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Accommodations are included in the program costs for all four weeks. We stay in a hospitable pension in a historical building - the Jugednwohnhaus Koelblgasse, Koelblgasse 20, A-1030 Wien.  Any where from two to six students are accommodated in any one apartment. Kitchens in the apartments are fully equipped. Bed linen (sheet, blanket, pillow) are provided, but you must bring your own towel(s).

As a possible housing option we encourage home stays in order for you to receive the greatest advantages of living abroad.  The home stay can be arranged in advance, though there is a slightly higher fee.  Please see Prof. Goodrich for details.

Airfare is not included in the fees.  You may arrange your own travel at the budget, dates, and departure and arrival airports of your choice.  You should expect to pay about $800+.  If you wish, you may depart with Prof. Goodrich from Marquette on Saturday, 7 May 2011 and travel on his itinerary straight through to Vienna, but you must arrange your own ticket.  Prof. Goodrich will provide you his travel plans once the trip has been confirmed.  You can also coordinate among other students to travel from various departure cities (Chicago and Detroit are popular and less expensive).  In any event, you must be in Vienna, at the airport by a specified time for the group pick-up on Sunday, 8 May 2011 (time to be announced).

Local Travel

Local travel is provided in the fees through a weekly transportation card (Wochenkarte) that is valid for all of greater Vienna.

students at dinnerMeals

One full, multi-course meal on weekdays is included in the program costs. This meal includes a drink (a 2 cl soft drink or mineral water; a regular beer; or a 1/8 l glass of wine.) Most Europeans enjoy moderate alcohol with each meal, whereas it is not typical in Europe to order tap water (Leitungswasser) – this is reserved for pets. However, if parched, you can request a glass of tap water. In any event, NEVER bring food or drink into another proprietor’s restaurant.

Our restaurant – the Fasanlwirt located at Rennweg 24 – is a traditional Austrian kitchen and the food is correspondingly local.  The waiters, cooks, and proprietors pride themselves on the quality of their food, and they try to build long-term relationships with their customers. Thus, they will treat you with respect and expect the same in return. It is considered polite to leave a modest tip at every meal – usually rounding up the sum.  As our meal at the Fasanlwirt is pre-paid, you will merely need to provide your name to the waiter, who will have a list of our group members – they will also quickly learn to recognize you. Though pre-paid, courtesy would suggest a small tip of about ,50 EUR for a meal.  (NB: it is always most polite to hand this tip directly to the waitperson.)

If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform Professor Goodrich before departure as accommodation of special needs must be arranged in advance. Vegetarian meals are possible, though vegan cuisine is more restricted.

Since the apartments have kitchens and a number of markets and groceries are nearby, daily food expenses can be kept to a very low minimum. Indeed, since our neighborhood is a multi-ethnic, working-class district, there are excellent and extremely affordable Turkish snack shops nearby for hearty meals. Also, if using the home stay option, you can arrange to have almost every meal already provided for you.

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