For the week of January 17, 2005

From the 6th floor

I'm not sure if you can tell or not from the photo, but we are getting some fresh snow today. What I'm sure you can't tell from the photo is that it's bone-chilling cold outside with wind chills near -25.
Holy Deep Freeze, Batman!
The past several days have been ridiculously cold, with temps not reaching zero in many areas as Arctic air pours across the wide open Great Lakes. That will create the perfect scenario for heavy lake effect snow for today. I thought someone once told me that when it's really, really cold at least it can't snow. Who said that? Because they are obviously mistaken. It won't get above zero today and it's going to snow lots.
Thought this was kind of a neat photo.(Sorry it's so big, but making it small loses the effect) Last Friday morning when it was very cold, this ore boat was passing by our windows, headed to the ore dock. Not sure if it's fog or clouds or what, but we all thought the boat looked pretty cool shrouded by white.

2006 Olympic athletes will skate through Marquette on their way to Italy

The United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC) has been chosen to host the 2006 U.S. Speedskating Short Track Championships in December. The competition will determine which skaters will represent the US at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, Feb. 10-24, 2006.

The championships will take place at the Berry Events Center on Northern's campus on December 12-16, 2005.


Current president of US Speedskating and former USOEC athlete Andy Gabel participated in the press conference via ITV.

"In about 300 days, our nation's best short-track skaters will come here to compete for the right to represent the USA at the greatest athletic competition on Earth: the Olympic Games," said NMU President Les Wong. "I can guarantee you that the USOEC, Northern Michigan University, Marquette-Alger Counties, and the Upper Peninsula will be ready to put on an Olympic qualifying event like none the skaters have ever participated in before."

"To US Speedskating and to the athletes who are training so hard to reach the Olympic dream, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your quest for gold. We are honored."

The Short Track Championship event is mandatory for all prospective Olympians. Approximately 50 skaters are expected to meet the qualifying standard necessary to compete. Time trials will be held Monday, Dec. 12. Races Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will determine the Olympic team.

"We are thrilled to be selected as the host of this event," USOEC Director Jeff Kleinschmidt said. "This is a direct result of support for the USOEC and the Upper Peninsula's willingness to support world-class events. It is very exciting for our center, campus and community to have this opportunity to watch Olympians chosen on our home ice."

Ticket prices and packages will be announced in the spring. Discussions will begin shortly on development of an operations plan for the event.
The USOEC, located at NMU, is one of four US Olympic Training Centers and the only one designated as an education and training site. The Center will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Feb. 9. It currently is home to Olympic residential training programs for boxing, speedskating, weightlifting, Greco-Roman wrestling, and women's free-style wrestling. Approximately 80 student-athletes train at the USOEC and attend classes at NMU or Marquette Senior High School.

Here's one skater to watch

Shani Davis, who most recently trained at the USOEC at Northern, set a new world record in the 1,500 meters at the Utah Olympic Oval last week.
Davis, who has continued to bounce back and forth between the different worlds of short-track and long-track, lowered the record to 1:43.33 at the North America/Oceania regional qualifier.
Davis was a member of the short-track team's relay pool in 2002.
The record was just a highlight of a dominant weekend for Davis, who also set personal bests in winning the 500 and 10,000 to sweep to overall victory in the samalog points system.
According to his web site, after taking a few classes this past summer at Northern Michigan University while training and residing at the United States Olympic Training Center in Marquette, Shani has now rejoined the program at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alberta CANADA where he continues to train in both short track and long track. Shani now aspires to become a medal contender for the next Winter Olympic Games being held in Italy in 2006.

Back to a new building

Dr. Michael Cinelli, head of NMU's Art & Design department, welcomes faculty, staff and students to the first day of classes in the new Art & Design building.
A ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony took place this morning at the new Art & Design building.

The 10-million dollar structure is housed between the new DeVos Art Museum and the Art & Design North building and houses much of the Art and Design Department including Art History, Digital Cinema, Drawing and Painting, Electronic Imaging, Graphic Communication, Photography and several others.

The addition takes the form of two bars separated by a glass spine of circulation. The east bar is dominated by classroom spaces, while the west bar is occupied by offices, critique rooms and various support and service functions.
The technology of the new building is cutting-edge. New lecture and screening rooms feature two-way interactive capabilities. A 100-seat lecture room will allow for more accessible guest lectures and presentations, as well as an expansion of the Virtual Arts Visiting Artists program.
All of these new features will enhance the department's learning potential, as well as ideally enticing additional majors. Art majors have grown exponentially in the last few years.
"We offer students an art school experience at a liberal art school cost," Cinelli says, "And we are always pursuing more majors."

Name change for NMU Development Fund

The fundraising branch of Northern Michigan University has changed its name from the NMU Development Fund to the NMU Foundation. The organization’s governing board approved the change at a fall meeting and it began appearing on printed materials with the start of the new calendar year.
The change better reflects the organization’s purpose and mission, according to Martha Van Der Kamp
, Executive Director of Advancement.
“Our former name, the Development Fund, was quite unique and described only a small part of what we do. We acquire, steward and disburse private gifts for Northern, so NMU Foundation is a more accurate description of our operations. The new name also is in keeping with the industry standard,” said Van Der Kamp.
In addition to the name change, the foundation and the university have entered into a legal agreement that recognizes the foundation as a separate entity, working on NMU’s behalf.
“While operationally little has changed, we have been advised that this type of formal agreement helps to ensure the highest level of privacy for our donors,” Van Der Kamp said.

Meet NMU president Les Wong in Chicago and Ann Arbor

NMU president Les Wong is encouraging all NMU Alumni and Friends to come out and say hello during two upcoming visits he has planned.
Dr. Wong will be in Chicago this coming weekend and Ann Arbor the following weekend.
All NMU alumni and friends are invited to attend the casual events.

Meet Dr. Wong


NMU Alumni Reception
Friday, January 21
Glascott's Groggery in Lincoln Park
2158 N. Halsted

5:30-8:00 p.m.
Meet Dr. Wong

Ann Arbor

NMU Post-Game Alumni Reception
Friday, January 28
Damon's on Boardwalk
Following NMU vs. Michigan hockey (approx. 9:30 p.m.)

Please let us know if you plan on attending.

What are you doing Friday, January 28th?

If you are in any of the following locations, you should be planning to get together with Wildcat fans and cheer on the 'Cats!

NMU vs. Michigan Hockey
Live on Fox Sports
Friday, January 28th
7:35 eastern

If you are here: Your party is here: Contact:
Battle Creek Miller's Time Out
13260 S. Helmer Road
Troy Huggett
Lansing Tripper's
354 Frandor Ave
David Gregory
Kalamazoo Gallagher's
4219 Stadium Drive
Ezra Lori
Flint-Fenton Joe and Lewie's Penalty Box
2400 Owen Road
Greg Feamster
Mount Pleasant Buffalo Wild Wings
1904 S Mission St

Ann Van Dyke
Port Huron Quay Street Brewing
330 Quay Street

Carol Krumbach
Gordon MacDonald

Ann Arbor Damons
3150 Boardwalk St

Kris Day
Marquette Vangos
927 N. Third
Juliet Hoffman
Iron Mountain Pine Grove
1520 W. Hughitt Street

Janette Ward
Appleton Slugger's Sports Bar
(inside the Super Bowl)
Northland Road and Ballard
Jason Graunke
Madison Pooley's
5441 High Crossing Blvd
Robin Nickel
Chicago Glascott's
2158 N. Halsted
Jen Giangrasse
Stevens Point The Final Score
908 Maria Drive
Rhonda Sprague

No party in your area?
It's not too late to plan one, but you better get started.
Contact us and we'll tell you how.

Questions about Wildcat Night Across the Country?

From the Email bag

"As a more recent graduate of NMU, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy getting the "What's New, NMU?" emails. It rekindles some great memories and experiences in the UP. And it's great to hear about what's going on on the campus. It's amazing how many things are happening on campus just since I graduated. Keep up the great work."
George Jackson '03
(Brule House)
Big Rapids, MI

"Hey, I love getting this update on NMU on my email. I graduated from NMU in 1974 with a BS in Social Work. I went on to get a masters at WSU in 1984 and then a school certification in social work in 1990. Some of the best times in my life were at NMU and I credit the university for preparing me for a successful career in social work. I work in the Detroit area and am both a psychiatric and school social worker. Keep up the good work on this newsletter!?
Bev Solomon '74
Rochester, MI

"I love hearing about local NMU and Marquette news. I'm from Clarkston, MI, and don't hear too frequently from past school mates. Thanks for the news. I love Marquette!"
Shelly Metikosh '91
Holly, MI

"I have missed the UP terribly this winter, but finally we have a real snow and it was 10 below this morning. If I hadn't settled in my job here after getting my MS, I'd probably be in Marquette. I love the snow! Just bought snowshoes at the end of last season and can't wait to try them out. Thanks for the photos."
Katherine Delanoy '79
Keene, NH

"The newsletter is awesome! We don't get that much snow in Pt. Paul, Minnesota."
Denise Williams Harris '77
St. Paul, MN

Note from the Editor: You didn't think you were going to get away with not reading any additional Alibi emails, did you? My inbox continues to get flooded with Alibi memories every day.

"Hi Deanna.....I, too, recall the opening of the Alibi. My future wife and I used to go there once in awhile so I have some very good memories of the place. Yes, I also recall the disappointment surrounding the losing of our favorite drinking hole when the Alibi showed up--The Brat House. Now, that was a fun place. Since the drinking age was 18, we could go there and buy a 20 oz. beer, a slice of pizza, or play a game of pool....all for the same price...25 cents! With about $2 in your pocket you were set for the night. So while we wax nostalgic about the Alibi, let's not forget the Brathouse."
Bob Robertson '75
Lansing, MI

"Here is one more memory to add to the list. I noticed one Saturday afternoon that I had a purple bruise in the perfect shape of a circle on the side of my leg. I had only been dancing the night before and couldn't figure where this perfect circle came from. Later, as I slipped my lip gloss pot into another pair of painter pants I realized that the lip gloss had bruised my I Alligatored on the floor the night before! In addition, the Alibi was where I met my hockey player husband of 25 years, Doug Harris '80."
Beth Swanagan Harris '80
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"The story on the Alibi was wonderful. I remember watching those knuckleheads doing the Alligator on that lighted dance floor. It seemed to happen nightly. I'm pretty sure I got a few in on my own. I also remember that same bar as the Brat House. Those were very wild times."
Jim Jacques '77
(Payne--Bedside Manor)
Clarkston, MI

"Dear D. I enjoyed the letters about the Alibi. I am glad other people remember the Alligator. I remember watching the USA vs. Russia basketball game in the '72 Olympics when the Alibi was still the Brat House. It was the controversial game, the place went crazy. Remember the North End before it got swallowed up by Whiskers? Or Andys? Or Peanut Night? Remember the streaking craze in March or April of '74? The world wouldn't be ready for those same people to do a repeat! I remember the intramural hockey games at the Palestra and Lakeview at 10:30 at night. Good times."
Chuck Kupovits '75
Allen Park, MI

"Ahhh, the good ol' Alibi! I think it was shut down more times than it was open, with violations stamped all over the door. It sure was a great place to hang out, though. You felt like you were really something shaking your thing on that lighted dance floor. Whoever said that college years are the best years of your life, really knew what they were talking about. Thanks for the memories, Deanna."
Angela LeClaire Ferrell '93
Goodyear, AZ

As always, feedback/suggestions/questions can be directed to yours truly.

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