For the week of November 10, 2003

From the 6th floor

Pretty blah. That's what I have to say. While we may have had a few peaks of sunshine in the last couple days, it just seems like it's been dark and dreary for weeks on end. Not to mention pretty chilly in the morning. I had to give in and break out the gloves a couple days back. That's not a good thing because you know once they come out, they aren't going back in the closet for months. For the most part, the snow has held off. We've had a couple batches of flurries, but in the Marquette area it hasn't hung around on the ground.

President's Council meeting weekly to cut budget

NMU President Mike Roy has asked the President's Council (made up of the university's top administrators as well as distinguished faculty members and a representative from the student government) to develop a general fund budget reduction plan of $4.6 million--or 10% of Northern's current state appropriation level.
The President's Council, which normally meets twice a week, is meeting weekly for 2-4 hours per week to look at what options are available.

The President's Council will prepare recommendations that will be presented at the end of November. A campus-wide discussion will follow. The recommendations will then be brought to NMU's Board of Trustees at its December 11-12 meeting. If approved, implementation will begin immediately.

Roy has already made one decision: to put the Quad II renovation on hold pending a proposal that would redirect funds bonded for that project to the Magers Hall renovation. Both projects are estimated at $5.8 million. Roy said the funds had been bonded previously, so they are available to the university. NMU cannot funnel the money to general fund operations, but can redirect it to a more critical construction need – student housing.

Wildcat Sports Update

The Northern Michigan University volleyball team accomplished something that no other team has done in the history of the program. The 2003 team went through the regular season with an undefeated record. The ‘Cats defeated Ferris State on Saturday in three straight games (30-28, 30-27, 30-25) to finish the regular season with a 23-0 overall record and a 18-0 record in the GLIAC. This is the sixth time that the team has gone through the GLIAC schedule undefeated. The Northern Michigan University women’s volleyball team will play Michigan Tech in the first round of the GLIAC Volleyball Tournament on Thursday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m. The event is being held at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Mich.

For the second time this season the Northern Michigan University football team played the top team in NCAA II football. Earlier in the season the ‘Cats played Grand Valley when they were ranked number one in NCAA II, yesterday NMU played Saginaw Valley State as they defeated the Lakers a couple of weeks ago and became the top team this past week. At the sound of the final horn the ‘Cats were defeated again by the top team, 42-15. NMU falls to 3-7 overall and 3-6 in the GLIAC with the loss.

The NMU women’s soccer team concluded the 2003 season on Saturday with a 3-2 loss to Northwood. The ‘Cats ended the 2003 campaign with a 10-7-1 overall record and a 2-5 slate in the GLIAC.

The Northern Michigan University women’s cross country team qualified for the NCAA II National Cross Country Championships that will be held November 22 at the SAS Soccer Park in Cary, N.C., with their second place finish at the NCAA II Great Lakes Regional Championship that was held on Saturday, November 8. The ‘Cats tallied 82 points as Grand Valley won the title with 35 points. The top four teams qualified for nationals as Southern Indiana was third and Wayne State was fourth.

Experience definitely overrode youth on Saturday night as the Northern Michigan University hockey team left the ice in disappointment as they handed a win to The Ohio State University in front of 3,746 fans at the Berry Events Center. The scoreboard read 6-1 at the final horn. With the loss the ‘Cats fall to 4-4-0 overall and 3-3-0 in the CCHA. The 'Cats skated by the Buckeyes Friday evening, 2-1.

Basketball Wildcats to play in Milwaukee

The Northern Michigan University men's basketball team will play 2003 Final Four participant Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. on Monday night November 24 at the Bradley Center. Tip off is set for 8:00 p.m. (central). The Golden Eagles are coming off a 27-6 campaign for the 2002-03 season and a trip to the NCAA Final Four, which was their first trip since 1977 when they won the national championship.

"The coaches, staff and players are very excited about playing at Marquette University," Dean Ellis, the head men's basketball coach at NMU, said. "To play such a team is a great honor and privilege. It will be a good challenge for the team."

NMU vs. Marquette
Monday, Nov. 24th
Bradley Center
Milwaukee, WI

Tickets can be purchased by contacting the Bradley Center at

Is it just me or are today's college kids getting younger and younger looking? Or am I just getting old? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Ok. That's not really a fair statement because the students I'm talking about are not actually in college yet, they are seniors in high school.

Over the past two weeks, some 300 high school students have visited campus to compete in our annual Academic Achievement Awards (Triple A) scholarship competition. Each student must complete a faculty/staff interview as part of the scholarship competition. For the first time this year, I participated as an interviewer. I have to tell you, I wasn't really sure how all this would go. Having been an interviewer in my former life (television reporter) I have some familiarity with interviewing skills. The difference with this group was that they all had to answer the same interview questions in order to make the competition fair. And I have to tell you, I was very impressed by these students. Northern would be fortunate to have any of them as students.

If you are not familiar with the Triple A scholarship competition, I can tell you it's pretty intense for these high school kids. All the students competing have GPA's over 3.5 and ACTs over 24. There are several types of scholarships for which the participating students are competing: 1) at least 10 Presidential/Harden Scholarships (full tuition, all required fees including the laptop, and on-campus room and board per year for four years), 2) at least four Leadership Scholarships ($1500/yr for four years), and 3) Freshman Fellowships ($1000 for the freshman year in the form of wages while working as a research assistant).

There are four scored parts of the competition including the ACT/SAT score, the recalculated high school GPA (excluding non-academic courses), student performance in the "small groups" portion of the program, and the results of the faculty/staff interview.

OK Back to the faculty/staff interview. I had been assigned four students. These students come from all over; I had two young men from the local area; a young lady from Wisconsin and a young lady from Lower Michigan. Now, I hope no offense is taken from my comments, and maybe I am just getting old, but these students looked so young! Has 17 years of age changed that much since I was there? Don't get me wrong, they were very bright and articulate kids, I just had a difficult time picturing them as college students. Did people feel like that about me in 1983? Or has today's high school senior gotten younger looking? You read so much about kids today wanting to be older. The teenage girls with the makeup and skimpy clothes. I see lots of kids around that try and pass themselves off as older, and many are successful at it. But the four sitting across from me Monday were certainly not trying to pass themselves off as anything other than what they were; smart, talented kids who were optimistic about their future and full of dreams. And believe me, these kids were smart. And poised.

It was very refreshing for me, as Director of Alumni Operations, to hear from students why they wanted to come to Northern and what they believed Northern could do for them as they plan their future. These kids were a good reminder of what this is all about: providing opportunities for students that they might not otherwise have. And want to know what I heard most often from these kids about why they wanted to attend Northern? Because of the small class size and the fact that their professors would be available to them and would know their name. More than anything these kids did not want to become a number. They wanted to be someone the professor recognized and knew. They were attracted to the size of Northern's campus; it was not large and intimidating. Quite the opposite, they felt very welcome and said everyone was so friendly. They wanted to come to Northern for many of the same reasons you and I did.

It's sometimes too easy, in the day-to-day business of Alumni Relations, to forget the reason this university is really here: to provide educational opportunities. The kids that sat across from me had set some lofty goals for themselves. I admire that. And as an alumnus, I'm proud they chose my alma mater as one of their top choices. And you should be, too. Northern Michigan University is attracting smart and talented kids from all over the Midwest. And eventually, some of those kids will join our ranks as alumni! But they will probably still look young to me.

JOBSearch Center offers online resume posting system

The Northern Michigan University JOBSearch Center is now offering an electronic resume posting system through its Web site,
Students and alumni can post their resumes on the site at no cost. Employers, after their authenticity has been verified by JOBSearch, can view, download and save resumes of interest at no cost. Employers will also have passwords for their section of the system.
“For years, there have been commercial resume posting programs that some career offices have used to post the credentials of their graduates,” JOBSearch Center director John Frick said. “These packages, while beneficial, have typically cost universities, alumni and, in some cases, students, a great deal of money.”
These days, many employers are going online to develop a pool of candidates. Frick said more and more employers are using systems like the one now offered by JOBSearch for the initial screening of potential employees.
For more information or to use the resume posting system, call JOBSearch at 906-227-2800 or go to

From the Email bag

"It is my great pleasure to send you a copy of The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention, which is authored by alumnus, Kerrie K. Saunders '85. Kerrie completed her BS at Northern Michigan University in 1985 with a major in both Psychology and Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. Please enjoy this book and if you have any questions concerning Kerrie Saunders feel free to contact Anne Sullivan at"
Olivia Lane
Promotions Associate
Lantern Books

A follow-up

"Dear Deanna.
I am glad that you are interested in the photo. I was in Australia at a place called the Adora Downs. I overnighted on a farm and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I cannot even put into words the thrill of coming face to face with a kangaroo. Since then I have held a koala and a baby crocodile.
I am currently in New Zealand exploring primarily the South Island near Milford Sound and Queenstown. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I highly recommend it."
Jennifer Fix '01

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