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Journal Entry Written by Nadir Behrem
Vienna, Austria 6-11-2005 8:30 PM Saturday
"The Last Day"

The group took a boat down one of the rivers to the west. I'm out of money so I had to stay behind. I'm all alone today. I took a walk to the Leopold museum in the MQ. It was significantly smaller than both Museum of Art History and Museum of modern art, but considerably nicer than both. I also wanted to get some Greek food but the restaurant I had my eye on was closed. This is the second time that I've found it closed. I'm beginning to wonder whether it’s just there for show. Still packing and getting some things in order. I'm a little on the edge. I continue this journal on the edge literally. I'm sitting on a catwalk of my roof. Staring down four stories is an empty yard. Across from me is the UNO city. It's about 8:30 PM, the day is drawing to a close and the lights are slowly coming on one by one. What else can I say? There's so much more to say but still nothing has been left unsaid. What has this city given me? How am I different now than I was four weeks ago? I look back now and remember my life in Vienna. I remember the streets; street performers in crowded squares. I remember the smell of fresh bread in the morning from an "Anker". I remember the sounds of harmonicas and countless violins played by Romanies all while collecting coins into a hat. I remember the window shops and wurst stands. I remember the subway trains and the stops, Westbanhof, Zieglegasse, Neubaugasse, Volkstheater, Herrengasse, Stephansplatz, Stubentor and LandstraBe. I remember the gentle wind running through my hair from an approaching train. I remember the sounds of church bells waking me up every morning. And what do I have to tell you? What do I have to say? Vienna! Thank you for your sense of fashion and good food. Thank you for your tiny streets and ancient buildings. Thank you for mineral water and Spritzer. Thank you for pleasant smiles and gentle faces. At the end what have I to say but thank you? What else have I to give you but a part of my heart? With one last thought I bid you farewell. 

-Nadir Behrem

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