For the week of November 15, 2004

From the 6th floor

It may not be the type of weather deer hunters like, but it's fine by me.

The firearm deer season in Michigan began at dawn today with temperatures predicted near 50 and no sign of snow in the immediate future.
The lack of snow makes it more difficult to track deer and warm weather means hunters need to take care of deer carcasses sooner.

Aside from conditions being less than perfect for deer hunting, the weather hasn't been too bad. We did have a little snow on the ground about a week ago, but it quickly melted. It doesn't look like there are any snowflakes predicted in the 10-day forecast.

Wildcats take on Spartans

MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo '77 welcomes Wildcat fans to the NMU pep rally prior to the NMU vs. MSU game at Breslin Arena in Lansing.

More than 150 Wildcat fans turned out at Breslin Arena Sunday, Nov. 14th for a pre-game pep rally featuring coaches Tom Izzo '77 and Dean Ellis '83.
Sponsored by the NMU Alumni Association and Athletic Department, fans were able to meet the coaches and hear about their upcoming seasons.

As far as the exhibition game was concerned, while the 'Cats held a lead in the first quarter, once the Spartans climbed back on top, they were hard to contain. The Spartans ended up winning the game 98-56.
The Wildcats kick off the season this Friday (Nov. 19) at the Northern Kentucky Tournament.

Coach Ellis with former NMU women's basketball player Krista Pray-Hobbins '84.

Damon Scott and Kris Day '94, and her parents, Ron and Kathy Day.


Freshman retention rises

A greater percentage of NMU freshmen are returning to campus for their second year of college, according to Paul Duby, Vice President for Institutional Research. Nearly 73 percent of first time, full-time, baccalaureate-bound freshmen who enrolled in the fall of 2003 returned to NMU for the fall 2004 semester. This is a one percent increase over the previous year's comparison. It is also virtually equal to the all-time high in 1995, which is an especially notable achievement, given the fact that NMU now has twice as many freshmen.
Duby attributes the increase to the following factors: the success of the First Year Experience program, in which almost half of NMU freshmen are enrolled; Northern's array of student support programs, such as the college transition and freshmen probation programs, all-campus tutoring and the writing center; and stronger academic credentials of NMU freshmen.
“The credentials of our freshmen have been increasing because of scholarships and recruitment,” Duby said. “Our goal is to recruit more first-time, full-time freshmen and keep them.”
NMU has been investing more into scholarships such as the National Academic Award to recruit high school students.
“Our reputation is also increasing and if your reputation is stronger, you get better students,” Duby said.
Duby also said that the number of students from Northern Illinois and Wisconsin has increased.
“There are a lot of good things going for the university and the increasing numbers show that,” Duby said.

OU president delivers State of the Public Universities address; President Wong in attendance

On Monday, November 8, Michigan public universities presidents met with the Detroit Economic Club to hear the annual State of the Universities address given by Oakland University President Gary Russi. Dr. Russi’s speech stressed that as Michigan moves from a brawn-to-brain economy, the state’s 15 public universities are its most important resource, but he also pointed out that state budget cuts are hampering the effort by the Michigan 15 to prepare more students at a higher quality than ever before.
"Nearly a quarter of a billion fewer state dollars are now being spent on educating an even larger number of college students than just four years ago," Russi told the 700 civic leaders in attendance.
"For every dollar a student invested 30 years ago, the state invested three dollars. Today, for every dollar the student invests, the state pays 70 cents. … The state's $1.5 billion investment in our public universities produces $39 billion in economic impact, 12.6 percent of Michigan's entire gross state product," which he points out is the highest rate of return of any of the state’s public investments. A copy of the speech can be found here.

Some facts Dr. Russi shared that you may find interesting:

  • Fall 2004 student enrollment in the state of Michigan
    Undergraduate 221,504
    Graduate 66,006
    Total: 287,510
    9th consecutive year of increased enrollment
  • Michigan Resident Living Alumni
    1.1 million
  • Average Resident Undergraduate Tuition Change--Michigan vs. National
    Fall 2003: Michigan +9.0% National: +14.1%
    Fall 2004: Michigan +2.5% National: +10.5%
  • State Appropriations and Tuiton as a Proportion of Universities' General Fund Operating Revenues:
    1973: 75% appropriations 25% tuition
    2004: 40% appropriations 60% tuition

Minneapolis Area Alumni Reception

Alumni in the Minneapolis area are invited to get together Wednesday, December 22nd in conjunction with Wildcat Hockey.

Wildcat Alumni Reception in Minneapolis
Wednesday, Dec. 22
Approx. 7:30 p.m.
(Following NMU vs. Harvard)
Ritter Arena, adjacent to Mariucci Arena
Minneapolis, MN

Meet Coach Kyle, NMU President Les Wong and his wife, Phyllis, and Wildcat fans from around the area.

Hockey Tournament information:

Dodge Holiday Classic
Mariucci Arena
Dec. 22-23

Wednesday, Dec. 22:
NMU vs. Harvard
5:00 p.m.

Univ. Minnesota vs. Merrimack
8:00 p.m.

Tournament tickets available exclusively through Gopher Sports

Questions? Contact the NMU Alumni Association.

From the Email bag

"Hi Deanna, Greetings from hurricane-ravaged central Florida!
First, I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your weekly emails about Northern and Marquette. I lived in Marquette from 1957 to 1975: 2nd to 8th grade at J.D.Pierce School (torn down a number of years ago), MSHS 1964-1968, and NMU 1968-1972 graduating with a BME. It always brings back memories to hear (and see!) items about NMU, Marquette and the surrounding areas.
Second, regarding NMU’s fight song and alma mater, I have the record on which both songs (plus some others) were originally made available and could have transferred them to the PC and emailed them to you if I had known you were looking for them.
A couple of “tidbits” about the fight song and the alma mater:
1) I played trumpet in the marching band when they recorded the songs and distinctly remember the recording session (I think it was 1969); the entire band was on the stage in the old Kaye Auditorium.
2) My father, Dr. Lorin C. Richtmeyer, wrote and arranged both pieces. When he came to Northern Michigan College in 1957 to teach in the Music Department, he had the marching band (among other groups) and was surprised to find that Northern had no fight song or alma mater. He decided to write both of them, and although I was just a young boy at the time, I remember him sitting at the piano at home working on the songs. Dad currently lives in Atlanta, GA and celebrated his 80th birthday last August.
Keep up the good work!!"
Gary Richtmeyer
Zephyrhills, FL

"Deanna--great idea to send the Fight Song and Alma Mater! Enjoyed it very much. I have had all of my colleagues who are NMU alums stop by and listen. Thanks!"
Rob Boden '76

"Great issue. Enjoyed the Fight Song. It brings back memories from years past. Enjoy reading each issue."
Ron Ullman '70
Columbus, GA

"Hi Deanna. Want to thank you for sending the "What's New, NMU?" email. Makes me feel closer to home. We don't get the change of season or snow in New Orleans. Never thought I would say this but I miss it. Please keep this idea going. It keeps all of us that are spread around the country, closer to home."
Greg Hollingsworth '76
New Orleans, LA

"Hi Deanna -It's great getting your updates, because the only trees I see changing are in Central Park, and well, it's just not the same as the radiant colors of the good ole' U.P. Anyway, I wanted to update you that last week, I was completely thrilled and proud to see a very strong representation of Northern Michigan University in New York City. There were 33 Northern students who made their way out east to attend and present at the National Conference for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). As a member of the parent chapter (PRSA) , and former past president of the NMU chapter, I was proud to see Northern Michigan University demonstrate their professionalism and pride for Northern. I got chance to meet with them and saw the chapter earn the well deserved bragging rights of being the second largest school presence at conference. With over 1,500 students attending in total, it goes with out saying that NMU should be proud to have developed in to one of the most successful of the 255 chapters across the U.S. Thanks! Hope all is well back in MQT!"
Kim Prohaska '03
New York, NY

"Hello Deanna,
Thank you for sending me the update "What's New" I have send some emails to Northern this past year and this is the first response I have gotten other than a reply from Doctor Hicks when I sent Him a Hello.
I wanted to let the Alumni know that I have been in Iraq since Feburary 2004 after being called up for Operation Iraqi Freedom II in November 2003. I'm with HHC 264th Engineer Group out of Chippewa Falls, WI, and I've spent the last 9 months here at FOB Speicher, Tikrit , Iraq. As a reminder I'm a 1995 garduate from NMU, and am excited about my Son transfering this fall to NMU to continue His studies.
Preserving Freedom!
Thanks again for the update and news letter."
SGT Revello, Ron J. '95

Tikrit, Iraq

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