For the week of January 10, 2005

From the 6th floor

For the most part, typical Upper Michigan weather to report. Nothing on the dramatic side; mostly just winter in Marquette. Some days it's snowing, some days icy, some days cold, some days quiet.

Speaking of quiet, not too much going on around campus as classes don't get under way until next Monday, January 17th. For those of you who haven't been a student in a few years, Northern extended the break between semesters a couple years back and now students are out of class for almost a full month. Seems to be the standard these days.

Profs making the move to Cohodas

Faculty and staff in several departments are using the holiday break to make a move. Several departments are in the midst of relocating from Magers Hall to the Cohodas Administrative Center.
The office for the economics, history, philosophy, and political science departments will be located on the second floor of Cohodas in room 208. The third floor will house the College of Business. The honors program and dean of graduate studies offices will be located in rooms 401C and 401D, respectively.
Philosophy department faculty offices will also be located on the fourth floor.
So now when you stop by and visit us on the 6th floor, you can also drop in on your favorite professor. (If, of course, they are from one of those departments.)
As reported in an earlier edition of "What's New, NMU?", renovation will soon begin on Magers Hall, converting it from faculty offices back to student housing.
The estimated $6.1 million Magers renovation is on the "fast track," with completion expected in just three months.

NMU skier wins U.S. sprint title

Lindsay Williams proved she is the best sprint skier in the nation over the weekend. Williams won the senior women's sprint (1.3 kilometer) Saturday at the U.S. Cross Country Championships, the first gold medal for NMU in the program at this competition.
Williams, a junior from Hastings, Minn., took the lead on the first hill and led the rest of the way on the 1-kilometer route at Soldier Hollow in Utah.
"We are just ecstatic." NMU coach Sten Fjeldheim told the Marquette Mining Journal by phone. "Lindsay is the first female national champion I've ever had. This is not just college competitors. She competed against everyone in the whole country, including the national ski team and former Olympians. There are 250 competing here."
"Our entire women's team skied unbelievably well," Fjeldheim said. "Four of our women came out of the preliminaries and made it to the quarterfinals. And Lindsay won it, beating two U.S. Ski Team members."
Williams won the event with a time of 3:41.8, beating U.S. Ski Team member Wendy Wagner by 3.7 seconds.

What are you doing Friday, January 28th?

If you are in any of the following locations, you should be planning to get together with Wildcat fans and cheer on the 'Cats!

NMU vs. Michigan Hockey
Live on Fox Sports
Friday, January 28th
7:35 eastern

If you are here: Your party is here: Contact:
Battle Creek Miller's Time Out
13260 S. Helmer Road
Troy Huggett
Lansing Tripper's
354 Frandor Ave
David Gregory
Kalamazoo Gallagher's
4219 Stadium Drive
Ezra Lori
Flint-Fenton Joe and Lewie's Penalty Box
2400 Owen Road
Greg Feamster
Mount Pleasant Buffalo Wild Wings
1904 S Mission St

Ann Van Dyke
Port Huron Quay Street Brewing
330 Quay Street

Carol Krumbach
Gordon MacDonald

Ann Arbor Damons
3150 Boardwalk St

Kris Day
Marquette Vangos
927 N. Third
Juliet Hoffman
Iron Mountain Pine Grove
1520 W. Hughitt Street

Janette Ward
Appleton Slugger's Sports Bar
(inside the Super Bowl)
Northland Road and Ballard
Jason Graunke
Madison Pooley's
5441 High Crossing Blvd
Robin Nickel
Chicago Glascott's
2158 N. Halsted
Jen Giangrasse
Stevens Point The Final Score
908 Maria Drive
Rhonda Sprague

No party in your area?
It's not too late to plan one, but you better get started.
Contact us and we'll tell you how.

Questions about Wildcat Night Across the Country?

NMU president to meet alumni in Chicago

NMU alumni in the Chicago area will have their first opportunity to meet NMU's new president, Dr. Les Wong.

Chicago Area Alumni Reception
Friday, January 21st
Glascott's Groggery
2158 N. Halsted
5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Open to all NMU alumni and friends.

Free for NMU Alumni Association members/ $5 for others
Please Rsvp by contacting the NMU Alumni Association at 1-877-GRAD NMU

Happy Birthday Puv!

Florence "Puv" Lowney Blair sits at home looking through her birthday cards in this photo from the Sunday, January 9th Marquette Mining Journal.

Florence "Puv" Blair celebrated her 100th birthday Sunday.
Puv graduated from Northern Normal School in 1924.
She taught 3rd through 6th grade in Ecorse, Michigan before moving back to Marquette.
When she returned to Marquette, she moved back into her family's Pine Street home, the home her father built in 1893 and where she was born.

Do you know an NMU alumna/alumnus who is hitting the century mark?
Let us know.

"Small world" story of the month award goes to Cyprus

This note comes to us from Erhan Raif '86. Even though he currently resides in Turkey, Erhan has made trips back to campus to take part in alumni events and has maintained strong ties to Northern.

"I hope all is well at NMU. During a recent visit to Washington, DC as part of a banking group study for Northern Cyprus arranged by the USAID (US Agency for International Development) I had a most pleasant surprise. One of the gentlemen I met during the trip was actually a Northern alumni. John Wasielewski Director of the Office of Development Credit for USAID graduated from Northern in ’69. Both of the us were very surprised at this coincidence needless to say we quickly established an immediate connection. After the Washington trip John came out to North Cyprus where to his surprise I introduced him to another Northern Alumni. I have attached pictures of both of the meetings, one of John and I in Washington,DC and the other of John, myself and Hilmi Can ’88 in Northern Cyprus. John was also the room mate of our business professor Dr. Bruce Sherony.
All the best for the New Year."
Erhan Raif ‘86

John Wasielewski '69 and Erhan Raif '86 in Washington DC. Erhan, John and Hilmi Can '88 in North Cyprus, Turkey.

Thanks for stopping by......

......John '63 and Pauline Kiltinen. A professor in the computer science department, John stopped up to say hello during Christmas break. John and his wife are actively involved in Finn Grand Fest coming to Marquette and the campus of Northern Michigan University in August.
You'll be able to read more about Finn Grand Fest in next week's edition of "What's New, NMU?"

From the Email bag

"Hi Deanna,
My name is Ed Jackson and I graduated in 1979. I am currently living in Prior Lake MN and while taking my children out skating we were approached by a photographer from our weekly local newspaper who asked if they could take our photo. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would ever appear on the front page. I am the head coach of my sons hockey team and at all of our most recent games and practices everyone comes up to us and talks about the photo. I am so glad he wanted to wear the NMU jersey instead of his mite jersey, what luck!!!
I took my son to his first ever college hockey game on Wednesday Dec 22nd to see NMU play Harvard. And he wanted to wear his NMU jersey to the game as well as to the reception following the game as well. His favorite college teams are NMU and Minnesota.
It sure was a pleasure to see an NMU hockey game in person, I was a season ticket holder for 25 years back when I lived in Marquette.
Thanks again!!!
Ed Jackson '79
Prior Lake MN

The front page photo from the Prior Lake American.

Four-year-old Emma Jackson and her 7-year-old brother, Kyle, enjoy the frozen Lakefront Park pleasure rink.

Alibi reference sparks plenty of memories

I sincerely appreciate the weekly updates from you regarding NMU. While many items have sparked fond memories, the story of the Alibi's opening prompted me to write. Thoughts of sunday night "Oldies" music (now called classic rock), dancing the "alligator" on the lighted floor to the sounds of BTO's Taken' Care of Business, and Friday afternoon happy hour with it's tradition of rushing to the Quad II dining center for dinner before it closed all came back to me as I saw the familiar Alibi logo. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Bob Burgess '83
Manhattan, KS
"That cup brought back memories of this morning when I looked on the top shelf of my cupboard. I've had a "Supa Beer" cup following me around since I worked at the Alibi in the late 90's. The brief description of the Alibi brought back more memories of my employment. Re-covering the 6 pool tables, changing lights in the dance floor and struggling to find a last minute oldies DJ for Sunday night. The smell of stale beer and lime Jello on a Friday morning from the previous night's wrestling will never be missed I must admit.
Let's not forget the infamous drink the "*Car Crash."
Rod LaFleur '90
Chicago, IL
*Since the Alibi has been closed for over 15 years now, Rod is willing to divulge the secret recipe. Email him if you are interested.
" The pictures of your latest storm and the story about the Alibi reminded me of a storm that hit in 1978. The morning it hit they announced the school would close for three days. Someone knew the Alibi's manager's home number and called him to say that if he opened up, half of Grant Hall would meet him there (myself included). It was quite a day with the usual rolling on the Alibi dance floor, doing the "alligator" among the spilled beer, to the tunes of BTO, knowing we had not one, but three days off. Unfortunately I returned to my dorm to find that the wind had sucked my window out and I had a foot of snow on my bed. Ah! A winter at Camp Northern!
Seriously, I am enjoying your weekly updates. My Northern education has served me well and that little spot on the lake is about my favorite place in the world. I just wish it wasn't so far away (even if that's why I went there in the first place)"
Andrew Longman '80
Frenchtown, New Jersey
"Your little piece on the Alibi certainly did stir some memories. I was a freshman the year the Alibi opened and since, in 1974, the legal age was 18, I was able to patronize it from the beginning. I have many good memories of the place and several half memories of staggering back to my room in Halverson hall after a night there. The following year, my first date with my wife to be, Kathy, was spent at the Alibi doing the alligator. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. The only problem is that you did not talk about what ever happened to it."
Rick Bowersox '77

Cedar Rapids, IA

Note from the Editor: In case you haven't heard, The Alibi is now The Power Station, a full-service gym and workout facility.
"Loved the photos from the 6th Floor. Thanks for the reminder of what a REAL winter is like. Your mention of a high of ZERO on Christmas Eve arrived just in time. We were starting to complain about our high of 18 here in the 'Burgh. And the piece about the "Alibi"....WOW! about memories, both Good and Bad. Keep up the good work!"
Barry Bertocki '80
Pittsburgh, PA
"Dear D,
I remember, almost well, doing the "Alligator" on that Alibi lighted floor..."

Dennis D. Hawk '76
(Dakota House)
Atlanta, GA

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