Recommended Chinese Literature

Professor Zhuang-Zong Lehmberg, Northern Michigan University English department, is a native of China. She uses the following books in the Chinese literature course she teaches and recommends that community members read them to learn more about Chinese culture. 

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature
    Edited by Joseph S. M. Lau and Howard Goldblatt
    Published by Columbia University Press in 1995

Written by Ba Jin and translated by Sidney Shapiro
    Published by Cheng and Tsui in 1992

Rickshaw: The Novel Lo-T-O Hsiang Tsu
    Written by Lao She and translated by Jean M. James
    Published by the University of Hawaii Press in 1979

The True Story of Ah Q
    Written by Lu Xun and translated by Gladys Yang
    Published by the Chinese University Press in 2002

Soul Mountain
    Written by Gao Xingjian
    Published by Perennial in 2001