Articles About China

Professor Rodney Clarken, education department, spent time in China from 1995-96. He was on a one-year sabbatical from Northern Michigan University to pursue professional development through interaction with Chinese educators and by exploring China. 

“China fascinated me,” said Clarken. “It was the largest country by population and third largest by size. It had the longest continuous history, had made many contributions to the world, had been shrouded in mystery and had promise of again being a dominant influence in the development of a new world order. China still fascinates and challenges me. It also did many other things to me that I have not yet sorted out…My stories about life in China are just that—my stories. Through the cloudy lenses of my biases, my experiences and my ignorance, a fuzzy outline may appear of a very small part of China…I hope they will give you a feeling for China and my life—may they enrich China and your life.”

Rod Clarken’s Articles

An American Teacher in China/Three Days in China
    Living and working in China
May You Live in Interesting Times
    Challenges of living in China
On Choosing My Chinese Name
    How Clarken chose his name and how it affected others
A Day in My Life/Sichuan Normal University
    Clarken's visit to his host university

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