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Make sure that you have filled out all paperwork required and handed in to the Office of International Affairs and made all payments.  These forms can found under Documents.


You must have a passport to travel to Vienna.  Passports usually take 4-6 weeks to process.  If you do not already have a passport, make sure you apply for one right away. You can rush order one if you delay, but you will have to pay an extra processing fee. Keep a copy of the first 3 pages of your passport separate in case you lose your passport.

In Marquette, you can apply for the passport at the Marquette County Clerk’s office in the County Courthouse at the entrance on Baraga Street. Go down Third Street two blocks past Washington Street; turn right on Baraga Street; the entrance to the Courthouse is immediately on the right and the Clerk’s office is along the corridor. You can also apply for a passport at the Peter White Public Library.

Austria does not require a visa for U.S. tourists staying less than 3 months.

International Student I.D. Card (ISIC)

You should purchase the card. This card will be useful to you in Europe, entitling you to a number of reduced student rates in fees and tickets, including museums, concerts, movies, and rail and air travel.

You may purchase an ISIC card at the International Affairs Office in 145 Whitman Hall. You will need your student ID and a passport-size photo. The cost is $22.

For details of benefits go to

Driver's License

If you plan on renting a car, bring your U.S. driver's license along.


We recommend that you update your immunizations before you leave and bring an immunization card with you.


Please bring all needed prescription medications since you will not be able to get them in  Austria. We recommend you carry your prescriptions in their original prescription package (i.e. the box or package in which you received them). If you wear contact lenses, also bring glasses in case you lose your lenses. Your American prescription will not be accepted and if you were to need new lenses, you would have to have an eye exam in Austria.

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