For the week of January 19, 2004

From the 6th floor


I knew it as soon as the words flew from my fingertips last week; I was totally jinxing us. Here is what I wrote: While some areas such as the Keweenaw and the Eastern end of the U.P. have quite a bit of snow, locally, at least, we don't really have that much. Sure, there's enough to go skiing and snowmobiling, but it's not like we've been dumped on.
Well guess what? We got dumped on. You would think I would be smarter than that, eh? If I knew I was jinxing us when I wrote it, why did I write it?????
But alas, I did.

And it's been snowing ever since.

For anyone from downstate Michigan who made the trip to Marquette any time during the winter months, this will be a most familiar looking image for you:

Yes, the Seney Stretch. Is there a worse stretch of road in the country? How about the Seney Stretch during white-out conditions? Have some fond memories of those trips, do you? Write and tell me about them.


NMU to acquire Wright Street Property

The NMU Board of Trustees approved the purchase of property and structures located at 1010 and 1020 Wright Street – adjacent to Ripley Heating Plant – at a cost of $725,000 plus related miscellaneous expenses.

The amount will be funded through the transfer of Magers Hall, a state building, to the Housing and Residence Life auxiliary operation for the purposes of converting it back to its original use as a residence hall.

“Northern has been interested in this land for some time because it is part of the university’s long-range master plan,” said Carl Pace, associate vice president for facilities and services. “We began exploring a purchase several years ago, when it became apparent that we would have to begin the process of replacing our boilers within the heating plant and electrical gear, which may require additional space. We had no control over the timing. The owners decided they were ready to sell, so we had to act quickly or risk losing the opportunity. This is a long-term investment.”

Housing and Residence Life will use two sources to fund the Magers Hall project: $4.6 million in proceeds from the 2001 bond issue, which were made available by not moving forward with the Quad II renovation; and $1.3 million in reserves.

Sprinkler system shuts down West Science

West Science was evacuated and closed Monday after a fire sprinkler system on the 3rd floor froze and burst. Students taking classes in West had a free day Monday with limited classes scheduled for Tuesday while repairs were made.

While it doesn't seem like it has been all that unusually cold, I have heard plenty of stories of pipes freezing and bursting around town. Here in the Cohodas building, we have lovely plastic sheeting covering the exterior of the building because of some issues with freezing pipes.

According to Marquette City Water Supervisor Mark Trembath, “This time of year, 99 percent are frozen pipes in the basement."
The city has been keeping track of weather conditions for the past 30 years and has developed a freeze index it uses to anticipate problems. While the average freeze index for December is 372, and 800 for January, the index currently stands at 182 points.
“We’re below where we usually are for December,” Trembath said. “Right now we’re OK.”

Interested in Vienna in May?

Have you ever thought about taking a class or two? How about taking a class or Vienna?
The NMU History Department is offering a four-week Vienna trip where you can travel, live and study with friends from NMU and international students.
Why Vienna? Architecture, location, cuisine, history, music art, NMU credit.
Why German? It's the language of 120 million people. It's the largest US-Europe trading partner. There are 160+ German companies in Michigan.
Students who participated last year were able to take boat trips down the Danube, make side trips to Prague, Budapest and Salzburg and visit many museums.
Included in the program:
--four weeks of intensive German (20 hours/week with native speakers)
--housing in an Austrian pension

--a full Austrian multi-course meal daily
--public transportation in Vienna
--five cultural activities per week

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Robbie Goodrich at or 906-2272037.

Detroit area alumni step up to the plate....have you yet?????

The NMU Wildcats will take on Bowling Green University in CCHA action Friday and Saturday, February 27 and 28th. The Saturday, February 28th game will be carried by FOX Sports Detroit in on cable in Michigan, Wisconsin and Northern Ohio. In addition, many bars and restaurants around the country subscribe to Fox Sports.

Plan your Wildcat get-together now!

The latest to jump on board is the Detroit area where it looks like Wildcats will be getting together at the Press Box in Royal Oak.

Get a group of friends together and watch Wildcat hockey. Drop us a note and we'll tell you what you need to do and we'll help you put your party together.

If you are in Battle Creek, Chicago, Port Huron, Appleton or Royal Oak, your party is already planned, you just need to show up; details to follow. If you are anywhere other than those locations, it's your turn to plan.

Get in touch with us and we'll make it easy!

From the Email bag

"Hi D. This weeks edition of "What's New, NMU?" was funny (your sidewalk/driveway comments) and the interesting article on Professor Broadway's research was enjoyable, too. There are a lot of talented instructors at NMU, and my guess is that many of us would find updates on their work a great addition to your weekly letter (understanding Horizons has many great features like this, too). I had completely forgotten about overage checks, but my laugh from out of nowhere caught my wife's attention. Keep up the good work!"
Sherm Kemmp (ainen) 84
Manitou Springs, CO

"I did miss the pictures and updates from my inbox. I don't check email too often, but always read yours. I was so homesick for South Texas while I was attending NMU, around February especially. It was my first real experience with snow, and what a drastic change. I get a homesick feeling in the pit of my stomach everytime I see the pictures from your window and around town. Part of my heart will always belong to NMU and Marquette. I wish it was just a short drive away, but reality is, it's a long flight away. Hope to be there again soon. Thanks for keeping us all in touch."
Nana Ward (Wilemon)
Port Aransas, TX

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