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GR/HS 311 (4 credits):

  • German minor credit possibility (consult with Prof. Strauss)
  • German language certificate credit
  • If GR/HS 311 previously taken, German minor credit for GR 498: Directed Study in German possible
  • Elective towards International Studies major and minor
  • Honors students may elect to honorize GR/HS 311 for upper division honors credit
  • History upper division credit for major and minor

IP 286 – German language credit (4 credits):

  • Either credit for next level in GR language (GR 101, 102, 201, 202, 300)
    • Fulfills liberal studies Division V (Formal Communications)
    • German minor credit
    • German language certificate credit
  •  Or IP credit
    • IP 285 for those enrolled in A1 - B1, or IP 485 for those enrolled in B2 and higher
    • Both count as electives towards International Studies major and minor
    • Both count as general electives towards graduation

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February 25th
7:00pm - Hedgcock Building
9:00am - West Science Building
3:00pm - Reynolds Recital Hall, C.B. Hedgcock Building
February 26th
7:00pm - Hedgcock Building
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