Women's Profiles

Jessica Smith

Height:  5-0
Weight:  117
Birthday:  October 14, 1983
Residence:  Melvindale, Mich.

Jessica Smith started her incredible career on inline skates. In fact, when she was only 12 years old, she was invited to be on the Junior National Team - the youngest member to ever be invited. After capturing 14 world titles, Jessica decided she was interested in a new challenge. Seeing the success of former inline skaters such as KC Boutiette, Derek Parra and Chad Hedrick now in the sport of speedskating, she decided she would make the switch to follow her own Olympic dreams.

She was invited and accepted a spot on the Wheels to Ice Program (WHiP) sponsored by US Speedskating. She quickly excelled and was asked to join the National Training team within her first year, as well as making the National Championships within her first two seasons on ice. Within the WHiP program, Jessica must compete in both disciplines, ice and roller sports. Recently, Jessica was one of two women selected to represent the United States in the Pan America Games in Columbia.