU. “We want to make a big deal out of what they’ve done as a reinforcement for all of their hard work and to show them that it pays off.”
The general public is invited to this event free of charge.

President's Ball this Friday

First Impressions, NMU's student ambassador group, is hosting the annual President's Ball this Friday evening in the Great Lakes Rooms. The annual event brings together students, faculty and others for an evening of food and dancing. This year's theme is "Mystery, Intrigue, Enchantment...Masquerade."
Entertainment is by Bongo Fury.
The President's Ball is open to students, faculty and alumni.
For information or to purchase tickets, contact the Dean of Students office at 227-1700.

Summer college registration

Summer's coming! It's time to start thinking about where you'll be and what you'll be doing. Let's see. There's sunning and swimming and boating and fishing and hiking and camping and going to concerts and festivals and shopping and hanging out and—Oh yes, there's also working and keeping up with your studies and/or job requirements. Why not come to Someplace Special where you can do it all? Come to Northern Naturally!
Check out the Summer College course bulletin.

Thanks for stopping by......

......Mike Greer '76 of Arlington, MA. Mike is a an experienced flute maker and repairman who works for the Williams Flute Company of Boston.
He recently hosted a flute and instrument repair workshop on campus. NMU professor Elda Tate demonstrated the Williams flutes and headjoints accompanied by colleague Nancy Redfern on harp. In addition to the workshop, Mike planned on hitting some of his favorite haunts...the Villa and Togos.

From the Email bag

Note from the editor: Ever since our alumni publication, Horizons, featured alumni serving their country, we've been hearing from folks around the globe. Keep the photos coming!

"Deanna, here's a picture of NMU alumni Lt. Einar Manki '04 and Lt. Col. Chuck Hiner '83 conducting peace operations in Zarqa, Jordan. Thanks for keeping us in touch with NMU."
Einar D. Manki '04
2LT, US Army

"Hi. A bunch of NMU grads got together this past weekend for an unofficial NMU alumni gathering and we took a picture for you. It was actually an engagement party for my fiance Andy Parsche '99 and I at Delafield Brewhaus in Delafield, WI, with lots of NMU grads in attendance. From left to right: Lindsay Harmon '01, Mike Demske '01, Brian Baechtold '98, Sara Quiring '97, Adam Quiring '99, Dan Linsky '00, Meghan Marsden '98, Andy Parsche '99, Alison Graham '99 and Braden Graham '99."
Meghan Marsden '98
Aurora, IL

"Hi Deanna:
I just wanted to let you know that this is a very small Wildcat World. While cruising the Eastern Caribbean last week, I ran into two NMU alums. I am forwarding two pictures taken on the cruise.
The first picture is with Melissa Ostroski '01. I ran into her as we departed our ship for a tour in Nassau. Melissa is currently attending Pharmacy school at the University of Minneasota-Duluth.
The second picture is Joe Prinzi '70. He and I met on the ship while sailing to St. Martins.
This is the third cruise I have taken in the past five years and on every cruise I have met at least one alum on board. I thought that fact was pretty interesting."
Art Pickering '78

Melissa Ostroski '01 and Art Pickering '78. Art and Joe Prinzi '70.


"All those pictures you post of your view out your office window prompted me to send these pictures. Here is the view from my home office."
John McNally '
Hayward, CA

"Look what popped up!"


"I sure have been enjoying the newsletter. I really enjoyed the pictures from some of my old stomping grounds. Vangos is still there! Hope to make it up there some time this summer for the first time in 20 years. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the view from the 6th floor. Sure brings back fond memories."
Therese Jackson
Smith '82
Livonia, MI

"Now you've done it! All of us know that Marquette is the best city in the country, now you have to tell us that it's in top 100 best art towns. When will this end? Thanks for your efforts. All of us know that we were able to experience the most wonderful 4,5,6,7 years of life while we were at NMU. My wife, Kathi Bem '75, and I enjoy the emails and your weekly newsletter. Keep up the good work. Hi to all the Phi Kappa Tau's!"
Bill Clancy '72, '75
Indian River, MI

"Thank you for the NMU updates. Though I only live 3 hours away from Marquette, I don't get to visit as often as I would like. I spent my best 6 years in Marquette and will always remember it as the place where I grew up. I have visited a few times in the last few years and I'm very impressed with the campus changes....I only wish I had some of them when I attended. Nonetheless, Marquette is a nostalgic and hospitable community. I will cherish my experiences there forever. Keep up the good work."
Richard LeBlanc '94
Bay Mills, MI

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