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St. Luke's and Marquette General Hospital
St. Luke's and Marquette General Hospital records
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Biographical/Historical note

St. Luke’s Hospital began as Marquette City Hospital, in 1896 a group of Marquette Physicians organized to create the St. Luke’s Hospital. Among these physicians were Doctors G.J. Northrup and A. A. Foster. St. Luke’s was opened at 152 East Prospect Street, the home of E. C. Bailey. In less than two months the hospital was in need of more space. The hospital rented a home on the corner of Ridge and Front streets, where the public library is currently located, to create accommodations for 12 patients. In 1897 under Michigan law’s the hospital was established as a non-profit, non-sectarian, charitable corporation.

In January of 1915 the hospital again found a need to expand, on Hebard Court a three story and basement fire-proof building was opened to the public, St. Luke’s Hospital became well established in its ability to care for their patients. People from all over the Upper Peninsula and some even from out of state came for treatment. Again a concern over bed capacity came up in 1936, so in 1937 a gift from James Couzens allowed the hospital to break ground for a new building which would be completed in 1938, dedicated to James Couzens as the “James Couzens Memorial”. St. Luke’s Hospital Continued to grow until its merger with St. Mary’s Hospital in 1973 creating Marquette General Hospital.

St. Mary’s Hospital was established by Dr. A.K. Thiell aided by Bishop John Vertin when it was realized that the community was in need of an established hospital. Dr. Thiell and Bishop Vertin were successful in their quest to establish such a hospital in 1890. The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis founded, owned, and controlled St. Mary’s Hospital. The order was originally established in Germany and was devoted to caring for the sick, suffering and wounded. The first superintendent of the hospital was Sister Theckla, Mother Superior, she was accompanied by four sisters, and they came from the first hospital established by the order in the United States in Peoria, Illinois. St. Mary’s Hospital was completed and opened by the fall of 1891; the facility accommodated 50 patients and included a chapel.

In the 1890’s the hospital’s system for treatment included a system of selling tickets which provided the ticket holder medical care, attendance, board and medicine. The hospital would not treat infectious, chronic, contagious or incurable diseases, also excluded were insanity or eye problems. The hospital would also be established as the official U.S. Marine Hospital. St. Mary’s continued to expand until 1955 when a new facility was opened. During St. Mary’s years of care the order established an excellent reputation within the community and throughout the entire Upper Peninsula.

St. Luke’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital would begin merging in 1973, with the goal to establish the best care for the community, and for the entire Upper Peninsula.


Brooks, Lillian, RN, CNA Nursing Supervisor. “A Social History of Marquette General Hospital Inc.” Paper.

St. Luke’s Hospital: Founded 1897. Booklet

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Scope and Contents note

Records include a variety of material that documents the history of St. Lukes/Marquette General Hospital. The collection also documents the history of health, health care, and the medical profession in Marquette County for much of the twentieth century. Records include staff meeting minutes, photographs, correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, various publications, annual reports, memorabilia, brochures, and mounted exhibition photographs.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 of 10 1890 - 1997

Announcement--Election of officers to Board of Trustees, 1996

Announcement--Mary E. Skeoch resignation, 1941

Announcement--Robert Nelberg retires, 1996

Announcement--Medical Breakthrough--Laser Vascular Suergery, 1990

Broschure--Crippled Children's Services, n.d.

Dedication--Outpatient Building, 1985

Dedication--MRI at Marquette General Hospital, 1987

Dedication--Marquette General Hospital, 1978-1992

Dedication--Marquette General Hospital Library, 1974-1985

Dedication--Marquette General Hospital's: Tower of Care, 1991

Dedication--New St. Luke's Hospital, 1969

Marquette General Hospital Miscellaneous, 1979

Newsletter--Insights, "MRI--Launching Upper Michigan into a New Era of Diagnosis", 1987

Newsletter--Insights, "New Kidney Stone Treatement at Marquette General Hospital", 1987

Newsletter--Doctor's Day, 1994, 1996

Newsletter--Employee Salute, 1993

Newsletter--Hotline, an Employee Publication, 1985

Newsletter--Marquette General Hospital's Cardiac Care in the 80's

Newsletter--Marquette General Hospital "Insights", 1982-1984

Newsletter--Marquette General Hospital "Insights", 1985-1988

Newsletter--Marquette General Hospital "Insights", 1990-1991, 1994, 1996-1997

Newsletter--Medical Excellence Today/Tomorrow: Marquette General Hospital, 1989

Newpaper--St. Mary's Hospital (supplement to the Mining Journal), 1969

Newsletter--The 90's Health Challenge: Where can a Woman Turn for Answers, Cancer Combating the Dangers, Dispelling the Myth, 1990-1991

Newsletters--Physicians Focus, 1993-1997

Newsletters--The Year in Review: 1985

Newsletters--The Year in Review, 1986

Patient Guide, n.d.

Physicians Directory, Supplement, 1993,n.d

Physicians Directory, n.d.

St. Luke's School of Nursing--Alumni Reunion, 1985

St. Luke's School of Nursing--School Graduates Obituaries, 1977-1981

St. Luke's School of Nursing--Misc., 1928-1974

St. Luke's School of Nursing--"Shop Talk"--Class of 1962

Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation, Graduates, 1991

Upper Peninsula Medical Education Program, Residency Program, 1976

Upper Peninsula Medical Education Program Students, 1978, 1980, 1986, 1989

UPHEC--Medical Student use of Medical Library and UPHEC of medical library, 1979-1980

UPHEC--Annual Report, 1981, 1982

UPHEC--Annual Report, 1984, 1985, 1988

UPHEC--Correspondence--Restrictions on Medical Students, 1979

UPHEC--The Hospital Care Clerkship Syllabus, 1978

UPHEC--MGH Family Practice Residency, 1985, n.d.

Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation, n.d.

Upper Peninsula Medical Education Program Update--Newsletter, March 1980-Oct. 1980

UPHEC--Presidents Five-Year Report, 1979

Alba Morris, n.d.

Celebrating Marquette General Hospital's 100-year Legacy, n.d.

The Hager House/Original St. Luke's Hospital, n.d.

Iron Lungs and the Polio Epidemic of 1940, 1940-1941

Advance: For Radiologic Science Professionals: "Reflections of the X-Ray Tube, 1992

Marquette County Women in History, n.d.

Marquette General Hospital Fact sheet, n.d.

Medical History of Michigan, 1930 (folder 1 of 2)

Medical History of Michigan, 1930 (folder 2 of 2)

Newspaper clippings--"Yesterday in Superiorland", n.d.

Radiology, 1956-1983

Radiology, n.d. (folder 1 of 2)

Radiology, n.d. (folder 2 of 2)

"A Social History of Marquette General Hospital Inc." compiled by Lillian Brooks, RN, CAN, Nursing Supervisor, n.d.

X-Ray reports, 1942-1964

St. Luke's Hospital Bulletin, 1939

St. Luke's Hospital has no Peer in U.P.: Growth Remarkable, 1915, 1916?

Presidents Year-End Report, 1971

St. Luke's Hospital--history, n.d.

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Box 2 of 10 1926 - 1997

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1930-1931, 1935-1936

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1937-1938, 1939-1940

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1943-1944, 1945-1946

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1946-1947, 1947-1948

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1949-1950, 1950-1951

Children's Fund Annual Reports, 1951-1952, 1952-1953

Children's Fund of Michigan: The Trust Instrument, The Articles of Association, the By-Laws, 1930

Children's Fund--Correspondence, 1932-1936

Children's Fund--Press Releases, 1937-1938

Active staff--minutes, 1930-1933

Active staff--minutes, 1934-1937

Active staff--minutes, 1938-1941

Active staff--minutes, 1942-1944

Active staff--minutes, 1945-1947

Active staff--minutes, 1948-1950

Active staff--minutes, 1951-1953

Executive staff--correspondence, 1926-1948

Executive staff--correspondence, 1949-1952

Executive staff-- correspondence, 1953-1963

Executive staff--minutes, 1934-1941

Executive staff--minutes, 1942-1957

Executive staff--minutes, 1958-1959

Executive staff--minutes, 1960-1962

Executive staff--minutes, 1963-1965

medical correspondence, 1914-1953

St. Luke's Hospital--misc., n.d.

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--correspondence, 1950, 1972

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--minutes, 1939-1940

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--minutes, 1941-1942

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--minutes, 1942-1944

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--misc., n.d.

St. Luke's Womens Auxiliary--Membership lists, past presidents, 1940-1941, 1949-1950, 1975-1976

St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary--reports, 1938-1949

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Box 3 of 10 1890 - 1997

Bay Cliff Health Camp, unidentified photos, 1930's

Calumet and Helca Hospital, 1900

Calumet and Helca Hospital, 1920

Calumet, Italian Hall Disaster, 1913

Moses Cooperstock M.D., n.d.

Doctors Buggy-Ishpeming, 1900

Eugene Elizinga, M.D., 1954

Ishpeming Hospital 1900

Max Reynolds with his Iron Lung, 1940

Pediatric patients in the Reynolds Iron Lung, 1940

Pediatric patients in standard manufactured Iron Lung, 1940

Marquette County Medical Society, 1904

Marquette County Nurses, 1900

Marquette General Hospital Arial View, 1982

Marquette General Hospital Ambulence, 1988

Marquette General Hospital Conference Center, 1986

Marquette General Hospital Conference Center, Education Department class, 1987

Marquette General Hospital Conference Center, Education Department, 1988

Marquette General Hospital Conference Center, AV Equipment in Outpatient Building, 1987

Marquette General Hospital Cafeteria, 1969

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Box 4 of 10 1890 - 1997

Marquette General Hospital Cafeteria, 1985

Marquette General Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, 1986

Marquette General Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, 1988

Library--Presentation of Kevin F. O'Brien's Portrait, 1974

Kevin F. O'Brien Health Science Library, 1985

Marquette General Hospital--Mary Peterson LPN, 1985

Marquette General Hospital nurses, 1988

Marquette General Hospital Outpatient Building Dedication, 1984

Marquette General Hospital Patients Room, 1984

Marquette General Hospital Pharmacy, 1987

Marquette General Hospital Construction, 1981

Marquette General Hospital Building, 1984

Medical School Surgical Class, 1890

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Box 5 of 10 1890 - 1997

Miners First Aid Class Cleveland Cliff's Iron Co., 1890

Elba L. Morse, RN 1931, Lulu Ervast (?) Early 1950(?)

Children's Clinic Dedication, 1931, Unidentified photo's, 1965

Northern Michigan's Children's Clinic, 1948, 1930's

Northwestern Hospital, 1890

St. Luke's and Children's Clinic, 1938

St Luke's Alumina Reunion, 1972

St. Luke's Trustees, n.d.

St. Luke's Hospital, 1900

St. Luke's Hospital--Gard Maynard Ward, 1900

St. Luke's Hospital, 1914

St. Luke's Hospital, 1925

St. Luke's Hospital Staff Members, 1931

St. Luke's Hospital, 1945

St. Luke's Hospital, 1948

St. Luke's Nurses with Child--Eliza Pearce Dudley, Ruth Stafford Main, Isabel Teganza Frei, 1900's

St Luke's Nurses treating Polio Patient, 1940's

St. Luke's Class of 1946

St. Luke's Nurses all graduates reunion, 1972

St. Luke's physicians, 1956

St. Luke's School of Nursing graduate--Elizabeth Treganza Frei, 1911

St. Luke's School of Nursing, 1918

St. Luke's School of Nursing Graduating Class, 1966

St. Luke's School of Nursing graduates--Elizabeth Cameron, Mary Ann Libery, 1918

St. Luke's School of Nursing--Helen E. Patterson Howe, 1923

St. Luke's School of Nursing--uniform display, 1951

St. Luke's School of Nursing--reunion, 1972

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Box 6 of 10 1890-1997

St. Luke's Hospital--X-Ray Department, 1943

St. Mary's Hospital, 1891

St. Mary's Hospital, 1920

Frank Slope--Anasthesiest, 1931?

Typical Michigan Pharmacy, 1915

St. Luke's Photos, n.d.

Marquette General Hospital Library, 1986

Marquette General Hospital Emergency room, 1981

St. Luke's plaques, 1969, 1980's

St. Luke's photo's, 1965, 1960s?

St. Luke's Photo's, 1890

Marquette General Hospital Architectural plans and Sketches, n.d.

St. Luke's Nurses Bungalow, 1945

Marquette General Hospital--library memorabilia, n.d.

Marquette General Hospital MRI Open House, n.d.

Marquette General Hospital Sketches, n.d.

Photograph copys--Nurses Capping night, 1944 and unidentified photo's

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Box 7 of 10 1890-1997

2 display photos--unidentified

1 framed photo of the Board of Trustee's--J.H. Kline, John D. Morrison, Lincoln B. Frazier, John McDonald, E.S. Bice, James Beckman

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Box 8 of 10 1890-1997

Framed photo--Arial view, n.d.

Framed photo--Arial view, n.d.

Framed photo--unidentified man n.d.

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Box 9 of 10 1890-1997

Framed photo--building, n.d.

Framed photo--Board of Trustees, n.d.

Framed Photo--Dr. H.B. Markham, n.d.

Framed Photo--Harlow Clark, n.d.

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Box 10 of 10 1890-1997

mounted photo--doctor's buggy?

mounted photo--Marquette General Hospital--new logo, 1990

mounted photo--Nurses Graduation?, n.d.

mounted photo--patient ward, n.d.

mounted photo--old cath. lab, 1990

mounted photo--residency program, 1987

mounted photo--X-ray department, 1940's

Two Books--"Biography of a Foundation 1929-1954 Children's Fund of Michigan" "Married a Doctor" by" Alma W. Swinton

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Box 1, Drawer 4

Beaumont, William

Beaumont, William and Family

The Country Doctor-Harpers Weekly

"Forceps for the Extraction of Arrowheads" in "The Medical Record"

St. Lukes Nurses

St. Luke's Nursing Class 1946

St. Luke's Hospital

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