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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
SERIES I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula
Papers--Series II Personal
Papers--Series II Personal
Papers--Series II Personal
Papers--Series II Personal
Papers--Series II Personal; Series IX--Litigation; Series III--RESTRICTED folders
Papers -- Oversized
Photographs and Negatives; Art works--OVERSIZED
Papers, SERIES X Ken Dorman, Jacobetti's Chief Legislative Aid
VHS Recordings
Papers--Series VII Chronological Correspondence
Papers--Series VII Chronological Correspondence
Papers--Series II Personal

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Jacobetti, Dominic J.
Jacobetti, Dominic J. papers
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Collection Inventory

Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Treasury, Department of 1991-1993

Appropriations--Unallotment Requests 1992

Appropriations--Underground Storage Tanks 1994

Appropriations--Veterans Trust Fund 1984 (1983-1984)

Appropriations--Veto Overrides (folder 1 of 2) 1991 (1989, 1991)

Appropriations--Veto Overrides (folder 2 of 2) 1991

Attorney General--Cigarette Vending Machines 1989-1990

Attorney General--Consumer Complaints--Roger Walker 1993

Attorney General--Correspondence; Opinions 1991

Attorney General--Correspondence; Opinions 1972-1989

Attorney General--Correspondence; Opinions 1973-1983

Attorney General--Correspondence; Opinions 1992-1994

Attorney General--General Correspondence (folder 1 of 2) 1979-1991

Attorney General--General Correspondence (folder 2 of 2) 1992

Attorney General--Correspondence; Opinions 1992

Attorney General Opinion--PA 232 (Agriculture) 1987

Attorney General Opinion--Teacher's Tenure (MCL 38,104) File #88-002 1987

Attorney General Opinion--PA of 1977 Library Co-op 1987-1988

Attorney General Opinions 1967-1973

Attorney General Opinions (includes Seafarer) 1977-1989

Attorney General--Opinions, Correspondence (folder 1 of 2) 1975-1979

Attorney General--Opinions, Correspondence( folder 2 of 2) 1983-1988

Budget--Department of Management and Budget--Management Plan 1989

Budget--Department of Mental Health 1991

Department of Civil Services--Annual Contractual Services Reports; Correspondence DEC 1991-1992

Economy--Book: Stimulating the Economy of the Great Lakes States-A Survey for the Committee for Great Lakes Economic Action 1978

Economy--Budget Deficit--Correspondence; Memoranda; Statistics 1991-1992

Economy--"The Federal Budget Deficit: Impacts of the Reagan Era Budgets on the State of Michigan" 1988

Economy--Federal Project Review 1993-1994 Reports: Profiles in Rural Economic Development-A Guidebook of Selected Successful Rural Area Initiatives; Michigan Triplicate Prescription Program- Education Report; A Mackinac Center Report: A Prosperity Agenda for Michigan Cities 1988-1994

Economy--Forest Management 1981

Economy--Miscellaneous--Correspondence; Reports; Resolution 1970-2000

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Agriculture--Correspondence; Agricultural Commodity Act Meeting June 1984, 1985

Agriculture--Exhibits Presented by Growers/Processors for Agricultural Commodity Act Meeting 1985

Agriculture--Correspondence; Commodity Marketing Acts; Apple and Cherry Growers Jan-Apr 1986 (1984-1986)

Agriculture--Correspondence; Michigan Processing Apple Growers vs National Fruit Company; Saur Orchards; Cherry Growers; Food Processing Industry Overview May-Nov 1986 (1981-1986)

Agriculture--Responses to Survey 1986

Agriculture--Correspondence; Governor's Conference on Future of Michigan Agriculture; Memoranda; Reports 1987, 1988

Agriculture--Correspondence; SB 212, SB 221 1991

Agriculture--Correspondence; SB 911 1992

Agriculture--Cranberry Production and Marketing in Michigan--Correspondence; Reports; Western Michigan University Research 1988-1990 Resources 1981, 1982

Agriculture--Farm Bill HB 5470 1982

Agriculture--Miscellaneous (incudes foreign trade) HB 5398

Agriculture--1991 Annual Report--Food Division Regulatory Activities July 13,1992

Agriculture--1991 Report of the Office of Racing Commissioner, State of Michigan 1991

Agriculture--Saur Orchards (1977) 1981-1987

Appropriations--Accident Fund--Michigan Research Institute; General Amendments to Workers Comp Act; Annual Report 1987

Appropriations--Accident Fund--HB 4660 Correspondence Jan-May 1989

Appropriations--Accident Fund HB 4660 Correspondence; Quarterly Statement FEB, Nov, DEC 1990

Appropriations--Accident Fund 1988,1989

Appropriations--Aging Grants 1984-1986

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Correspondence; Reports: "Building Ties: A Mental Health and Aging Project;" "Housing Resources for Senior Citizens" 1986

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Unmet Needs--Conference on Aging and Lifelong Learning June 1989

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Unmet Needs--NMU [Northern Michigan University] Proposal for Training 1989

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Transportation Service Grants 1975

Appropriations--Aging: Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan May 1989

Appropriations--Aging--Unmet Needs--Restoration Towers, Detroit 1989

Appropriations--Agriculture--Duane Baldwin and Sons--Processing Systems for Onions and other Michigan-Grown Vegetables

Appropriations--Arts, Michigan Council for--(Includes) Correspondence; Report: "Attitudes and Perceptions of the Marquette-Alger Area Community Toward the Arts and Cultural Activities and Events," "Budget Reduction Impact Survey." 1991

Appropriations--Michigan Council for the Arts 1976

Appropriations--Arts, Michigan Council for--Correspondence, Press Release 1986-1991

Appropriations--Arts--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1985, 1993

Appropriations--1992 Grants to District Council for Arts 1992

Appropriations--Audit Report--Counties--Barry McGuire 1977-1982

Appropriations--Accident Fund--Quarterly Statement Nov 12,1992

Appropriations--Baraga County 1972-1990

Appropriations--Baraga County 1984-1990

Appropriations--Budget--"An Analysis of Governor Blanchards' Proposed Expenditure Reductions/Program Eliminations for Fiscal Year 1982-1983" by House Democratic Research Staff Jan 31, 1983

Appropriations--Budget--"Annual vs Biennial Budget--House Democratic Policy Staff Focus Paper" Mar 1993

Appropriations--Budget--Bill Schedules; HB 5616; Correspondence 1992-1993

Appropriations--Budget--DEC 1990 Budget Reductions, SB 827 1990

Appropriations--Budget--(Worksheets) 1989-1990

Appropriations--Budget Deficit--Correspondence and Background Material FEB 1993

Appropriations--Budget Deficit--Correspondence; Executive Orders (1991) 1993 (1991, 1993)

Appropriations--Budget--"Economic and Fiscal Effects of the Fiscal Year State Budget Cuts on the City of Detroit" (includes notes, correspondence) Nov 2, 1991

Appropriations--Budget--Executive Budget Report 1993-1995 (folder 1 of 3)

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Budget--Executive Budget Report 1993-1995 (folder 2 of 3)

Appropriations--Budget--Executive Budget Report 1993-1995 (folder 3 of 3)

Appropriations--Budget--"The Federal Budget Deficit: Impacts of the Reagan Era Budgets of the State of Michigan" Aug 15, 1988

Appropriations--Budget--"The House Democratic Alternative Plan for Balancing The State of Michigan Budget" Jan 1991

Appropriations--Budget--Memoranda; Briefing Paper: Estimated General Fund/General Purpose and School Aid Fund Revenues and Expenditures; Correspondence 1994

Appropriations--Budget--Proposal to Balance Michigan Budget 1990-1992

Appropriations--Budget--Project Status Reports; Enrolled HB 4285 1987

Appropriations--Budget Proposals for 1985 Budget 1984

Appropriations--Budget--Standing Rules of House Representatives; Memoranda; information 1993

Appropriations--Capitol Outlay 1982, 1988, 1991-1992

Appropriations--Capitol Outlay--HB 4602; HB 4580 1991

Appropriations--Census Funds--Revenue Sharing 1987-1988

Appropriations--Children's Trust Fund 1994

Appropriations--Chrysler, Loan to, and State Employee Retirement 1979, 1983, 1984

Appropriations--Civil Service--Correspondence; Reports 1992-1993

Appropriations--Civil Service--Job Requests; State Employee Suggestion Awards Program 1985-1991

Appropriations--Clean Michigan Fund--Solid Waste 1985

Appropriations--Cobo Hall 1985-1986

Appropriations--Committee on Appropriations--Proposed Rules; Sub-Committees (ca 1972)

Appropriations--Compensation Issues 1986

Appropriations--Correspondence; Budget Reduction Impact Survey; SB 218 1991

Appropriations--Correspondence--Miscellaneous 1972, 1980-1993

Appropriations--Crawford County--Grayling Fish Hatchery 1983

Appropriations--Department of Commerce 1982, 1988

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Budget Status 1977

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Correspondence Dec 1974-Oct 1975

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Budget Revisions; Hiring Freeze; Layoffs Feb 1991-Sept 1991

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Reports 1993

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Budget Revisions Jan-Jun 1994

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Recommendations June 1985-Jan 1992

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Recommendations Oct 1991-Apr 1992

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget-- Correspondence; Recommendations May-Dec 1992

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Departmental Requests 1990-1991

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Aid to Public and Private Schools, SB 1082 1969-1970

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Correspondence; Survey 1989-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Correspondence, Reports- Teacher-Board Contract Negotiations 1993-1994

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Department of Education--HB 5316; Report: "Educational Choice of Michigan" 1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Elementary Recognition Program 1987

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Michigan Education Association--Correspondence 1975, 1976, 1979

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Michigan Education Trust--HB 5505 1986-1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Michigan High School Athletic Association 1971

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Miscellaneous Correspondence, Notes 1971-1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--(Reform) (folder 1 of 2) Aug-Oct 1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--(Reform) (folder 2 of 2) Sept 1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--"Report on Bilingual Education for the 1988-1989, 1989-1990, and 1990-1991 School Years" 1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--School Aid 1977

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--School Aid 1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--School Aid 1991-1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--School of Choice Issue 1992-1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--School of Choice Issue 1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Special Education 1988-1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--Special Education-- Mainstreaming 1984-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Education--"Teacher Licensure" HB 42 1977

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Community Colleges 1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Community Colleges 1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Community Colleges 1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education Conferences Fiscal Year 1987-1988

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Correspondence; Reports; Study; Testimony 1993-1994

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society 1989-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Michigan Universities and Cities 1970-1971 (1968-1971)

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Outstate Students 1972-1973

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Report: "Enrollments and Recommendations for Supporting Major Programs in Institutions of Higher Education for Fiscal Year 1977-1978" 1975-1976

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Central Michigan University 1975, 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Eastern Michigan University 1975, 1987

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Ferris State University 1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Grand Valley State University 1975, 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Great Lakes Maritime Academy 1979-1982

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Jackson Community College 1977

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Michigan State University 1975-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Michigan State University--"Save Our Sparty" 1987-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Northwestern Michigan College 1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Oakland University 1975

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Spring Arbor College 1988

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--University of Michigan 1974-1983, 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--University of Michigan-Dearborn 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Wayne County Community College 1981

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Wayne State University 1975-1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Higher Education--Western Michigan University 1974-1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--AIDS/HIV-Michigan 5 Year Plan 1991-1992

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Executive Recommendations--Correspondence; Reports: "Governor Engler's Fall Agenda for Michigan Taxpayer;" "1991-1992 Fiscal Year Executive Budget," "1992-1993 Fiscal Year Executive Budget." 1991

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Miscellaneous 1976, 1980

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Monthly Financial Reports Mar 1991-Sept 1991

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Monthly Reports Nov 1991; Apr-Aug 1992

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Monthly Financial Reports Mar 1992-Dec 1993

Appropriations--Department of Management and Budget--Monthly Financial Reports Jan-Aug 1994

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--HB 5517, 5523 1992

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Conference 1981

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--"Fiscal Year 1991-1992 Environmental Protection and Recreation Bond Implementation Package" 1991

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)-- Miscellaneous 1977-1992

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Recreation Bond (SB 530) (folder 1 of 4) 1992-1993

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Recreation Bond (folder 2 of 4) 1992-1993

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Recreation Bond (folder 3 of 4) 1992-1993

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Recreation Bond "Fiscal Year 1993-1994 Environmental Protection Bond and Recreation Bond Implementation Package" (folder 4 of 4) 1992-1993

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Water Quality Division--Correspondence, Proposals, Publications, Act 641 Rules 1993-1994

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Correspondence; "Great Lakes Protection Fund 1992 Annual Report; 1994 Grant and Loan Program (folder 1 of 3) 1992-1994

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Funding Worksheets; Summary (folder 2 of 3) 1992-1994

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Correspondence; Notice of Public Hearing; Teal Lake Study Committee Final Report; Issue Paper: How do Michigan State Parks Compare with the Rest of the Nation (folder 3 of 3) 1992-1994

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS) 1990-1991

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS) Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Reductions 1991

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)-- Correspondence; Memoranda 1992

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)-- Correspondence; Memoranda 1993

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)-- Correspondence; Reports: "Report from the Energy Work Group;" "The Impact of Elimination of the General Assistance Program in Michigan." 1992

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)--Foster Care/ Adoption--Correspondence; Michigan Coalition for Children and Families Fiscal Year 1991 Children's Agenda; HB 5514; Adoption in Michigan Position Papers; SB 191 Amendment to HB 4064; Issue Papers 1994 Adoption Legislation in Michigan 1990-1994

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)--Home Heating and Weatherization 1989

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)--Miscellaneous 1982-1986

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)--Correspondence 1991

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)--Project Choices; SB 227 1991

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)-- Reductions 1987, 1989-1990

Appropriations--Department of Social Services (DSS)-- Report: Medicaid Provider Tax and Donation Issues Aug 1992

Appropriations--Education--Community Colleges 1992-1993

Appropriations--Education--Correspondence; Reports (UP, District included) 1991-1992

Appropriations--Education--Correspondence; Reports 1992-1993

Appropriations--Education--Public School Employees Retirement System (PSER) 1991

Appropriations--Education--Response to Education Earmarking Proposal of State Chamber 1989

Appropriations--Education--School Aid 1992-1994 (nd)

Appropriations--Education--School Aid 1993

Appropriations--Education--School Loan Bond Refinancing--Correspondence; Notes SB 557; HB 4136, 4137 1988-1991

Appropriations--Higher Education--Community Colleges-- Correspondence 1994

Appropriations--Higher Education--Correspondence; Reports 1991-1993

Appropriations--Higher Education--Correspondence; Reports (includes NMU and USOEC) 1991-1992, nd

Appropriations--Higher Education--Correspondence; Reports 1992

Appropriations--Higher Education--Correspondence; Memoranda; Reports 1993

Appropriations--Environment--Reforestation of Northeast Lower Michigan 1989

Appropriations--Executive Budget Orders 1979

Appropriations--Executive Budget Order--Proposed Executive Order Cuts 1983

Appropriations--Executive Budget Order--Budget Reductions 1982-1983

Appropriations--Executive Budget Recommendations 1991-1992

Appropriations--Federal and State Surplus Property; Enrolled HB 4114 1986-1988

Appropriations--Federal Fund Reductions 1983

Appropriations--Governor's Recommendations 1973

Appropriations--Governor's Recommendations--Fiscal Year 1992 Program Reductions 1991

Appropriations--Governor's Recommendations--Fiscal Year 1995 1994

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Governor's Recommendations--Fiscal Year 1995 1994

Appropriations--Governor's Recommendations 1992-1993

Appropriations--Higher Education--HB 4583 1990-1991

Appropriations--Historical Grants 1987-1989

Appropriations--Italian American Cultural Society (folder 1 of 2) 1989

Appropriations--Italian American Cultural Society--Correspondence (folder 2 of 2) 1985-1990

Appropriations--Italian American Heritage Society 1988-1992

Appropriations--Labor, Department of--Correspondence; Reports Dec 1990, 1991

Appropriations--Labor, Department of--Correspondence 1992

Appropriations--Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Correspondence; HB 4261; HB 4260; HB 4586 1991

Appropriations--Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Correspondence; Issue Paper: "Prison Boot Camps- Are They Saving the State Money?" 1991-1993

Appropriations-- Law Enforcement--Judiciary--Correspondence; Issue Paper: "Examination of the Michigan Court of Appeals" 1994

Appropriations--Libraries--Correspondence 1984-1994

Appropriations--Libraries--Public Enrichment Foundation's Book and Literacy Program--Proposed Budget and Distribution Area--Fiscal Year 1992-1993 (includes UP areas) 1992

Appropriations--Mental Health 1989

Appropriations--Mental Health--HB 4261; HB 4942; HB 4444; SB 347-348 EPSDT(Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment) Program Advisory Committee Recommendations; Draft: Michigan Department of Mental Health Design Project--Introductory Sessions 1991

Appropriations--Mental Health--Correspondence--SB 6057 (folder 1 of 4) 1992

Appropriations--Mental Health--Litigation re: Lafayette Clinic Downsizing (Unions as plaintiffs) (folder 2 of 4) 1992

Appropriations--Mental Health--Litigation--Lafayette Clinic Downsizing (Patients as plaintiffs) (folder 3 of 4) 1992

Appropriations--Mental Health--Litigation--Lafayette Clinic Downsizing (Appropriations Committee members as plaintiffs) (folder 4 of 4) 1992

Appropriations--Mental Health--Lafayette Clinic Case; SB 753 1992-1993

Appropriations--Mental Health--Correspondence; Reports (includes UP areas) 1993

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--(MUSTFA) Michigan Underground Storage Tank and Financial Assurance 1992

Appropriations--Miscellaneous-Civil Rights File 1984-1985

Appropriations--Miscellaneous 1977

Appropriations--Miscellaneous Notes 1974-1990

Appropriations--Miscellaneous--Correspondence; Memoranda; Notes 1971-1994

Appropriations--Miscellaneous--HB 4189 1979

Appropriations--Military Affairs 1991

Appropriations--Military Affairs--Veterans--Correspondence; Reports 1992-1993

Appropriations--Military Affairs--Veterans--Correspondence 1984-1990

Appropriations--Military Affairs--Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)--Budget Request 1991

Appropriations--Non-General Fund/General Purpose Funding 1993

Appropriations--Oil Overcharge--Report: Overcharge Refunds--An Overview of Current Cases and Background on How they Developed, Feb 1986; " Disposition of Oil Overcharge Refunds and Status of Fiscal Year 1988 Budget Proposals" (also Stipper Well Exemption Litigation, 1987) (folder 1 of 3) 1986-1987

Appropriations--Oil Overcharge--"Report to the Legislature on Performance of Selected Activities of the Department of Commerce." (folder 2 of 3) Feb 1988

Appropriations--Oil Overcharge (includes Diamond Shamrock and Stipper Well litigation) (folder 3 of 3) 1988-1990

Appropriations--"Preliminary Analysis of the Governor's Budget Recommendations for the Fiscal Year 1980" 1979

Appropriations--Proposed Appropriations Budget Process

Appropriations--Public Health--Correspondence; Reports (includes UP areas)

Appropriations--Revenue--Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference-- 1992 (1991-1992)

Appropriations--Revenue--Consensus Revenue Estimation Conference--Correspondence; Issue Papers; Memoranda; Newsletters (folder 1 of 2) 1993

Appropriations--Revenue--Consensus Estimated Revenue Conference-- Correspondence; Memoranda; Reports (folder 2 of 2) 1994

Appropriations--Revenue Forecasting--HB 326

Appropriations--Revenue Sharing Feb 1980

Appropriations--Revenue Sharing Cases-- HB 5000 1987 (1986-1989)

Appropriations--Rose Hill 1989

Appropriations--State, Department of 1992

Appropriations--State Secondary Complex--Correspondence; News Clippings; Report: "Review and Analysis of Proposed Move of State Employees from Secondary Complex to Downtown Lansing;" Incarcerated Veterans, Prison Riots; Daryl E. Johnson Case 1981-1984

Appropriations--Strategic Fund--HB 4753; Analysis; Articles; Correspondence 1984-1991

Appropriations--Strategic Fund--Issue Paper--"A Summary of It's Origin, Source of Revenue, and Programs" 1989

Appropriations--Strategic Fund--Quarterly Reports Oct 1985-Sept 1987

Appropriations--Superfund--Correspondence; Report 1992

Appropriations--Supplemental 1982-1983

Appropriations--Supplemental--Lists; Notes 1984-1985

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Notes; Report; SB 127; SB 129 1985-1986

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Notes 1987

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Reports 1990

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Reports (folder 1 of 2) 1991

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Notes; SB 51; HB 4581 1990-1991

Appropriations--Supplemental--SB 213--Correspondence; Tables, etc; SB 1 (folder 1 of 2) 1991

Appropriations--Supplemental--SB 213--Position Paper in Support of (folder 2 of 2) 1991

Appropriations--Correspondence; HB 5528; HB 4604; SB 213 (includes UP areas, programs) (folder 1 of 2) 1991-1992

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; HB 4604; SB 722, 723, 724, 725; SB 528; SB 213 (folder 2 of 2) 1991-1992

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; Proposals 1992

Appropriations--Supplemental--Correspondence; SB 363; HB 4631 1993

Appropriations--Targets--Correspondence; Memoranda; Notes 1991

Appropriations--Targets--Miscellaneous 1992

Appropriations--Targets--Memoranda; Newsletter 1993

Appropriations--Targets--Memoranda; Notes; Reports 1992-1994

Appropriations--Tiger Stadium 1989-1994

Appropriations--Transfer Requests 1991

Appropriations--Transfers 1991

Appropriations--Transfers 1991-1993 (folder 1 of 3) 1991

Appropriations--Transfers 1991-1993 (folder 2 of 3) 1992

Appropriations--Transfers 1991-1993 (folder 3 of 3) 1993

Appropriations--Transfers 1992

Appropriations--Transfers 1993-1994

Appropriations--Transportation--SB 228 1991

Appropriations--Transportation 1992

Appropriations--Transportation 1993

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Economy--Correspondence; SB 1100; Report: "MESC Employment Report, Sept 1992"; "Michigan Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Program, 1991 Tax Year Report"; Memoranda (UP Labor) 1991-1992

Economy--Population 1972-1979 (1965-1980)

Economy--Population Growth 1979 (1971, 1978, 1979)

Economy--Report: "Job Opportunities and Economic Conditions (of Michigan) 1973

Economy--Report: "Population Trends in Michigan and the Upper Peninsula in Particular" ca 1975

Economy--Report on Comparative Local and State Tax Burdens (update) by Chrysler Corporation 1976

Economy--Revenue Sharing--Correspondence; Issue Paper: Population Change and Revenue Sharing 1991 (includes UP areas) 1991-1992

Education--Miscellaneous 1991

Education--Western Michigan University 1976

Education--Report: "Faculties of the Michigan Institutions of Higher Education"

Education--School Retirees--Benefits HB 4819 1992

Education--School Tax Restructuring--Constituent Correspondence--District 1994 (Folder 1 of 3)

Education--School Tax Restructuring--Constituent Correspondence--Out of District 1993-1994 (Folder 2 of 3)

Education--School Tax Restructuring--Correspondence--Legislative; SB 901, 902, 903 1994 Folder (3 of 3)

Employment--Department of Labor--Unemployment/SB 2 1992-1993

Employment--Department of Labor (MESC)1993/1994 (1990-1994)

Employment--Jobs Commission of Michigan 1993

Energy 1979-1980

Energy--Alternate Energy Program--HB 5279, 5280--Correspondence; Research 1981-1984

Energy--Consumer's Power 1984-1986

Energy--Exxon (Oil Overcharge) 1986

Energy--Gas Pricing--HB 4725 1973

Energy--MERRA (Michigan Energy and Resource Research Association) 1986, 1987

Energy--Michigan Alternate Energy Board (MAEB) 1983-1984

Energy--Michigan Energy Assistance Program Directory for Senior Citizens and Low-Income Residents 1992

Energy--Report: "Case Study of Michigan Low-Level Radioactive Waste Generators" Sept 1993

Energy--Report: "An Evaluation of the Michigan Siting Criteria and Their Effect on the Elimination of Land Area for Siting a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Isolation Facility" Nov 1993

Energy--Energy Shortage 1973

Energy--Miscellaneous--Correspondence; 1971-1983

Energy--Solar 1976-1983

Energy--Super Collider 1988

Energy--Thermal Water Discharge Emissions--Electric Generating Plants 1974

Energy--Wood Energy, 1985--Report: "Industrial, Utility and Institutional Wood Energy Development and Control in Michigan" 1985, 1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Environment--Acid Rain, 1983-1984 (folder 1 of 2) 1973, 1981, 1983

Environment--Acid Rain, 1983-1984 (folder 2 of 2) 1971, 1983-1984

Environment--Acid Rain, 1986 (1983-1987)

Environment--Acid Rain, 1987

Environment--Air Pollution 1973

Environment--Air Pollution, 1973-1984 (1971-1984)

Environment--Air Pollution, Questionnaire (and results) 1973

Environment--Air Pollution Questionnaire 1973

Environment--Air Pollution--"A Report on a Preliminary Investigation on the Economic Impact of the Implementation of Federal EPA Air Pollution Laws and Regulations by the Michigan Air Pollution Commission on Michigan, Citizens, Businesses, and Industry" 1975

Environment--Antlerless Deer Hunting 1973

Environment--Beverage Container Deposit Law HB 6720 1978

Environment--Bottler's Bill (HB 4296) 1975

Environment--Commercial Forest Act 1987-1990

Environment--Correspondence; Reports: "Hearing on Proposed Land Use Commission for the State of Michigan;" Waste Recycling by Hydrothermal Agglomerations; "Mineral Exploration and Land Use in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan;" "Magnitude and Quality of Michigan's Coal Resources;" 1972

Environment--Coyote 1979

Environment--Department of Natural Resources 1984-1986

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Clean Water 1987-1989 (1979-1989)

Environment--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Court Case-- Westervelt vs DNR 1981

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--General 1987-1990

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Handicap Permits 1987-1988

Environment--Department of Natural Resources(DNR)--Miscellaneous 1990-1991

Environment--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Probe (Howard Tanner) HB 4144 1981

Environment--Department of Natural Resources (DNR)--Off Road Vehicles--HB 5463, HB 5793, HB 6220 1993

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Trust Fund 1985-1989

Environment--Environmental Action Council (West Michigan) 1979

Environment--Environmental Research Institute of Michigan 1974;1984-1985

Environment--Fishermen, SB68--Gill Nets HCR 159 1977

Environment--Fishing--Trout Toxins 1989

Environment--Forestry--Public Act 299 1986

Environment--Forestry--Commercial Forestry Act 94 #794 1988-1989

Environment--Forest Improvement Act--HB 4706 March 12, 1980 (1979-1992)

Environment--Forest Improvement--HB 4685 1982-1983

Environment--Forestry--Forest Productivity/Economy 1979-1980 (1973-1980 )

Environment--Forestry--Mineralogy--HB 4685; Correspondence; News clippings (folder 1 of 3) 1975-1983

Environment--Forestry/Mineralogy (Contents of Large Envelope) Correspondence; Reports; Research Material (folder 2 of 3) 1987

Environment--Forestry/Mineralogy--SB 150; HB 4906; Correspondence; News Clippings; Report: "Western Upper Peninsula Forest Improvement District--Annual Report 1990" (folder 3 of 3) 1987-1990

Environment--Forestry and Minerals 1990-1991

Environment--Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness 1989

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Environment--Keep America Beautiful 1974-1978

Environment--Michigan Great Lakes--Correspondence; Brochures; Report: "Methods of Alleviating the Adverse Consequences of Fluctuating Water Levels in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin;" Draft: "Great Lakes Protection Fund 1993 Annual Report;" Publication: "Seaway Review" Volume 22 Number 4 1993-1994

Environment--Michigan Environmental Response Act Program--Act 307 1991

Environment--Michigan Wilderness Bill 1987

Environment--Miscellaneous--Correspondence 1986-1992

Environment--Miscellaneous--Correspondence; News Clippings; Research Material (Air Pollution, Nuclear Freeze, Tire Recycling) 1973-1994

Environment--(Multiple Issues, including UP) (Ken Dorman file) 1975

Environment--Natural Resources Management and Environmental Code Commission--Draft Final Report 1994

Environment--Nuclear Waste 1987 folder 1 of 2 1983-1987

Environment--Nuclear Waste (folder 2 of 2) 1987

Environment--Nuclear Waste--Midwest Radioactive Waste Compact Commission- Public Information Materials-- Correspondence; Memoranda; Minutes; Reports 1986-1987(folder 1 of 2)

Environment--Nuclear Waste--Midwest Radioactive Waste Compact Commission- Public Information Materials--Correspondence; Memoranda; Minutes; Reports 1988 (folder 2 of 2)

Environment--PBB (Polybromated Biphenals) HB 5289: PBB Studies 1976-1980

Environment--Pigeon River (Elk vs Oil) 1978-1979

Environment--Pigeon River--Supreme Court Decision and Response-- West Michigan Environmental Action Council vs Natural Resources Commission; Michigan Oil Company vs Natural Resources Commission 1979

Environment--Porcupine Mountains 1988

Environment--Quality of Life Bond #538 1989

Environment--Radon Gas 1986-1989

Environment--Right to Know--Toxic Substances in the Work Place--HB 4111 1985-1989

Environment--State Toxic Substance Loan Program 1985

Environment--Water Quality 1974

Environment--Wetlands--SB 3; HB 4049-11B 1979

Environment--Wilderness (Bob Carr; Ken Dorman) 1974-1980

Environment--Senate Bill 419--Wild Rivers Bill 1973

Events--Michigan Sesquicentennial 1985-1987

Executive Orders 1971;1973, 1992

Farmer's Home Administration 1976-1978

Forestry and Mining Program 1987-1988 #737--(MTU Conference; Support for HB 4906) HB 4906 (folder 1 of 2) 1987-1988

Forestry and Mining Program (MTU-Michigan Technological University) 1987-1988 #737( folder 2 of 2 )1989

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Blue Cross-Blue Shield-Medicaid Rates--HB 5171; HB 6102 1973-1976

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Department of Mental Health 1991-1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Department of Mental Health 1974-1978

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Department of Social Services (DSS)-Medicaid 1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Health Reform 1993-1994 (1991-1994)

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Insurance--Medical Malpractice--Correspondence; Reports 1986-1988

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health Systems Agencies 1986-1987

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Health Delivery 1973

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Insurance--Malpractice 1975

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Insurance--No Fault 1987

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Mental Health--Correspondence; Report: "Report and Recommendations on the Closure of Lafayette Clinic" 1993,1994

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--The Michigan Health Care Access Project--Evaluation 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Michigan Hospital Association 1975

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--The Michigan Health Care Access Project--Correspondence 1990-1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Pregnancy Services 1987-1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Fred Tenbusch (Prior Authorization for Services) HB 4573 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Miscellaneous

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Miscellaneous--Blind and Visually Impaired--Correspondence 1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Public Health--Correspondence; Studies; HB 4575 1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Public Health 1991-1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--HB 6306 Public Health Code 1976

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Rural Health Physicians Assistance Loans SB 393 1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--State Medical Liability Trust HB 5321-5324 1987,1988

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse--Correspondence; News Clippings; Report: Marijuana-Deceptive Weed 1972, 1974

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse/Drug Abuse 1974-1975

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse--Marijuana 1974-1979

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse--DOC (Department of Corrections) 1989

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse 1989-1990

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Health--Substance Abuse 1992-1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Aging 1992

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Human Services (Establishment of) 1973

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Correspondence (folder 1 of 3) 1991-1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Reports; ""State of Michigan Department of Social Services 1991 and 1992 Biennial Report to the Legislature,"" ""Child Care and Early Childhood Education, A Kid's Court Report of Findings in Michigan (1993);"" ""Mandate for Michigan's Children (1993);"" ""The Index of Leading Cultural Indications, William J. Bennett, 1993"" (folder 2 of 3) 1992-1993

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Correspondence, Report (folder 3 of 3) 1994

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Project Self-Reliance; In-Home Care Services 1986-1987

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Correspondence; Report: ""Reducing Dependency in a Changing Economy--The Final Report of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Welfare Reform"" ca 1991

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Department of Social Services--Welfare Reform; Hunger and Homelessness 1993-1994

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Food- Human Emergency Program 1983

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Medicare/Medicaid 1977

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) 1988

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Miscellaneous 1971-1991

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Project Self-Reliance 1986

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Weatherization [includes Exxon Funds] 1985-1986

Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)--Welfare--Youth Programs: Runaway Assistance Program (RAP); Status Offender Diversion Alternatives (SODA) 1989-1991

Health--Report: "Proposed Reimbursement Program for Nursing Homes Recommended to Governor William G. Milliken and Members of the Michigan Legislature" by The Nursing Home Reimbursement Committee

Historic Preservation--Greektown ca 1986

Historic Preservation--Michigan Historical Park: A Synopsis ca 1975

Historic Preservation--Miscellaneous 1989-1990

Industry--Agricultural--Fruit Processing 1986

Industry--Agriculture--Saur Orchards 1984 (folder 1 of 3)

Industry--Agriculture--Saur Orchards 1984 (folder 2 of 3)

Industry--Agriculture--Saur Orchards 1984 (folder 3 of 3)

Industry--Automotive--GM (General Motors) Tax Appeal 1991

Industry--Automotive--Report "Why New Car Brokering Should Be Banned in Michigan, too." 1989

Industry--Dow Chemical Co. Report, etc.

Industry--Exports--Skidder Project 1987-1988

Industry--Fishing--Commercial Fishing 1972

Industry--Fishing--Commercial Fishing SB 161; HB 4481 1973-1974

Industry--Fishing--Commercial Fishermen 1985-1986


Industry--Fishing--Michigan Fish Producers' Association HB 4114 1990

Industry--Forestry--HB 4706; Report: A Feasibility Study for a Wastewood Electric Generating Plant 1979-1982

Industry--Forestry--Reports; Publications 1969-1975

Industry--Forestry, The Importance of (folder 1 of 3) 1980

Industry--Forestry [Research Material] (folder 2 of 3) 1972-1983

Industry--Forestry [Research Material] (folder 3 of 3) 1984-1985

Industry--Tourism--Snowmobiling and the State of Michigan 1980

Industry--[Michigan's Business Environment] 1978-1979

Industry--Forestry and Products 1984-1987

Industry--Miscellaneous 1968

Industry--Paper 1982

Industry--"Voluntary Forest Guidelines for Michigan" 1987

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Issues--Abortion 1971 (1968-1971)

Issues--Abortion--Michigan Citizens for Life 1977

Issues--Abortion 1974-1985

Issues--Abortion 1985

Issues--Abortion 1989-1990

Issues--Abortion Advertising 1971

Issues--ATandT and Iron Mountain Operator Services Office 1989

Issues--Auto Emissions Tests 1973, 1984

Issues--Blacktop Paving--County Road FNN 1988

Issues--Bob Carr 1974-1980

Issues--Child Abuse 1991

Issues--Clean Indoor Air/Smoking--Public Acts 315-296 1989-1990

Issues--Clean Indoor Air Bill SB 196 1986

Issues--Death and Dying 1979

Issues--Gasoline Industry (folder 1 of 2) 1970-1971

Issues--Gasoline Industry (folder 2 of 2) 1972 n.d.

Issues--Privatization--Liquor Control Commission--Report: "Study of the Impact of Privatized Liquor Distribution" 1990

Issues--Privatization--Liquor Control Commission 1990-1992

Issues--Privatization--Research Material--"Michigan: An Agenda for the 90's, Volume One: The Growth of Government" by Greg Kaza and Lawrence Reed (folder 1 of 3) 1991

Issues--Privatization--Liquor Control Commission, etc. (folder 2 of 3) 1991-1992

Issues--Privatization--Liquor Control Commission, etc, (folder 3 of 3) 1993

Issues--Gambling 1977

Issues--Insurance--Auto Insurance Increases 1986

Issues--Indian Stereotyping--"Michigan Civil Rights Commission Report on Use of Nicknames, Logos, and Mascots Depicting Native American People in Michigan Education Institutions"--Draft 1988

Issues--Insurance "Crisis"--To Study (folder 1 of 2) 1985-1987

Issues--Insurance "Crisis"--To Study--Report: Study of the Profitability of Commercial Liability Insurance (folder 2 of 2) 1985-1987

Issues--Insurance--General Liability 1985-1986

Issues--Insurance--Health Insurance (folder 1 of 4) 1983-1985

Issues--Insurance--Health Insurance (folder 2 of 4) 1987

Issues--Insurance--Health Insurance (folder 3 of 4) 1988

Issues--Insurance--Health Insurance (folder 4 of 4) 1989-1991 n. d.

Issues--Insurance--Insurance Bureau 1974;1977;1979

Issues--Insurance--Medical Malpractice 1985-1986

Issues--Insurance--MEDMAI 1987-1988

Issues--Insurance--Miscellaneous 1971-1992

Issues--Insurance--Research Material, Correspondence, Publication: "Insurer Profitability-The Facts" 1985-1991; nd (Folder 1 of 8)

Issues--Insurance--Research Material, Report: "Medical Malpractice Insurance In Pennsylvania," and correspondence (folder 2 of 8) 1986

Issues--Insurance--Research Material, Report: "Report of the Special House Committee to Study Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance." (folder 3 of 8) 1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Issues--Insurance--Medical Malpractice 1985-1986

Insurance--MEDMAI [Medical Malpractice Insurance] 1987-1988

Issues--Insurance--Miscellaneous 1971-1992

Issues--Insurance--Research Material, Correspondence, Publication: "Insurer Profitability--The Facts" (folder 1 of 8) 1985-1991

Issues--Insurance--Research Material: "Medical Malpractice Insurance in Pennsylvania" and Correspondence (folder 2 of 8) 1986

Issues--Insurance--Research Materials--Report: "Report of the Special House Committee to Study Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance" (folder 3 of 8) 1986

Issues--Insurance--Research Materials--General Insurance Laws and Correspondence (folder 4 of 8) 1986-1987; n.d.

Issues--Insurance--Research Material--Legislative Bulletin (folder 5 of 8) no date

Issues--Insurance--Research Material--Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, Report: "An Analysis of the Causes of the Current Crisis of Unavailability and Unaffordability of Liability Insurance" (folder 6 of 8) 1986, no date

Issues--Insurance--Research Material--National Insurance Consumer Organization (folder 7 of 8) 1986, no date

Issues--Insurance--Research Materials--Newspaper Clippings (folder 8 of 8) 1985-1986, no date

Issues--Insurance--SB 482 1986

Issues--Lake Marian--Electric and Telephone Services 1986-1987

Issues--Michigan Youth Corps 1986

Issues--Ontonagon Copper Boulder 1973-1984

Issues--Proposal C - Tax Limitation 1984

Issues--Radar Detectors 1987

Issues--Right to Life 1986 (1982-1986)

Issues--Right to Life/Death HB 4883 1985

Issues--Seafarer Issue--Navy 1976

Issues--Seat Belt--HB 4203 1982-1984

Issues--Seat Belt 1985-1986

Issues--Seat Belt Bill 1985, 1991

Issues--Sobriety Check Lanes--Correspondence; News Clippings; Research Material (folder 1 of 2) 1985-1986

Issues--Sobriety Check Lanes--Correspondence; Legal Briefs (folder 2 of 2) 1985

Issues--Studded Tire Controversy 1974

Issues--Unemployment Compensation--The "Waiting Week Bills" 1973

Issues--US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement 1991

Law Enforcement--"Bill of Rights: Why it is Important Today" Essay Contest 1991

Law Enforcement--Budget-State Police 1993-1994

Law Enforcement--Checklanes 1992

Law Enforcement--Correspondence 1968-1993

Law Enforcement--Correspondence 1973

Law Enforcement--County Juvenile Officer System 1992

Law Enforcement--Crime Lab 1973,1977

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections 1972-1974

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections 1987-1994

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections 1990-1991

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections, Report: "Michigan Department of Corrections Elderly Prisoner Programs and Services Recommendations." 1992

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections-Budget 1993-1994

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Press Release 1977-1991

Law Enforcement--Great Lakes Fire Training Academy (GLFTA) 1992

Law Enforcement--Juvenile Delinquency--Report: "Michigan Needs A Model Juvenile Rehabilitation Center" ca 1969

Law Enforcement--Michigan State Police 1988

Law Enforcement--Psychiatric Prison Facility 1989

Law Enforcement--Research Material--Codes and Acts 1987, no date

Law Enforcement--Retirement--State Employees Pensions (Corrections) 1989

Law Enforcement--Judiciary

Law Enforcement--State Juvenile Detention Facility 1987-1988

Law Enforcement--State Police 1991

Legislature--Bill Drafting Requests 1974-1981

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Law Enforcement--State Police, Report: "State Funded Secondary Road Patrol: 1992

Law Enforcement--State Police, Department of--DARE [Drug Abuse Resistance Education] Program 1989-1993

Law Enforcement--State Police, Report: Annual Report for (1984-85) 1984-1992

Law Enforcement--State Police--Methcathinone 1990-1992

Law Enforcement--Trooper Recruit School 1979

Law Enforcement--Vehicles, High Rise / Modified State Police Regulations (HB 4864 of 1992) 1991-1992

Legislature--Abortion--Forslund 1973-1974

Legislature--Addendum to Legislative Activity: A Democratic Appraisal 1971

Legislature--Amendment to T. Anderson Environmental Protection Act 1975; nd

Legislature--Appropriations Sub-Committee 1971-72

Legislature--Auto Lemon Law 1986

Legislature--Budget Cuts 1989-1991

Legislature--Child and Family Legislation--House Bill 4251 1989

Legislature--Cigarette Tax--Tax Expenditures 1989-1992, nd

Legislature--Commercial Forest Act (CFA) 1985-1991 (folder 1 of 2)

Legislature--Commercial Forest Act (CFA) 1992-1994; nd (folder 2 of 2)

Legislature--Commercial Forest Act 1993

Legislature--CFA: Commercial Forest Act nd

Legislature--Congressional Matters 1984-86, 1991

Legislature--Correspondence 1971-1972

Legislature--Correspondence--Bills 1971-1992

Legislature--Credit Union Bill 1975

Legislature--Death and Dying Legislation 1990-1993

Legislature--Democratic Caucus 1974-1975

Legislature--Department of Labor 1977-1991

Legislature--Department of Management and Budget--Retirement Issues 1993; nd

Legislature--Department of Labor 1977-1991

Legislature--Department of Natural Resources--Fishing Regulations 1974-1975

Legislature--Department of Natural Resources--Reorganization 1989;nd

Legislature--Early Retirement Bills 1983-1984

Legislature--Education Jan- Feb 1993 (folder 1 of 7)

Legislature--Education March 1993 (folder 2 of 7) [School Finance Reform]

Legislature--Education April 1993 (folder 3 of 7) [School Finance Reform and Property Tax Relief]

Legislature--Education May 1993 (folder 4 of 7) [HB 4464--Retirement; School Finance Reform]

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Legislature--Education June 1993 (folder 5 of 7)

Legislature--Education July-Aug 1993 (folder 6 of 7) SB 1--(included); Education and tax reform

Legislature--Education Sept-Dec 1993 (folder 7 of 7)

Legislature--Education--School Finance Reform [Analysis included] 1994

Legislature--Education--Bills--SB 146; HB 4278 through 4286; HB 4365, 4366, 5122, 4464 [all bills included] 1993 (folder 1 of 2)

Legislature--Education--Bills--Substitutes for HB 4464, 5121, 5124, 5126; SB-1, HB 5123 {all bills included] 1993 (folder 2 of 2)

Legislature--Education--Miscellaneous 1993

Legislature--Executive Orders 1993-1994

Legislature--Executive Orders/HAC (House Appropriations Committee) 1991

Legislature--Executive Orders Reorganizing Transportation and Environment 1973

Legislature--Fee Increase 1991

Legislature--Fuel Adjustment Clause 1977

Legislature--General Bills--HB 4822 "the hunting and fishing license act" 1980

Legislature--General Government--Audits of State Lottery; HB 5267 1992-1994

Legislature--House Bill 2775, Littering 1969-1971

Legislature--House Bill 4088--State Employees Retirement Fund 1983

Legislature--House Bill 4234--Land Use Bill 1975-1976

Legislature--House Bill 4234--Land Use Bill 1976

Legislature--House Bill 4240--Voter Registration 1973-1974

Legislature--House Bill 4246--City Charters 1973

Legislature--House Bill 4296--Bottle Bill 1975-1980

Legislature--House Bill 4431--Michigan Conservation Corps--Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps at Camp Alberta 1988-1989

Legislature--House Bill 4514--Legislation Retirement Act 1977

Legislature--House Bill 4536--Michigan Veterans Bonus 1971

Legislature--House Bill 4753, 4762, 4763--[Rebuilding State Economy] 1983

Legislature--House Bill 4775--[one-time cash infusion into the mines from iron ore specific tax] 1987

Legislature--House Bill 5056 and the Herman E. Cameron Memorial Foundation 1984

Legislature--House Bills 5170-71 Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Legislature--House Bill 5205--Michigan Employment Security Act 1971

Legislature--House Bill 5618 1972

Legislature--House Bills 5111-5689--State Retirees-Teachers Also 1982

Legislature--House Bill 5246--Cost of Living Increase 1976

Legislature--House Bill 5458--Litter Bill 1973-1974

Legislature--House Bill 5882, 5883, 5884, 5885--State Employees Retirement 1982

Legislature--House Joint Resolution I-509--School Finance Reform Proposal 1989

Legislature--Miscellaneous--SB-1; Proposal A 1993-1994

Legislature--House Bill 6072--Senate Bill 1328--Single Business Tax 1975-1977

Legislature--House Concurrent Resolution 172, Pay Raise 1991; nd

Legislature--House Fiscal Agency 1976-1977

Legislature--Ken Dorman, Aide--Representative D. J. Jacobetti 1984-1988

Legislature--Land Use Bill 1977

Legislature--Land Use and Oil--HB 4234 1974-1975

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

Legislature--Legislative Bills--SB 159 [included], Education Appropriations; Reports, News Releases, Correspondence; Voting Proposals A, B, C [included] 1991-1992; nd

Legislature--Legislative Bills Introduced by Dominic Jacobetti: HB 4087 Retirement Fund; HB 4117 Authorize Universities to enact parking, traffic and pedestrian ordinances; HG 4118 Northern Michigan University (NMU) ordinances; HB 4254 Election of inspectors of mines; HB 4294 Reclamation of mining lands; HB 4431 Amendment of Municipal employees retirement act; HB 4432 Amendment of Michigan Vehicle Code; HB 4455 Amendment of Michigan Liquor 1970 control act [all bills included] (1970\

Legislature--Tax Limitation Proposals 1978

Legislature--Liquor Control--Sub Committee HB 5866 Correspondence 1971-1972

Legislature--State Lottery 1971-1972

Legislature--Mail--Requests for 1980, 1980

Legislature--Miscellaneous House Bills: 4057 Appropriations for Department of Natural Resources (DNR); 4152 and 5037 Appropriations for Department of Commerce, etc; 4444 Appropriations for grants, etc; 4660 Gasoline distribution act; 4661 Service Station regulations; 5721 Telephone common carrier lines[all bills included plus un-numbered bills] 1971-1989

Legislature--Miscellaneous Material Regarding Bills--HB 4391 Amendment to State Employee Retirement Act [included]; Lists, analysis, correspondence re: Jacobetti bills 1970-1983

Legislature--Miscellaneous Senate Bills: SB 156 Amendment to game law of 1929; 375 Property Tax amendment; 396 Class C Liquor License transfers; 415 Amendment to State Revenue Sharing Act; 728 Appropriations for Department of Commerce; 729 Appropriations for Higher Education; 730 Department of Education Appropriations; SB 1564 Property Tax collection [all bills included] 1971-1985

Legislature--Motorcycle Helmet Bills--House Bills 4304 4305 1977

Legislature--Municipal Retirement 1973

Legislature--New Lobbying Act SB 764 [included] 1978-1981

Legislature--Parental Leave #201 HB 4504 [included] 1987-1988; nd

Legislature--Pictured Rocks Access Road 1969

Legislature--Product Liability 1987-1988

Legislature--Property Taxes 1967-1968

Legislature--Property Tax SB 375 [included] 1974-1975

Legislature--Taxes--Property Taxes HB 4462 [included] 1984-1993

Legislature--Property Tax Cut--Proposal A--Schools SB 61 [included] 1991-1992 (folder 1 of 3)

Legislature--Property Tax Cut--Proposal A [included, with analysis]; HJR ""H"" [included] Jan-May 1993 (folder 2 of 3)

Legislature--Property Tax Cut--Proposal A--Schools June-Dec 1993 (folder 3 of 3)

Legislature--Property Tax (Rebate, Students and Others) SB 375, 1564 [included] 75-1977

Legislature--Property Tax Reform #736 SB 547, 548, 549 [included] 1987-1988

Legislature--Property Tax Reform #736 SB 878, HB 5669 [included] 1988 (folder 1 of 2)

Legislature--Proposals for 1973 [HB2826 included] 1973

Legislature--Quality School Ballot Package Proposal 1989

Legislature--Representative Jacobetti's Bills 1983-1984 Session HB4124, 4168, 4187, 4206, 4337, 4338, 4339, HB 4340, 4341, 4342, 4737 [all included] 1983-1984

Legislature--Retirement HB 4805, 4806, 4807, 4808, 4623 [included] 1976-1984

Legislature--Revenue Sharing 1971

Legislature--School Aid 1969 [analysis of several bills included]

Legislature--Senate Bill 52--Supplemental SB 129 [Appropriations] 1984-1986

Legislature--Senate Bills 75 and 76--Drinking Age 1977

Legislature--Senate Bill 85--Swamp Tax 1973

Legislature--Senate Bill 85--Tax on State Lands; HB 5662 [bills included] 1971-1977; nd

Legislature--Senate Bill 261--House Bill 4666--Retirement Plan Protection [included] 1987-1988

Legislature--Senate Bill 920--Open Meetings Bill [included] 1976

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Transportation--Railroads--Research Material: "A Bibliography of Michigan Railroads" Compiled by LeRoy Barnett 1983

Transportation--Railroads--Soo Line 1987-1989

Transportation--Railroad--Tourist Railroad in Marquette 1984-1986

Transportation--Railroads--Upper Peninsula Rail Service 1984-1987

Transportation--Reports: "Effects of Deicing Salts on the Chloride Levels in Water and Soil Adjacent to Roadways;" Marquette and Baraga Counties 1976-1977

Transportation--Shipping 1977-1989

Transportation--Shipping--UPSCO (Upper Peninsula Shipbuilding Company) (Ontonagon) 1979-1984

Transportation--Silver Creek Transportation HB 4051 1972-1973

Transportation--Soil and Water Testing and Analysis (TMI Environmental Services) 1992

Transportation--Trucking--Uniform Permit Restrictions 1991

Veterans 1976

Veterans--American Legion Billet--Giles Reeve, Youth Home Director 1976

Veterans--Veterans Facility--Management 1979-1989

Veterans--Veterans Facility--Management [HB 5516] 1988-1994

Veterans--Facility--Management [SB 340] 1991-1994

Veterans Facility--Management--Food Service 1994

Veterans--Veterans Facility in the Upper Peninsula [HB 5550] 1975-1977

Veterans--Veterans Facility--(Upper Peninsula--Marquette) 1979-1984

Veterans--Veterans Facility--(Upper Peninsula--Marquette) 1985-1988

Veterans Issues SB 1219 [included] 1974-1979

Veterans--Report: "A Report of Sites and Facilities Reviewed and Evaluated for a Potential Upper Peninsula Michigan Veterans Facility." 1977

Veterans--Report--"Upper Peninsula Older Veterans' Housing Needs Assessment and Physical Facilities Study and Recommendations" 1985

Veterans--Supportive Housing Project 1993

Veterans--Veterans Village (Park) [HB 5661 included] 1987-1990

Veterans--Vietnam (Includes HB 4383) 1977-1986) 1977-1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Mining--Iron Ore Mining Booklets 1967-1988

Mining--Iron Ore and Mining, 1983 1972-1983

Mining--Iron Ore and Steel--Report: The Effects of New Steel Making Technologies Upon Michigan's Iron Ore and Steel Industries (Draft Copy) 1980, 1982

Mining--Iron Ore Technologies and Steel--Correspondence; Transcript of Remarks; Transcript of WNMU Media Meet Program, July 3, 1980 Meet Program, July 3, 1980; Task Force on Iron Ore Industry 1979-1980

Mining--Letters to be Answered 1972-1973

Mining--Michigan Minerals Council--Correspondence re: H.B. 4730 1979

Mining--Mine Inspectors HB 4991 [included] 1985-1990

Mining--Mining Industry--(Menominee Range; Mining Statistics; Research Material) 1881-1980

Mining--Mining Industry--Rudy Perpich (Governor of Minnesota) 1979

Mining--Metallic Mineral Lease Meeting 1980

Mining--Metallic Lease Meeting, 1980 (Specific Ore Tax on Copper and Iron) 1979-1980

Mining--Metallic Mining--Legislative Notes: Metallic Mining and Reclamation in Michigan: Environmental Management as a Gentler Approach 1979

Mining--Mineral Exploration and Land Use 1972

Mining--Publications--"Cliffs: 1986 Annual Report;" Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. Annual Report 1986,1992

Mining--Publications--Cliffs News 1976-1978

Mining--Publications--"Michigan Tech Research 1984-85" May 1977

Mining--Publications Used for Reports: Chilton's Iron Age, May 9, 1977; Mining Congress Journal, July 1972

Mining--Report: A Comparison of Low Grade Iron Ore Operations in Michigan and Minnesota ca 1970

Mining--Report: Air Bubbler System Position Report--The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company 1974

Mining--A Study of Pumping as a Means to Control Acid Water Drainage from the Dober-Hiawatha-Isabella Mine Complex, West Iron County, MI. Institute of Mineral Research Project No. R-315 1979

Mining--Report: Lean Iron Ore Saves Energy and Labor by Peter J. Kakela 1979

Mining--(Report on Visit to Minnesota)--Taxation of Taconite Iron Ores 1977

Mining--Reserve Mining Company--Report: An Ecological Assessment of the Impact of Lake Dumping of Iron Ore Wastes on the Michigan Waters of Lake Superior 1979-1980

Mining--Resolution in Support of Iron Mining--HB 5388 [included]1984

Mining--Tilden Mine 1973-1990

Mining--Editorial--Tilden Mine--Correspondence; News Clippings; Notes 1979-1988

Mining--Transcript of Testimony Presented at Hearing Conducted by Special Committee on the Michigan House of Representatives on House Resolution No. 527 1970

Mining--U.P. Iron Ore, Iron Mining--Correspondence; Report: Testimony for Joint Legislative Hearings on the Iron Ore Industry [HB 4628] 1975-1978 (folder 1 of 4)

Mining--U.P. Iron Ore, Iron Mining--Correspondence; News Clippings; Reports; Transcript of Meeting, House Taxation Committee, on Taconite Industry [SB 819] 1971-1986 (folder 2 of 4)

Mining--U.P. Iron Ore, Iron Mining--Correspondence; Cleveland Cliffs Press Releases: News Clippings, etc. 1987-1991 (folder 3 of 4)

Mining--U.P. Iron Ore, Iron Mining--Correspondence; Cleveland Cliffs Press Releases; News Clippings; Report: "Labor Costs Increasing at U.S. Iron Ore Mines" [HB 4775 included] 1987-1991 (folder 4 of 4)

Mining--Copper Mining Specific Tax 1979

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Houghton County 1986

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Iron County 1986

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Marquette County 1984-1986

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Menominee County 1986

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--UPCAP (Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress) 1983-1985

Appropriations--Aging--Unmet Needs 1989

Appropriations--Unmet Needs Requests 1977, 1978


Appropriations--Arts and Cultural Affairs Grants 1993-1994

Appropriations--Bay De Noc Community College 1993

Appropriations--CUPPAD (Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development) 1979-1980

Appropriations--Alger County 1976-1978

Appropriations--Alger County--Burt and Autrain Township Schools--Commercial Forest Reserve Act 1984

Appropriations--Alger County--Chatham--Upper Peninsula Experimental Station 1974-1977

Appropriations--Alger County--Grand Marais Harbor 1978-1980

Appropriations--Alger County--Grand Marais Harbor 1974-1994

Appropriations--Alger County--Munising Sanitary Sewer and Water Service 1974-1975

Appropriations -- Alger County -- Lake Superior Research and Development Institute 1972-1995

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Baraga Recreation Building 1984-1985

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Baraga Sewage 1990-1992

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Historical Grants

Appropriations -- Baraga County Jail 1990

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Keweenaw Bay Treatment Center/ Substance Abuse Center 1987 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Keweenaw Bay Treatment Center/ Substance Abuse Center 1987 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Keweenaw Bay Tribal Community 1971

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Lake States Wood Preserving Inc. 1984

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- School Districts 1988

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Sturgeon River Project 1988-1990

Appropriations -- Baraga County -- Substance Abuse Center 1983-1984

Appropriations -- Baraga County --Tourism 1989

Appropriations -- Chippewa County 1989, 1990

Appropriations -- Chippewa County -- Straits Area Museum 1988

Appropriations -- Delta County 1978-1992

Appropriations -- Delta County -- Escanaba Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Marina Project 1988

Appropriations -- Delta County -- Historical Grants 1986

Appropriations -- Delta County -- Omni Center 1984-1985

Appropriations -- Delta County -- St. Bonifas Manor -- Garden MI. 1976

Appropriations -- Dickinson County 1988-1990

Appropriations -- Dickinson County -- Cornish Pump 1987

Appropriations -- Dickinson County -- Historical Grants 1988-1990

Appropriations -- Gogebic County 1974-1988

Appropriations -- Gogebic County -- Historical Grants 1986

Appropriations -- Houghton County 1985-1989

Appropriations -- Houghton County -- Department of Transportation -- Sidnaw School Transfer 1989-1993

Appropriations -- Houghton County -- Historical Grants 1987-1989

Appropriations -- Houghton County -- Historical Grants -- Calumet Theater 1985-1987

Appropriations -- Houghton County -- New Creation Center 1986-1988

Appropriations -- Houghton County -- Organosolv Pulping Commercialization Project 1986

Appropriations -- Houghton --Calumet 1987

Appropriations -- Iron County 1972-1992

Appropriations -- Iron County -- Chunking Machine 1986

Appropriations -- Iron County -- Gaastra, City of 1976/1977

Appropriations -- Iron County -- Historical Grants 1986

Appropriations -- Iron County -- Mansfield Pioneer Church Reconstruction 1987

Appropriations -- Law Enforcement -- Forensics Laboratories 1972-1975

Appropriations -- Marquette -- Grants and Transfers: HB 4161 1977

Appropriations -- Marquette County 1974-1992

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Biathlon Ski Trials 1988-1989

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Ishpeming/ Negaunee Inc. 1985-1987

Appropriations -- Central Marquette County Water and Sewer Authority-- Study 1977-1978

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 1, State

+Legislature--Senate Bill 1003--Environmental Protection Act 1975

Legislature--Senate Bill 1373 [included] 1977-1978

Legislature--Single Business Tax HB 4633 [included] 1975-1977; nd

Legislature--Single Business Tax Material--HB 4640, 5081, 5083, 5085, 5248, 5302, 5504 [all included] 1975-1977 (folder 1 of 2)

Legislature--Single Business Tax Material, Report: Interim Report of the Governor's Advisory Task Force on the Single Business Tax 1976 (folder 2 of 2)

Legislature--Social Security--The New Law 1983

Legislature--Statewide Health Coordinating Council 1976

Legislature--Sub Committee--State Police 1972

Legislature--Surveillance Fee House Bills 4128, 4129 [foundry closings] 1981

Legislature--Taxation--HJR "C" 1977

Legislature--Taxation, Income Taxes 1992-1993

Legislature--Taxes--Miscellaneous [SB159, HB 4208, and unnumbered bills included] 1972-1973

Legislature--Telecommunications Act 1991-1992--HB 4343 [included] 1991 (folder 1 of 2)

Legislature--Telecommunications Act 1991-1992--Correspondence; Reports 1991-1993 (folder 2 of 2)

Legislature--Truth in Taxation--P A of 1985--Mike Roche 1990

Legislature--Water Quality--Correspondence, News Clippings, Reports; Testimony given by Ken Dorman 1980-1987

Legislature--Logging--Commercial Truck Plate 1988-1989

Legislature--Workers Compensation SB 67 [included]1987

Legislature--Workman's Compensation 1974-1981

Licensing--Bureau of State Lottery 1990

Licensing--Class "C" Liquor--Raising of Fees 1980-1990, n.d.

Licensing--Cosmetology 1980

Licensing--Department of Licensing and Registration 1985-1991

Licensing--Department of Liquor Control Commission--Liquor Delivery Reorganization Plan; Violations (UP) 1983-1994

Licensing--Department of State--License Plates 1990

Licensing--Licenses--Miscellaneous 1974-1992

Licensing--License Plates 1975-1979

Licensing--License and Regulations Department

Miscellaneous--Michigan Women's Commission--Equal Rights Amendment-HB4029 1974-1976

Miscellaneous--Michigan Women's Commission in 1986 1986-1987

Taxes--Awarding of Michigan's Unpaid Taxes to a Texas Firm 1986

Taxes--Booklet: "Taxing the Top--Strategies for Increasing State Income Tax Revenue Without Changing Tax Rates" 1993

Taxes--"The Governor's Advisory Task Force on Property Tax Revision 1976

Taxes--(Insurance) Premium SB 447, 448 1987-1992

Taxes--Miscellaneous [mostly re: Proposal A] 1971-1992

Taxes--Miscellaneous 1978-1987

Taxes--Property Taxes 1974-1975

Taxes--Property Tax Cut 1987 (1983-1987)

Taxes--SB 630--Property Tax Relief 1985-1992

Taxes--Report: OSA [Office of Services to the Aging} Report #028: Headlee, Voucher and Tisch Ballot Proposals 1978

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Taxes--Tax Rollback 1984-1987

Taxes--SB316 Swamp Tax; HB 5746 [included], HB 5747, 57648 1986-1987

Transportation--HB 5500 [included] Automotive Control/Revolving Fund 1982

Transportation--Car Ferry--Ludington to Milwaukee 1981

Transportation--Comprehensive Transportation Fund Programs 1993-1994

Transportation--Gas Study--Lower Michigan, Upper Peninsula, Wisconsin HB 4660, 4661, 4930 [all included] 1971-1972

Transportation--Gas Tax Increase HB 5707 [included], 4660, 4661 1971-1972

Transportation--Gas Tax--Research File #539 1989

Transportation--Highways 1970

Transportation--Mettetal Airport, Wayne County

Transportation--Miscellaneous HB 2241 [included]1967-1993

Transportation--Railroads--Car Ferries

Veterans Issues 1981-1994

Veterans--Joseph Mann Building Dedication, Michigan Veterans Facility, Grand Rapids, Michigan 1977


Agriculture 1973-1994

Agriculture--Farm Preservation 1984

Agriculture--Anthony Gagliardi Pond 1991 (1987-1991)

Agriculture--Farmers Hall of Fame--Wesley Myllyla, Pelkie, MI 1989

Agriculture--Gypsy Moth 1993-1994

Agriculture--Iron County--Food Salvaging 1990

Agriculture--Michigan Potato Industry (Statistics) Stats 1982

Agriculture--Myllyla Dairy Farm 1987

Agriculture--Upper Peninsula State Fair

Alger County--Correspondence--Mercier Mobil Home Park Case--Resolutions 1974-1988

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Equipment Grants Oct. 1985; Project Grants Nov. 1985

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to 1977-1989

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to 1985

Appropriations--Aging, Department of Services to 1985-1988

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to 1989

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to 1990-1992

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--""Need's Assessment of the 60 and Over Population Area"" Oct 1986

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Senior Requests 1986

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Senior Requests 1986, 1987

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Unmet Needs--Delta County, Rapid River 1985

Appropriations--Aging, Office of Services to--Unmet Needs--Alger, Baraga, Delta, Iron, Marquette Counties 1986

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Baraga County 1984-1986

Appropriations--Senior Grants--Baraga County--Green Hill Manor 1983-1984

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Delta County 1985-1987

Appropriations--Aging--Senior Grants--Dickinson County 1984, 1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- City of Ishpeming -- Senior Citizen Housing 1971-1973

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- City of Marquette 1976-1994

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- City of Negaunee -- Public Works Application 1983-1984

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Champion, MI. -- Water Supply Funding 1977

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Chocolay Township -- Chocolay River Flooding 1986

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Hospitals and Clinics 1989-1994

Appropriations -- Marquette Fish Hatchery Reconstruction 1988

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Food Bank Council 1988

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Forsyth Township Grants 1979, 1984

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Forsyth Township Library 1974

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Heritage Hotel Project 1986-1991

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Historical Grants 1980-1992

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Historical Grants -- Carp River Forge 1972-1992

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Historical Grants -- "The McCormick Grand Camp" 1986

Appropriations -- Marquette County -- Ishpeming 1984-1992

Appropriations--Marquette County--Ishpeming Sewer Laterals #200 1987-1988

Appropriations--Marquette County--Janzen House 1989

Appropriations--Marquette County--Lakeshore, Inc. Property 1991

Appropriations--Marquette County--Marquette Economic Development Corporation 1988-1990

Appropriations--Marquette County--Marquette Marine Project 1971

Appropriations--Marquette County--Miscellaneous 1985-1991

Appropriations--Marquette County--Marquette Township Sewer Grant #201 1986-1988 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Marquette County--Marquette Township Sewer Grant #201--Report: Inspection of On-Site Disposal System in Trowbridge Park and Analysis of Badger Creek 1987 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Marquette County--Marquette--Pollution Control Project/Sewage 1975

Appropriations--Marquette County--Mather Inn Project 1986

Appropriations--Marquette County--Mining Supply, Inc.--Rim Project--Negaunee 1984

Appropriations--Marquette County--National Mine 1980

Appropriations--Marquette County--National Ski Hall of Fame 1985-1990

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee 1983-1991

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee 1977

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee 1985

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee, City of 1974-1984

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee Historical Preservation Grant 1986 (1938-1986)

Appropriations--Marquette County--Project Negaunee 1988-1991

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee, City of--Public Library Grant; Small Cities Grant 1984

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee--The Depot Studio-Gallery-School of Art 1985

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee Mall Restaurant 1989

Appropriations--Negaunee and Ishpeming 1977

Appropriations--Marquette County--Project Negaunee 1989

Appropriations--Marquette County--Project Negaunee 1990

Appropriations--Project Negaunee 1990

Appropriations--Marquette County--Negaunee, City of 1987/1988

Appropriations--Marquette County--Propylon Nonprofit Housing Corporation

Appropriations--Marquette County: Report on Examination, Marquette County, Calendar Year by Allison Green, State Treasurer 1976

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Marquette--Richmond Township Wastewater Treatment Facility 1984-1986

Appropriations--Marquette County--Skandia Water 1980-1983

Appropriations--Marquette County--Skandia Water Supply 1985

Appropriations--Marquette County--Waterways Grant for Cinder Pond Marina,-McClellan Avenue Extension; Lake Shore Site 1991-1992

Appropriations--Marquette County--Welcome Center 1987

Appropriations--Menominee County--ALVIN CLARK--Historical Preservation 1978

Appropriations--Department of Commerce 1990-1992

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources 1994

Appropriations--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) 1984-1990

Appropriations--DNR (Department of Natural Resources)--Correspondence; SB 153; SB 221; Reports; Notes 1991

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources Environmental Bond--City of Ishpeming Recreation Grants; Environmental Contamination Iron County--Krist Oil; Economic Development, Munising; Dickinson County Landfill (1991-1994) 1994 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources Environment Bond--Damage from Recreational Vehicles; Requests for Permits; Road Dust Control, Alger County; FY 1992-1993 Environmental Protection Bond and Recreation Bond Implementation Package 1994 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund--Land Acquisition; Rural Fire Protection 1991-1992

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources Recreation Services Grants Marquette and Iron Counties, Michigan Technological University (1987-1989) 1991-1993 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Department of Natural Resources Recreation Services Grants--Marquette and Baraga Counties (1990-1993) 1991-1993 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Displaced Homemaker Grants 1990

Appropriations--Education--Baraga County--L'Anse 1984-1985

Appropriations--Education--HB 4565 1991-1992

Appropriations--Education-- Northern Michigan University--Skill Center 1973-1976

Appropriations--Education-- SB 350 1983-1990

Appropriations--Education-- School Finance Restructuring 1993-1994 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Education--School Finance Restructuring--Michigan School Report 1994 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Education--Suomi College 1989

Appropriations--Education--Upper Great Lakes Educational Technologies, Inc; Michigan Information Technology Network (MITN) 1990-1991

Appropriations--Education (K-12)--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) Superintendents 1991-1993

Appropriations--Education--SB 1082 [included] 1970

Appropriations--Education--Marquette--Alger Intermediate School District 1976

Appropriations--Education--Marquette--Alger Intermediate School District 1977-1980

Appropriations--Education--Upper Peninsula Center for Educational Development 1989-1990

Appropriations--Firefighters Training Council 1983-1988

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Grants 1984-1985

Appropriations--Department of Commerce--Economic Development Grants 1990-1991

Appropriations--Grants--Department of Commerce--MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) 1992-1994

Appropriations--Grants--Department of Natural Resources 1974

Appropriations--Grants--Department of Natural Resources Recreation Grants 1990-1992 (folder 1 of 3)

Appropriations--Grants--Department of Natural Resources Grants 1993-1994 (folder 2 of 3)

Appropriations--Grants--Department of Natural Resources Grants 1992 (folder 3 of 3)

Appropriations--Grants--Menominee--Delta--Schoolcraft Community Action Agency 1991

Appropriations--Grants for My District 1984

Appropriations--Health--Community Mental Health--Correspondence 1984, 1986

Appropriations--HEW--County Health Care Facilities 1984-1987

Appropriations--Health--Funding Proposal for Mitek Imaging Systems 1985

Appropriations--Health--Medical Professions Correspondence 1974-1976

Appropriations--Health--Substance Abuse Initiative Programs 1989-1993

Appropriations--Historical Grants 1986-1988

Appropriations--Historical Grants--"Good Man in the Woods"--Correspondence--News Clippings 1984-1987

Appropriations--Historical Grants 1985-1986

Appropriations--Historical Grants 1985-1987

Appropriations--Historical Grants Requests 1988-1989

Appropriations--Historical Grants--Secretary of State Historic Equity 1990-1992

Appropriations--Historical Site Grants 1973-1988

Appropriations--ICE ARENA PROJECTS 1982-1986

Appropriations--ICE ARENAS 1986

Appropriations--Lake Superior Research and Development Institute 1975

Appropriations--Law Enforcement--(Michigan State Police Programs, Upper Peninsula) 1992-1993

Appropriations--Library of Michigan--Upper Peninsula Libraries 1982

Appropriations--Library of Michigan--Upper Peninsula Libraries 1983-1989 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Library of Michigan--Upper Peninsula Libraries 1990-1992 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Library of Michigan--U.P. Libraries--State Library Board 1983

Appropriations--Libraries (Upper Peninsula) 1986-1989

Appropriations--MAEB-DICAA (Fiber Fuels) 1985

Appropriations--Mackinac Island--SB 270; Stanley Novak 1969,1986 (folder 1 of 3)

Appropriations--Mackinac Island--HB 4114 1987 (folder 2 of 3)

Appropriations--Mackinac Island--HB 4303, SB 316, 125, HB 5447, HB 5450 1987-1988 [all bills included] (folder 3 of 3)

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Mackinac Island 1981-1989

Appropriations--Manistique Sewer and Water 1984

Appropriations--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1979-1991

Appropriations--MTU (Michigan Technological University) Mineral Resources Grant 1988 (folder 1 of 3)

Appropriations--MTU (Michigan Technological University) Forest Resources Grants 1989 (folder 2 of 3)

Appropriations--MTU (Michigan Technological University)--U.P. Graphite Resources 1989 (folder 3 of 3)

Appropriations--Michigan Technological University--Miscellaneous Industry/Technology 1988

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University [NMU] All Events Center [Dome] 1979

Appropriations--Newstart Job Center 1990-1991

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University 1976-1989

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University (NMU)--Art in Public Places--SB 2 1987-1988

Appropriations--NMU (Northern Michigan University) Aviation Program 1987-1988

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University--Correspondence--Budget Request 1972-1973

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University Projects 1984

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University (NMU)--All Events Center 1979

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University (NMU)--Finnish American Lives 1983-1984

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University (NMU) Requests 1984-1985

Appropriations--NMU (Northern Michigan University) School of Technology and Applied Sciences 1986-1991

Appropriations--Northern Michigan University (NMU)--Sports Training Complex--Art 1988

Appropriations--Office of Services to--Unmet Needs Alger, Baraga, Delta, Marquette Counties 1985

Appropriations--Pictured Rocks Park 1977

Appropriations--Project Choices 1988-1990

Appropriations--Project SELLS (See and Enjoy our Lands, Lakes and Streams) 1985-1992

Appropriations--Recreation Projects 1986-1992

Appropriations--Sesquicentennial YES 150 Grants: Baraga, Iron, Marquette Counties 1986

Appropriations--Residential Substance Abuse Programming 1988

Appropriations--Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship Program 1978

Appropriations--Ski Grooming 1986-1987

Appropriations--Small Cities Grants 1984-1988

Appropriations--Small Cities Grants 1985-1986

Appropriations--State Building in Upper Peninsula 1982

Appropriations--Substance Abuse Prevention Education--Correspondence--Eastern Upper Peninsula Substance Abuse Services 1989 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Substance Abuse Prevention Education--Negaunee Public School; Marquette-Alger Intermediate School District 1989 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Tourism Grants 1984-1988

Appropriations--Tourism--Snowmobile Program (Grommers, etc.) 1988-1989

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Tourism--Upper Peninsula 1985-1989

Appropriations--Transportation--Air--Live-fire Training 1989-1990

Appropriations--Transportation--Rest Area Shelters--Proposal by Hiawatha Log Homes 1990

Appropriations--Transportation--Road Construction/Repair 1991-1994

Appropriations--Unmet Needs 1989

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula 1979-1989

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula 1977-1989

Appropriations--UPCAP (Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress) 1984-1990

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress--Discretionary Fund-UPCAP 1988 (1987-1988)

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress (UPCAP) 1973-1992

Appropriations--UPCAP (Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress) 1990

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Gwinn, Covington, Escanaba 1983

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula Fairgrounds 1984-1987

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Miscellaneous 1985-1988

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Miscellaneous 1987

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Miscellaneous Grants 1972-1990

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Skandia, L'Anse, Baraga, Ishpeming, Carp River Forge 1983

Appropriations--UPPER PENINSULA PROJECTS TO BE FUNDED--FISCAL--Sturgeon River Sloughs; Critical Bridge; Chatham Experimental Station (Dairy Products); Carp River Forge 1974-1976

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--NMU All Events Center; Medical School; NMU Appropriation Olympic Training Site; Public Transportation Funding 1977-1982

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Recreation Grants 1985-1986

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Recreation Grants (1984-1989) 1989

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Recreation Improvement Grants (1988-1990) 1990 (folder 1 of 3)

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Recreation Improvement Grants 1990 (folder 2 of 3)

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula--Recreation Improvement Grants--HB 4482; SB 221 [included] 1991-1992 (folder 3 of 3)

Appropriations--Upper Peninsula Recreation Fund Legislative Grants 1991-1992

Appropriations--U.P. [Upper Peninsula] Sports Hall of Fame 1984

Appropriations--UPTRA (Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association) 1985-1992

Appropriations--Veterans--D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Facility--Food Service Bids 1992 (folder 1 of 2)

Appropriations--Veterans--D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Facility--Food Service Bids 1992 (folder 2 of 2)

Appropriations--Water Pollution Controls; Waste Treatment Works: Ground Water Compliance; Tax Reverted Properties 1989

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Appropriations--Western U.P. Planning and Development Region--Minimum Security Work Camp; Michigan Copper Mining District Historic Resources Management Plan--Correspondence: Reports 1990

Agriculture--Alger County--Marty Pokela and Jim Lempke 1988

Baraga County--Correspondence; Baraga County Memorial Hospital Millage; Report: Flood Plain Management Study, Baraga Village Watershed 1983-1990

Baraga County File 1975-1993

Baraga County--Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Community Action Agency Dispute 1987

Baraga County--Baraga Co. vs B-H-K CAA (Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Community Action Agency) 1984-1990

Baraga County--Mayer Clinic--Keweenaw Bay Indian Community 1985-1987

Baraga County--Pelkie Project 1979

Chippewa County 1984

Dickinson County 1977

Dickinson County--Angeli-Jacobetti Vocational-Technical Industrial Center 1984-1987

Dickinson County--Papers: "The Infamous Recall Elections" by Michael P. Celello, Iron Mountain High School Forensics Team April 1985

Dickinson County--Public Enrichment Foundation 1993

Economy--Census Material; Correspondence; News Clippings 1972-1980

Economy--CUPPAD--Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development 1971-1993

Economy--Department of Commerce Rural Economic Strategy Grant Program 1989-1991

Economy--Michigan's Upper Peninsula Economic Index 1987

Economy--Miscellaneous 1979-1988

Economy--"Preliminary Development Policy and Plan for Sylvania," P.C. and R.L. Christiansen ca. 1965

Economy--Original Goldberg Study--"Projections of Population and Employment for the Upper Great Lakes States: 1970-2000" by David Goldberg, J. Michael Coble, Albert Anderson, Fran Cartford ca. 1970

Economy--Population Trends (Upper Peninsula) 1973-1978

Economy--Report--"Michigan's Migrants: Population Movement Into and Out of Michigan, 1975 to 1980" 1985

Economy--Reports--"Population Trends in Michigan and the Upper Peninsula in Particular;" ("Economic Outlook and Recommendations") 1972-1973

Economy--Prices of Food, Fuel, Oil, Gas--Jobs 1973

Economy--Report: "The Problem of Over-Population in Our Cities" ca. 1975

Economy--Report to Governor William G. Milliken: An Economic Development Plan for Michigan's Upper Peninsula--Correspondence 1968-1970

Economy--"A Special Report: Michigan's Magnificent Upper Peninsula-'An Invitation to Opportunity,'" Michigan Banking and Business News April 1974

Economy--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) Economy (Budget) 1985-86, 1979-1985

Economy--UPCAP (Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress) 1975-1992

Education--Adult 1977

Education--Al Bush (Interscholastic Athletic Programs) 1973-1976

Education--Alger County--Grand Marais 1978-1979

Education--Community Education 1974

Education--Basketball Tournament--HR 486 1969-1970

Education--Bay De Noc Community College--Michigan Correctional Officers Training 1990-1991

Education--Baraga County--L'Anse Area High School 1991-1993

Education--Community Education Position 1987

Education--District--Letter (and Lists) Mailed to all Officials, School Boards, and Teachers in 108th District Aug 1984

Education--Lake Superior State College/University (LSSU) 1984-1988

Education--Marquette-Alger Special Education 1973

Education--MET (Michigan Educational Trust) 1987

Education--MIP (Membership Investment Plan) 1990

Education--Miscellaneous--Correspondence 1968-1991

Education--MOIS (Michigan Occupational Information System) Advisory Board 1991

Education--MI [Michigan] Public Schools 1991-1994

Education--Michigan Technological University 1984-1992

Education--Northern Michigan University [NMU]--AAUP [American Association of University Professors] 1974-1975

Education--Northern Michigan University [NMU]--Arbitration [AAUP]

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Education--Northern Michigan University (NMU) Campus Crime Reports 1992

Education--Northern Michigan University--Central Michigan University Public Radio; Michigan Department of Corrections; Campus Compact Awards 1990-1994

Education--Northern Michigan University--Correspondence 1973-1983

Education--Northern Michigan University--Correspondence 1977-1994

Education--Northern Michigan University--FM Translator--Sault Ste Marie 1989-1990

Education--Northern Michigan University--Hotel/Motel 1973

Education--Northern Michigan University--House Bills 4117-4118; HB 3800; HB 38 96 3968 1969-1970

Education--(Northern Michigan University)--Dr. Edgar Harden--Biographical Information; Keep Michigan Beautiful Campaign 1978-1979

Education--Northern Michigan University--Longyear Hall 1991-1993

Education--Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site 1985-1994

Education--Northern Michigan University--Senate Bill 79 1974

Education--School Tax Restructuring--"Governor John Engler's Plan to Reform Education in Michigan" 1994 (folder 1 of 2)

Education--School Tax Restructuring--VEBA (Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association) Statement 1994 (folder 2 of 2)

Education--Northern Michigan University--Skills Center 1974-1992

Education--NMU (Northern Michigan University) Skills Center (Jacobetti)--SB 248; HR 2134; Correspondence; Program Information 1985-1989

Education--Northern Michigan University Sports Hall of Fame Inductees--Programs; Nomination of Gildo Canale 1982-1983

Education--Northern Michigan University--Sports Training Complex--Correspondence 1978-1991

Education--Northern Michigan University--U.S. (United States) Olympic Training Center 1991

Education--Religious Freedom 1987

Education--Restructuring 1993

Education--School Aid 1984-1989

Education--Schools--Correspondence; State Aid Payments 1974-1986

Education--Secondary School Recognition Program 1986-1987

Education--Suomi College Fall Meeting Suomi College Board of Trustees Sep. 28-29, 1990 (D.J. Jacobetti, Trustee) 1990

Education--Suomi College--Correspondence; Minutes 1989-1991

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Education--Suomi College--Spring Meeting Suomi College Board of Trustees May 24-25, 1991 (D.J. Jacobetti, Trustee) 1991

Education--Suomi College--Annual Meeting Suomi College Board of Trustees Sep. 27, 1991 (D.J. Jacobetti, Trustee) 1991

Education--Suomi College--Spring Meeting Suomi College Board of Trustees Apr. 24-25, 1992, 1992

Education/Taxes--Gwinn--HB 4529--Millage--Gwinn Area Schools vs State of Michigan--Survey: Attitudes and Opinions of Voters Toward the Gwinn Area Community Schools 1983-1984

Education--UP (Upper Peninsula) Community Schools Winter Games 1976, 1983

Education--Upper Peninsula Regional Office (Dept. of Education) End of Year Report 1990

Education--(Upper Peninsula) U.P. Telecommunication Plan 1988

Employment--Department of Labor--Correspondence 1992-1994

Employment--Appointments by Governor Blanchard 1984

Employment--MCCC (Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps)--Baraga 1987

Employment--Construction Job Recommendations 1984

Employment--Correspondence--Higher Upper Peninsula Unemployment 1983

Employment--Job Clubs 1982

Employment--Jobs-Correspondence; Job Requests; News Clippings; Paper: Ecology vs. Jobs 1975-1986

Employment--Jobs File 1984-1990

Employment--Job Opportunities--Press Release; Reports: A Political Evaluation of Michigan's Upper Peninsula; Jobs and Energy, Facing the Facts 1972-1978

Employment--MESC (Michigan Employment Security Commission)--Correspondence, Press Releases, Reports 1985-1991

Employment--(Michigan) Summer Youth Corps 1985-1986--Correspondence; Job Requests; Superior Shores; Pub: "News of the Shores" 1981-1987

Employment--(Michigan) Summer Youth Corps 1988--Correspondence; Applications; News Clippings 1987-1988

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps 1983, 1987, 1990

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps--Correspondence; News Clippings 1986

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps--Annie Trudell 1987

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps 1989 1987-1989

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps--Blue Ribbon Opportunities Project 1989

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps 1990-1991

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps--Delta Trail Systems--Annie Trudell--Marquette Trail 1987

Employment--Michigan Youth Corps--Delta Trail System; Superior Shore Systems Inc.: Republic 1987

Employment--Miscellaneous 1987-1991

Employment--Proof Copy (Upper Peninsula Statistics) ca 1972

Employment--Student Summer Employment 1991-1992

Employment--Summer Highway Jobs--Correspondence; Approvals; Lists 1982-1985

Employment--Summer Jobs--HB 6630-6639 1984

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Employment--Summer Jobs 1980

Employment--Summer Jobs 1986

Employment--Summer Jobs 1987-1989

Employment--Summer Jobs 1993-1994; 1993

Employment--Training (Project New Start) 1992

Employment--Youth Corps--Lake Superior Conservation Corps 1986

Employment--Workman's Compensation--SB 573, 577, 578, 582: Sub for 583, 584, 586, 589-592, 595--Workers Disability Compensation Act of 1969; Article on Michigan's Workers Compensation Amendments; SB 155, PA 32; 1981-1983

Employment--Workmen's Compensation Rights; Hiring the Handicapped 1972

Energy--Alternate Fuel 1982-1989

Energy--Arco Gasoline Diversion Marquette and Alger Counties 1974

Energy--Fuel and Propane Prices--HB 5415--Correspondence; News Clippings; Press Releases 1989-1990 (folder 1 of 2)

Energy--Fuel and Propane Prices--(Research Material) HB 5415 1990 (folder 2 of 2)

Energy--Gas--HB 6157, 6158 1974-1977

Energy--HB 4400 Utilities 1975

Energy Crisis (Empire Gas) 1973-1974

Energy Hearing 1975-1976

Energy--Hearing on Energy Problems and Pricing--Representative Jack Gingrass 1976

Energy--Michigan Power Co.--Correspondence; Notes 1974

Energy--Michigan Power Company Natural Gas Supply 1974

Energy--Power Companies 1974-1991

Energy--Report: "State Energy Conservation Conference Report" Robert Edgerton ca 1982

Energy--U.P. Power Company 1974-1978

Environment--HB 2970 Aeronautics Land Conveyance Bill (Corrections Department; SB 634) 1969

Environment--(Antlerless) Deer--County Ordinances 1972-1973

Environment--Antlerless Dear Season 1969-1974

Environment--Baraga-L'Anse Flood 1968-1971

Environment--Baraga DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Office (Redistricting) 1984

Environment--Beaver Basin Deer Hunt 1976-1977

Environment--Beaver Basin Deer Hunt--Correspondence; Injunction 1977-1979

Environment--Beaver Basin Deer Feeding--Dismissal of Case 1979

Environment--Bounty on Coyotes 1979

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Environment--Correspondence: Lake Angeline; Annexation Tilden Township; Argentine Township; Marquette Lower Harbor Ore Dock; Forsyth Township Land Exchange; Snowmobile Grants summary; Hunting/Fishing Licenses; Lower Harbor Park; Michigan Scenic River Act; Charley Lakes Road; Skandia Contaminated Soil Recycling; Solid Waste Disposal Site; Whetstone Brook Drain District; Miscellaneous 1988-1994

Environment--Beaver Basin Deer Herd 1976-1978

Environment--Carp River Project (Scenic Turnout) 1975

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Correspondence: Michigan State Parks; Sand Dune Protection and Management Act; Metallic Minerals Lease Sale; Future of Porcupine Mountains Ski Area; etc. 1991-1994

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Forestry Issues 1983-1993 (1998-1994)

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Iron Mountain Meeting--Fire Prevention Act HB 4658, HB 6322; Bikeways; Archery Deer Season; Taconite Dumping; Coyote Bounty 1973

Environment--DNR (Department of Natural Resources)--Marquette 1990-1991

Environment--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Miscellaneous Correspondence; News Clippings 1990-1993

Environment--Department of Natural Resources--Report: "An Inventory of Peatlands Owned by the State of Michigan" 1984

Environment--Dickinson County 1983-1988

Environment--Dioxin 1988-1990

Environment--Fishermen--U.P. (Upper Peninsula-Commercial Fishing; Native American) 1970-1985

Environment--Flooding and Erosion, 1986; 1985-1986

Environment--Flood and Erosion Programs/Relief 1986

Environment--Flood Damage--Great Lakes Shore Erosion 1986

Environment--Flooding--Chocolay River Flooding 1985 (LaVasseur Dam; Department of Natural Resources Compensation Funding) 1986

Environment--Flooding--Diorite Loc. '85; 1986

Environment--Flooding--DNR (Department of Natural Resources)--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) Flood Damage (Compensation Claims) 1985-1986

Environment--Flooding--Flood Insurance Study Township of Chocolay, Michigan 1987

Environment--Flooding--LaVasseur Dike Flood April 20, 1985 (Compensation Claims) 1985

Environment--Flooding--LaVasseur Dike (Chocolay River) April 1985 (Damage Reports, Claims Requests 1985-1986

Environment--Forest Management 1983-1985

Environment--Relocation of District 1 Forest Management Headquarters ca 1985

Environment--Forest Restoration 1986

Environment--Gogebic County Albino Deer Petition 1988

Environment--Great Lakes Advisory/Fishery Commission 1984

Environment--Hazardous Waste 1984

Environment--Houghton--Hematite Township Landfills and Dumps 1978

Environment--Houghton County--Torch Lake Super Fund Site (Contamination from Copper Pilings and Slag Piles) 1992

Environment--Hunting Issues 1987

Environment--Huron Mountain Club Fishing Rights 1986

Environment--Ishpeming Area Waste Water Board '85-'86; 1985

Environment--Marquette County-Ishpeming Area Water Supply 1981-1982

Environment--Landfills (Baraga, Chippewa, Delta, Marquette Counties) 1981-1982

Environment--Landfills in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula--Champion, Dafter, Hematite, and Portage Townships) 1975-1985

Environment--Land Use 1972

Environment--HB 3531/SB 314; HB 4748; HB 3579; SB 419; HB 5458--Land Use--Rights to Zone--Upper Peninsula Wilderness [all bills included] 1973-1975

Environment--Land Use--Shoreline Protection and Management Act 1976

Environment--Low-level Radioactive Waste #581 1989-1991

Environment--Marquette County--Lake Angeline, #879 (Includes: "Ishpeming and Negaunee Area Lake Fishery Study," by John E. Polkinghorne) 1971-1992

Environment--Marquette County--Rocking Chair Lakes Natural Area 1989

Environment--Marquette Landfills 1986-1987

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Environment--Marquette Landfill 1988-1990

Environment--Miscellaneous 1970-1978

Environment--Miscellaneous 1969-1990

Environment--Miscellaneous Correspondence; News Clippings, etc. 1980-1991

Environment--Nuclear Waste (Upper Peninsula as Dumping Site) 1983-1984

Environment--Omnibus Land Use Development Act 1972-1973

Environment--Pictured Rocks National Seashore(and Sleeping Bear Dunes) 1976-1977

Environment--Pollution 1986-1991

Environment--Rivers--Natural River Plan-Two Hearted River (Luce County) 1973

Environment--Seney Fire (Anti-Wilderness Concept) 1976

Environment--Seney Wildlife Fire 9-76; 1976

Environment--Shorelands Act 1974

Environment--Skandia Soil Incinerator (Metal Silts) 1992

Environment--Skandia Water Problem 1981-1987

Environment--Solid Waste; Recycling 1991

Environment--Sportsmen's Association 1978-1983

Environment--State Forest Land Inventory 1988-1989

Environment--Sturgeon River Sloughs [Baraga County] 1974-1979

Environment--Sturgeon River Sloughs/Otter Lake Project 1970

Environment--Torch Lake Remedial Action Plan--Draft Report [Houghton County] 1986

Environment--Underground Storage Tanks--SB 266; HB 4528 1989-1990

Environment--Water Filtration 1986-1987

Environment--Water Problems (Iron County; Marquette County) 1980-1981

Environment--Water Resources 1978, 1982

Environment--Water Resources (Pollution; Report: "The Mitigation of Thermal Water Discharge Emissions from Electrical Generating Plants into Lake Superior is Unwarranted to Comply with Federal N.P.D.E.S. Regulations") 1974

Environment--Western Upper Peninsula Forest Improvement District--Annual Reports; HB 4706 [included] 1989-1991

Environment--Wetlands Legislation HB 4049--Correspondence; Resolutions; Testimony 1979

Environment--Wild Rivers Bill--SB 419--Lake Shore Erosion 1973

Environment--Marquette--Whetstone Drainage District 1992

Environment--Wilderness Bill HB 4881 1971-1972

Environment--Wood Research--Photocopy of "The Coming Age of Wood" by Henry Billings, 1949

Environment--Wilderness--Kiblee Bill [HB 4881; HR 148] 1972-1987

Grants--Sacred Heart-Fr. John Hascall; Don Koivisto-Lights; Stan Fedewa; Ralph Gerson-Rodeo-Marquette, Iron River 1983-1984

Gogebic County--Casino 1988

Health--Acocks Medical Facility HB 5640, 4677, 6095 [bills included] 1973-1974

Health--Acocks Medical Facility 1974-1989

Health--Acocks Medical Facility 1975-1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Health/Welfare--Bay Cliff Health Camp 1971-1989

Health--Combined Health Services (Marquette) #884 1989

Health--Department of Mental Health--Correspondence 1985-1992

Health--Department of Mental Health--Group Homes 1992

Health--Department of Public Health--Correspondence 1985-1993

Health--Department of Public Health--"Nuclear Power and Public Health in Michigan"; Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act; Annual Fees on Water Supplies, HB 3392 1978-1993

Health--EMS (Emergency Medical Services); Rural Health Services 1983-1985

Health--EMS (Emergency Medical Services)-Bob Struck 1985-1986

Health--Extended Care Facility Discretionary Use Beds 1984-1985

Health--Health Care Cost Resolution 1973-1974

Health--Health Care Physicians U.P. (Upper Peninsula) HB 4496, 5343, 5344, SB 434 [all included] 1991-1992

Health--Health Code 1976-1979

Health--Marquette General Hospital--Meeting with (Michigan Department of Public Health) H.D.P.H. 1986

Health--Marquette General--Social Security Disability Determination Service 1983-1984

Health--Marquette General Hospital--Residential Substance Abuse Center 1985

Health--Miscellaneous 1971-1985

Health--Morgan Heights Hospital 1969-1970

Health--Morgan Heights--Waste Treatment Works 1971

Health--Munising Memorial Hospital 1974

Health--Newberry State Hospital 1971-1974

Health--Nursing Homes 1990-1993

Health--Nursing Homes--Mather Nursing Center, Ishpeming, MI 1989-1991

Health--Nursing Homes--Mather Nursing Center 1982

Health--Nursing Homes--Palmer and Ishpeming 1976-1977

Health--Nursing Homes--Swing Beds HB 4525 [included] 1987

Health--Nursing Homes--"Swing Beds" 1988 (folder 1 of 2)

Health--Nursing Homes--"Swing Beds" 1988 (folder 2 of 2)

Health--Nursing Homes--Swing Beds, HB 4525, SB 724 1987-1989

Health--Office of Services to the Aging [Correspondence; Resolutions; HB 6055 [included] 1991-1994

Heath--Substance Abuse--Correspondence; Negaunee Public Schools Substance Abuse Project 1987-1988 #233; 1987-1989

Health--Upper Peninsula EMS (Emergency Medical Services) 1976-1988

Health--Project Choices--Upper Peninsula Nursing Homes 1989-1991

Health--Public--Upper Peninsula Health Alliance, The Michigan Abstinence Partnership, etc. 1993-1994

Health--Substance Abuse--Marquette Alger School District #735 1988

Health--Substance Abuse--"Drug Free School Zones" Initiative--Upper Peninsula 1990-1994

Health--Upper Peninsula Emergency Medical Services (Bob Truck, Ted Patterson) 1983-1984

Health--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) Health Education Corporation 1992

Health--Upper Peninsula Health Initiative 1987-1988

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Health--Upper Peninsula--Linear Accelerator--Marquette General/Bell Memorial 1980-1982

Health--Upper Peninsula Longterm Health Care Study 1987

Health--Upper Peninsula Treatment Center (Mental Health) 1984-1985

Houghton County 1977-1979

Industry--Automotive--Auto Complaints (Johnson Motors) [Marquette]1987-1989

Industry--Dow Chemical 1983

Industry--Fishing--Commercial Fishing, SB 404 [included] 1967-1982

Industry--Forest 1977-1988

Industry--Forest--Connor Forest Industries (Baraga County) 1984

Industry--Forest--International Wood Mission from Japan 1986-1987

Industry--Japanese Trip--Charcoal Briquettes as Substitute for Foundry Coke 1984-1987

Industry--Forest--Logging 1976-1979

Industry--Forest--Lumber--Policy on Ungraded Lumber 1975

Industry--Forest--Publications--Miscellaneous 1980-1983

Industry--Forest--Report: "Current Issues in the Michigan Forest Products Industry, September 11, 1985."

Industry--Forest--Report: "Michigan's State Forests--Revenue Generating Through Sale of Timber." 1981

Industry--Forest--Report: "Novel Pulping Process," by Vincent L. Chiang 1986

Industry--Forest--Report: "Preliminary Economic Analysis for Producing Sugar Nuggets." 1984

Industry--Forest--Report: "Proceedings of Governor James J. Blanchard's Conference on Forest Resources." 1983

Industry--Forest--Wood Waste Utilization Projects--Charcoal Briquettes; Waste Wood Generator; Shimada Briquetting 1984

Industry--Jacobson, Albin (All Wood, Inc.) [Baraga County]

Industry--Kish Industries n.d.

Industry--Mackinac Island Hospitality, Incorporated 1980

Industry--Marplex Industries Airplane De-Icer 1991-1992

Industry--MTU [Michigan Technological University] Pelletech Process [iron ore]--Correspondence; Reports 1985-1991

Industry--Miscellaneous 1969-1992

Industry--North American Textile [Marquette County] 1986

Industry--Northern Industrial (John Haivala) [Houghton County] 1986-1987

Industry--Paper--Arnheim Pulp Mill--Baraga County [opposition]

Industry--Paper--Champion International Corporation [Quinnesec Mill, Dickinson County] 1986-1989

Industry--Paper--Correspondence; Survey: "The Current Status, Potential and Concern of the Total Paper Industry of Michigan;" Press Releases; News Clippings; Novel Pulping Process [Arnheim; James River] (Folder 1 of 3) 1982-1987

Industry--Paper--Correspondence; Press Releases; News Clippings; Novel Pulping Process [Arnheim; Champion; James River] (Folder 2 of 3) 1989-1991

Industry--Paper--Correspondence; Press Releases; News Clippings; [Arnheim; Champion; James River; Mead; Dioxin] (Folder 3 of 3) 1990-1991

Industry--Paper--Mead Corporation 1972

Industry--Paper--Michigan's Paper Related Industry Conference [Paper Industry Legislative Meeting June 9, 1982]

Industry--Paper--Publication--"Champion Magazine" ca. 1979

Industry--Paper--Western Michigan University Degree: Paper and Science Engineering 1979

Industry--Pettibone [Baraga County] 1985

Industry--Report: "A Marketing Study of Densified Charcoal Briquetting" 1986

Industry--Sealant Equipment and Engineering, Inc.--Carl Schultz #528 1986

Industry--Self-Service Gasoline Stations-(Research Information from New Jersey) #501 1988

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Industry--Shipping--Tug Barge 1982

Industry--Stone and Aggregate Quarry [Quarries]1980

Industry--Turunen Brothers--Small Cities Program [Turunen Brothers Contracting vs Proksch Construction; Baraga and Iron Counties; Lime for Farmers] 1986-1987

Industry--Van Straten heated Tail Light Co. [Baraga County] 1991

Industry--Wood Waste (folder 1 of 3) 1984-1992

Industry--Wood Waste--Report: "Waste Wood Utilization--Charcoal Briquetting" (folder 2 of 3) 1985

Industry--Wood Waste--Research Material--Excerpt: The Coming Age of Wood," by Egon Glesinger (folder 3 of 3) 1949

Indian Affairs--Education; Herman E. Cameron Memorial Foundation; Land Trust; etc. [Native American] 1974-1992

Insurance--Auto Insurance Reform 1989-1990

Insurance--Blue Cross/Blue Shield Coverage in the UP [Upper Peninsula] 1974-1995

Insurance--No-Fault 1971-1972

Insurance--Miscellaneous 1971-1991

Iron County 1976-1977

Issues--Abortion--Parental Consent 1989-1990

Issues--Acocks Medical Facility--Prison 1986-1988

Issues--Crime Lab [In Marquette/Upper Peninsula] HB 4607; SB 225; HB 5173 [all included] 1991 (folder 1 of 2)

Issues--Crime Lab [In Marquette/Upper Peninsula]--Letters and News Clippings 1991 (folder 2 of 2)

Issues--Daylight Savings Time--HB 5533; SB 734; SB 1078; HB 5023, 5024, 5025 [all included] 1974

Issues--Empire Gas Court of Claims 1971-1974

Issues--Empire Gas--HR 162; Correspondence 1973-1974; 1989 (folder 1 of 2)

Issues--Empire Gas 1973-1974; 1989 (folder 2 of 2)

Issues--Empire Gas 1974

Issues--Empire Gas--Litigation 1978

Issues--ERA [Equal Rights Amendment]/Women's Rights 1974-1977

Issues--Gun Control--SB 748 1986; HB 4624 1989

Issues--Insurance 1993

Issues--Insurance--Accident Fund 1991-1993

Issues-Insurance--HB 5496 [included] .Prohibit Rating Based on Accidents and Civil Infractions in Course of Employment 1987

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine 1972

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine 1973-1975

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine--HB 5386, 5387, 5388, 5389, 5390 1977 [all included] 1976-1979

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine--Sanguine Project--Llano News-Texas 1973-1978

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine [HB 4399, 4400, 4401, 4402, 4403-all included] 1983

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine 1984-1991

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine--"ELF Communications System," by RADM William D. Smith, USN 1983

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine--"ELF Communications System," by Cpt. Ronald L. Koontz, USN 1984

Issues--Project ELF/Seafarer Sanguine--Miscellaneous Leaflets/Posters 1982-86

Issues--Tri-State Homes 1986

Issues--Tri-State Homes 1987

Labor--American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees--AFL-CIO--Correspondence; "An Analysis of Project Main" 1974-1994

Labor--Communications Workers of America--Correspondence: HB 4191 and 4193, Wire Tapping 1977

Labor--Ellman and Ellman-Bill Ellman [Labor Mediator] 1986

Labor--Gibby Wales--Upper Peninsula Trades Council 1972

Labor--Issue Paper: "Michigan's Workforce Development Strategy," by Kirk L. Lindquist 1993-1994

Labor--Labor Department--Correspondence 1974-1979

Labor--Michigan State AFL-CIO--Correspondence 1969-1978

Labor--Michigan State Employees Contributory Retirement System, SB 315 1983-1987

Labor--Michigan State Employees Retirement System

Labor--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1966-1994

Labor--"Politics and Public Employees: In Support of Binding Fact finding," Ralph A. Liberato, Director of Governmental Affairs, Michigan AFSCME Council 125 1989

Labor--Unemployment Benefits for Non-Professional School Employees 1971

Labor--United Steel Workers; Correspondence; Publication: "Labor's Heritage;" SB 200 [included] 1975-1990

Labor--Upper Peninsula Construction Labor-Management Council--Correspondence 1986-1989

Land Use 1973-1974

Land Use--Annexation Analysis: Villa Capri [Marquette County] 1979-81

Land Use--Annexation--Tilden Township Boundary Commission [Annexation to Ishpeming] 1984

Land Use--Baraga County Land Transfer [from State to County Road Commission] 1979

Land Use--Honor Camp Property [Annexation to Marquette] 1982

Land Use--HB 4189 Land Use Bill 1977-1978

Land Use--Excess Land [Transfer of State-owned land to Federal Government] 1966-1969

Land Use--Land Request--Forsyth Township Tourist Park 1979

Land Use--HB 4234 [included] 1974-1978

Land Use--Land-fill Closures, SB 579 [included] 1989-1990

Land Use--LSandI [Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad] Land [abandoned railroad property] 1972-1982

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] William R. Basal 1981-1988

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Elwood Bargry, et al

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Celia Blondeau 1981

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Emery Dorow 1982

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] David Gutzman 1982-1988

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Loran E. Leroy; James G. Thomas; Glenn J. Rigdon 1982-1988

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Dale and Anne Marie Koepp 1981-1988

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Glenn Rigdon and Jeanette Thomas 1984-1988

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] Brad and Faith Veley 1983

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] John Zanetti 1972-1983

Land Use [LSandI Railroad Land Abandonment] State Acquisition and County Interest 1981

Land Use--Land Sales Act and Revision HB 5205, 1974

Land Use--Michigan Land Use Planning Bill HB 2234, 1976

Land Use--SB 419; HB 5054 Natural Areas Preservation Act [Wild Rivers; Shoreline] 1972-1974

Land Use--Oil and Gas Leases--Michael T. Cowen, Robert K. Robinson and Aztec Producing Co. vs Michigan Department of Natural Resources, HandH Star Energy, Inc., and Petro Star Energy 1985

Land Use--Powell Township, Marquette County 1987

Land Use--Proposed Annexation of Sands Township to the City of Marquette 1988-1992

Land Use--""Proposed Hearing on Land Use in the 15 Upper Peninsula Counties"" 1970

Land Use--Land Use Transfer from Private Ownership to the Federal Government 1974-1975

Land Use--Public Lands 1970-1971

Land Use--Sepp and Anna Marie Hodlemoser (Chocolay Township, Marquette County) 1982-1985

Law Enforcement--Calumet Post 1990

Law Enforcement--Camp Baraga 1986-1991

Law Enforcement--Camp Cusino 1978

Law Enforcement--Chippewa County 1991

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Law Enforcement--Corrections 1987-1989

Law Enforcement--Court-Ordered Inservice Training and Desegregation Purposes--Professional Development Center (Wayne State) 1976

Law Enforcement--Corrections Officers Aids HB 4028 [included]1988

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Annual Reports; Correspondence; Report: "Oldtimers: Michigan's Elderly Prisoners-Michigan Older Inmate Database" (1991) 1991-1994

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections, Baraga Maximum Security (Proposal) 1986 (folder 1 of 2)

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections Baraga Maximum Security--Correspondence; Report: "Wood Fuel Energy at the Proposed State Prison in Baraga County"; Alger County Proposal for Penal Institutions 1986-1988 (folder 2 of 2)

Law Enforcement--Dickinson County 1991

Law Enforcement--"Hearing on Prison Disturbances at Marquette Branch Prison" 1979

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1977-1990

Law Enforcement--Department of Corrections--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1975-1994

Law Enforcement--Corrections--Early Retirement HB 4762 [included]


Law Enforcement--Juvenile Detention Facility--Brookridge Site--Marquette--Correspondence; Report: ""Michigan Needs a Model Juvenile Rehabilitation Center"" 1988

Law Enforcement--Juvenile Detention Facility--Negaunee 1988

Law Enforcement--MAST UP (Upper Peninsula) Coordinating Committee for Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic) 1974-1975

Law Enforcement--Mangum Farm--Corrections--Chocolay Township (Marquette Prison Bill) 1974-1978

Law Enforcement--Marquette Branch Prison 1980-1987

Law Enforcement--Marquette Prison HB 4945 [included] 1970-1977

Law Enforcement--Michigan State Police--Alger County 1993-1994

Law Enforcement--Miscellaneous Correspondence 1976-1992

Law Enforcement--Munising State Police Post (Alger County) 1975

Law Enforcement--Ontonagon State Police Post 1986-1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons 1985-1986--Miscellaneous Correspondence, News Clippings 1981-1986

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Alger County Proposal for State Penal Institution 1986

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Alger County 1985-1992

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Baraga County 1986-1994

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Delta County 1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Gogebic County--""A Proposal for the Location of a Correctional Facility in Gogebic County, Michigan"" 1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Houghton/Keweenaw Counties 1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Iron County 1986-1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Iron County 1987-1988

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Marquette County 1987

Law Enforcement--Prisons--Upper Peninsula--SB 253 (1987), SB 711 (1986) [both included] 1984-1992

Law Enforcement--Prisons--(Up-date) HB 4047 1978

Law Enforcement--""Proposal for the Personal Electronic Tracking System"" 1989

Law Enforcement--Report: ""Juvenile Delinquency in Michigan"" 1971

Law Enforcement--UPSET (Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team) 1989

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Licensing--Liquor 1959-1970

Licensing--Liquor 1980-1984

Licensing--Liquor 1985-1986

Licensing--Liquor 1987

Licensing--Liquor 1988

Licensing--Liquor 1989-1990

Licensing--Liquor 1991-1992

Lottery 1975

Lottery 1981

Lottery 1985-1987

Lottery 1988-1993

Lottery--Annual Reports, etc. 1985-1987

Marquette County; HB 5280 [included] 1990-1993

Marquette County--Carp River Forge Project--Correspondence, Press Releases 1973-1979

Marquette County--Carp River Forge Project--Correspondence, Brochures, Press Releases, etc. HB 4737 [included] 1980-1991

Marquette County--Carp River Forge Project--Maps 1972

Marquette County--Chocolay Township 1973-1974

Marquette County--Marquette County Fair 1990

Marquette County--Harvey Quarry 1987

Marquette County--Libraries 1970-1979

Marquette County--National Ski Hall of Fame 1976

Marquette County--Sons of Italy 1988-1990

Marquette County--Winter Cities 1987

Military--Kincheloe Air Force Base (Includes Population Statistics for Upper Peninsula and Michigan) 1971

Military--Kincheloe Air Force Base Correspondence; News Clippings; Report from Economic Development Corporation of Chippewa County 1976-1987

Military--KI Sawyer Air Force Base--Cooperative Extension Service Agreement (Informal Educational Opportunities) 1987

Military--KI Sawyer Air Force Base--Report: 1972 Economic Impact KI Sawyer AFB, Michigan 1972

Military--KI Sawyer Air Force Base--Closure 1991-1994

Military--KI Sawyer Air Force Base--Closure--Requested Information about Wurtsmith Air Force Base 1993

Military--Back Pay Issue 1964-1987

Military--Munising National Guard Armory 1992

Military Matters--Michigan National Guard; Correspondence; (HB 5303 included) 1971-1992

Miscellaneous--Anti-Annexation Bill HB 4030--Michigan Township Association, Michigan Municipal League 1977

Miscellaneous--Barrier Free Design 1978

Miscellaneous--Brook Trout as State Fish SB 333 1988

Miscellaneous--Civil Rights Office, Upper Peninsula HB 4206 [included]1986-1987

Miscellaneous--Consumer Issues/Disclosure, HB 4023 [included] 1993-1994

Miscellaneous--Correspondence 1973-1990

Miscellaneous--Correspondence, Notes 1982

Miscellaneous--DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Submerged Lands and Hearing LSandI [Lake Superior and Ishpeming] Railroad Coal Dock Marquette Harbor 1978 (folder 1 of 3)

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Miscellaneous--DNR Submerged Lands Hearing LSandI [Lake Superior and Ishpeming] Railroad Dock Marquette Harbor 1974 (folder 2 of 3)

Miscellaneous--DNR Submerged Lands Hearing LSandI [Lake Superior and Ishpeming] Railroad Coal Dock Marquette Harbor 1974 (folder 3 of 3)

Miscellaneous--Telephone Services--ATandT 1988-1994

Miscellaneous--Telephone Services--General Telephone Company (GTE) HB 5271 [included] 1977-1982

Miscellaneous--Telephone Service--Michigan Bell 1983-1991

Miscellaneous--Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission 1974

Miscellaneous--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) Legislative Council 1983

Miscellaneous--Bill Cahalan Racing Folder (Upper Peninsula Harness Raceway-Northcoast) 1987

Miscellaneous--Horse Race Revenues SB 860 [included]; SB 118 1983-1989

Miscellaneous--North Coast--Upper Peninsula Horse Racing--Gambling--Education Financing 1982-1992

Miscellaneous--Northcoast (Upper Peninsula Harness Raceway) 1987-1989

Miscellaneous--Off-Track Betting--SB 682; HB 5264; HB 4360, 4361 [all included] 1987-1994

Miscellaneous--U.P. (Upper Peninsula) State Fair Grandstand 1986-1988

Ontonagon County 1992

Report: "Outline of the Michigan Tax System" Report No. 308 by Citizens Research Council of Michigan 1993

Statehood (for Upper Peninsula) Karl Waldner--North Michigan, Inc. 1980

Statehood--Mailing Packet ca. 1976

Statehood--News Clippings 1975

Statehood--News Clippings 1976-1978

Statehood--News Clippings 1979-1989

Statehood--Publication: Northliner Sep/Oct 1977 "Looking for the 51st State Michigan's Upper Peninsula" p.16 1977

Statehood--Upper Peninsula as 51st State--Correspondence, Attorney General Opinion; HB 6115 [included] Petition 1974-1984

Taxes--Airport Sales and Use Tax 1990-1992

Taxes--Booklet "Michigan Tax Climate" by Citizens Research Council of Michigan 1993

Taxes--Booklet: "Tax Proposals on the 1978 Ballot in Michigan-Tax Limitation, Reduction, or Reform?"

Taxes--Income Tax--Property Tax Cut Plan 1987-1992

Taxes--Miscellaneous HB 5801 [included] 1976-1992

Taxes--Tax Equity--State Lands--HB 2519 1967-1968

Tourism--Celotex Outdoor Recreation Study 1963,1978

Tourism--Cheboygan County--Mackinaw City--Report: "Say Yes to Yesterday--Old Mill Creek--Michigan's Newest State Park, Mackinaw City, Michigan 1984

Tourism--Granot Loma 1986

Tourism--"1988 Mackinac Bridge Summer Survey--U.P. Tourism Market Share Research Program" 1988

Tourism--Miscellaneous 1975-1990

Tourism--Munising Falls (Joseph and Phyllis Kolbus; Pictured Rocks National Shoreline) 1965, 1970

Tourism--Par Golf #513 (Northern Michigan Golf Council; Cooperative Advertising Program) 1988

Tourism--Project SELLS (See and Enjoy our Land, Lakes and Streams) 1984-1992

Tourism--Snowmobile--"The Michigan Snowmobile and Recreational Trails Act" 1976

Tourism--Snowmobile Trails (Frank Opolka; Delta Trail System; Ann Trudell) 1986-1988

Tourism--Snowmobiling--Upper Peninsula MDOT/Department of Natural Resources SB 77, 635 [included]; SB 938 1990-1994

Tourism--Thompson Sno-Country Tours 1986

Tourism--Travel Information Centers, Marquette, Negaunee 1985-1986

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Transportation--Air--Air Services in the Upper Peninsula (Western) 1987

Transportation--Air--Baraga County Airport # 865 1989

Transportation--Air--"Meeting with Airline Officials Feb 6th 1981, Northwoods Supper Club" 1980-1981

Transportation--Air--Sidnaw Airport Justification--(Sidnaw-Prickett-Grooms Airport/Duncan Airport Committee, Houghton County) 1975-1976

Transportation--Air--Flight Simulator/Training-Marquette County #796 1987-1989

Transportation--Air--Governor's Air Service Task Force 1986

Transportation--Air--Marquette County Air Services Task Force--Correspondence, Minutes, News Releases 1989-1990

Transportation--Air--Simmons Air Lines 1980-1989

Transportation--Alger County 1971-1994

Transportation--Baraga County HB 4540 1975-1993

Transportation--Baraga County Buses Frank DeRose 1982

Transportation--Baraga County--Flood Damaged Roads HB 3345 [included] 1968-1971

Transportation--Baraga County Highway Department 1974

Transportation--Bus Service--Intercity--Marquette County 1977-1986

Transportation--Chief Wawatam (Car Ferry) 1983-1988

Transportation--Critical Roads 1988-1989

Transportation--Delta County 1982-1989

Transportation--Department of Highways and Transportation--Marquette, Alger, Iron and Delta Counties 1974-1979

Transportation--Department of Tranportation vs County Roadbuilders 1992

Transportation--Department of Transportation (Multiple Counties, Upper Peninsula) 1984-1989

Transportation--Dickinson County 1986-1991

Transportation--Gogebic County 1992

Transportation--Highway Department--Beaver Grove Signs and Speed Limit 1973

Transportation--Highways 1970-1971

Transportation--Highways 1989

Transportation--Highways--Highway Department Proposals--HB 5862 1977-1978

Transportation--Highways--Highway Fatalities--Upper Peninsula 1970-1971

Transportation--Highways 1967-1970

Transportation--M-28 Meeting April 1970

Transportation--M-28 1985

Transportation--Highway M-35 (Marquette and Delta Counties) 1985-1988

Transportation--Marquette County M-35 from Palmer to Gwinn 1978-1984

Transportation--M-35 Gold Mine Rd 1984-1985

Transportation--Iron County 1976

Transportation--Mackinac Bridge Tolls 1965-1968

Transportation--Marquette, Alger and Ontonagon Counties 1973-1984

Transportation--Marquette, City of 1974-1979

Transportation--Marquette County 1976-1991

Transportation--Marquette County Bus Service 1983

Transportation--Marquette County--US 41, M-94 1970-1972

Transportation--Highways--Marquette County US 41 1973

Transportation--Marquette County--M-35--Safety 1984-1985

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Transportation--M-35 Schweitzer Creek Crossing 1984

Transportation--Marquette County--Improvements M-35 from Palmer to Gwinn, US 41/M-28 from Ishpeming to M-95 at Humboldt Junction 1970-1975

Transportation--Marquette County--Widening of US 41 in Marquette 1970

Transportation--Marquette Transit Authority and Port Authority 1977-1978

Transportation--Menominee County 1985-1986

Transportation--Highways--County Road 569 1987-1988

Transportation--MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation); (Marquette, Dickinson and Houghton Counties) 1988-1992

Transportation--Miscellaneous 1976-1994

Transportation--Railroads--Abandonment of Rail Lines in Upper Peninsula 1974-1977

Transportation--Railroads--Alger, Houghton, Marquette and Menominee Counties 1991-1994

Transportation--Railroad--Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Coal Dock (Hearing) 1969-1978

Transportation--Railroad--Ore Dock "Draft Environmental Impact Statement--Proposed Coal Unloading Facility Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Company--Marquette, Michigan--Lake Superior" Mar 1974

Transportation--Railroad--Ore Dock "DNR Submerged Lands Hearing L.S. and I. R.R. (Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad) Coal Dock--Marquette Harbor" Oct. 1974

Transportation--Railroad--Ore Dock--"L.S. and I. (Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad) Coal Dock Hearing--Water Resources Commission, Marquette" Nov. 1974

Transportation--Railroad--Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Company Application (Hearing) Jan. 1975

Transportation--Railroad--Ore Dock--"Survey of State Permits Required--Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Co. Ship Unloading Facility Marquette, Michigan and Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan" ca. 1975

Transportation--Railroads--"Hearing before the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Act. of 1973, Marquette, Michigan May 24, 1974

Transportation--Railroads--Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Rail Reorganization Act 1974

Transportation--Railroad Crossings (Marquette and Dickinson Counties) 1991-1993

Transportation--Railroads--Miscellaneous 1978-1992

Transportation--Railroad--Rail Service 1981, 1984 (folder 1 of 5)

Transportation--Railroads--Rail Service (Includes Arbitration Proceedings: Between Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company and Soo Line Railroad Company) 1985 (folder 2 of 5)

Transportation--Railroads--Rail Service 1986 (folder 3 of 5)

Transportation--Railroads--Rail Service 1987 (folder 4 of 5)

Transportation--Railroads--Rail Service 1988-1992 (folder 5 of 5)

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Papers--Series I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Mining--Centennial # 6 Mine--De-watering Project n.d.

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs, Inc.--Retirement Letters [from D.J.J.] 1975-1986

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs [Tax Reform; Tilden Mine] 1985-1988

Cleveland Cliffs and LSandI [Lake Superior and Ishpeming] Railroad--correspondence 1970-1981

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs Letters [Correspondence; D.J.J Recommendations for Employment] 1975-1990

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs [Tilden and Empire Mines] HB 4775 [included] 1984-1988

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs--Meeting with Mr. Harrison 1975

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs, Inc. Dow Disposal Site 1987-1989

Mining--Cleveland Cliffs, Inc--Marquette Land Leases 1992-1993

Mining--Cliffs News Release 1986-1991

Mining--Conference: New Challenge of Foreign Imports to Steel Manufacturing and Iron Ore Industries of Michigan and the Great Lakes States.

Mining--Copper--Keweenaw Copper Co., Inc. 1986-1989

Mining--Copper--Keweenaw Copper Co.--Centennial #6 Mine 1986-1989

Mining--Keweenaw Copper Co.--Business Proposal 1987

Mining--Copper--Miscellaneous 1977-1979

Mining--Copper and Silver--Japanese Investment [Keweenaw Copper Company; Centennial 3and6 Mines] 1987

Mining--Comments: Michigan Mining Lease--Minatome Corporation 1980

Mining--Correspondence, Speeches, etc. Regarding Iron Ore Mining, Specific Ore Tax and Mining Production 1969-1983

Mining--Correspondence; HB 4775 1987

Mining--Correspondence--Miscellaneous 1972-1988

Mining--Evaluation of Michigan Graphite--Draft Report: The Effects of New Stealmaking-Technologies Upon Michigan's Iron Ore and Steel Industries (MTU) 1982-1989

Mining--General 1970-1988

Mining--General 1979-1980

Mining--General Articles [News Clippings]--Economics [Includes Some Correspondence] 1977-1980

Mining--Gold--Correspondence; Report: Geology and Precious Metal Mineralization of the Silver Creek to Rocking Chair Lakes Area 1986-1989

Mining--History n.d.

Mining--Information regarding Mines Outside of Michigan: Pilot Knob Pellet Company's National Steel Pellet Company; Butler Taconite ca 1976

Mining--Iron County 1978

Mining--Iron Mountain Iron Mine 1958-1962 [Tourism]

Mining--Iron Ore--Recent--Since Aug. 1980 1980-1985

Mining--Iron Ore Dinner, Feb 1980 1979-1980 (folder 1 of 2)

Mining--Iron Ore Dinner Feb. 1980--[Documentation] 1957-1976 (folder 2 of 2)

Mining--Iron Ore Hearing, 1978--House Concurrent Resolution No. 81 1973-1978

Mining--Iron Ore Mining--"The Threatened North American Iron Ore Industry" in World Steel Dynamics 1987

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SERIES I, Subseries 2, District and Upper Peninsula

Mining--Information on Specific Tax [by Cleveland Cliffs] ca.1975--

Mining--Iron Ore Specific Tax 1975-1978 (folder 1 of 2)

Mining--Iron Ore Specific Tax 1978 1974-1979 (folder 2 of 2)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax 1975-1977

Mining--Iron Ore Tax 1977 [also Property Tax] (1975-1977)

Mining--Specific Ore Tax 1977

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Correspondence; Attorney General Opinion; Resolution 1979

Mining--Specific Ore Tax HB 6725 [included] 1977-1978 (folder 1 of 5)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax--Constituent Correspondence 1987 (folder 2 of 5)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax HB 4340, 4775, 4611, 6725 [all included] 1987-1989 (folder 3 of 5)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax [HB 5097] 1991-1993 (folder 4 of 5)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax SB 924, HB 5097; HB 5680, 5940, 5018 [last 3 included] 1994 (folder 5 of 5)

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax 1968-1986

Mining--Specific Iron Ore Tax: A Report to the Marquette County Board of Commissioners 1979

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company: Specific Tax--Correspondence; Statistics 1975

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Correspondence; Bulletin: Property Taxes Levied in Minnesota; Committee Report 1975-1977

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Booklet; Correspondence; Reports HB 6725 [included] 1977-1980

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Miscellaneous--Correspondence, Resolutions, etc. 1972-1978

Mining--Specific Ore Tax--Miscellaneous--Correspondence; HB 4775 [included] 1980-1988

Mining--Specific Ore Tax [Correspondence; Resolutions] 1985-1986

Mining--Specific Ore Tax Opinions/ Appropriations Bill Referred to Committee 1980

Mining--Specific Tax; SB 1003, HB 5455 1971-1977

Mining--Specific Tax--Specific Tax and Reclamation--Correspondence; Notes; Resolution SB 1003 [included] 1974-1975

Mining--Specific Tax--[Editorial Letter by Gerrit Van Coevering] 1977

Mining--Specific Ore Tax News Clippings 1975-1979

Mining--Specific Tax on Iron Ore--Correspondence; News Clippings; Reports; Statistics; Jean Worth; Talk on "The Upper Peninsula and Soil Conservation" 1967-1971

Mining--Specific Tax on Iron Ore [Mack, Jacobetti Bill] 1967, 1946; 1967-1968

Mining--Michigan State Legislature Interim Study Committee Hearings--Specific Tax Act 1968 Jacobetti, Dominic J.

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Papers--Series II Personal

Biographical--Article: "You Cannot Do Business Without People," published in The Upper Peninsula Sunday Times as part of "UP Business--Past, Present and Future" 1979

Biographical--Awards and Honors 1961-1980

Biographical--Awards and Honors 1981-1990

Biographical--Awards and Honors--DJ Jacobetti Day August 7, 1987 1985-1987

Biographical--Awards and Honors--Jacobetti Highway 1986

Biographical--Awards and Honors--NMU [Northern Michigan University] Commencement; Honorary Doctorate--Quotes and NMU Speech 1984

Biographical--Awards and Honors--NMU [Northern Michigan University] Skills Center--Jacobetti Center 1980

Biographical--Awards and Honors--Testimonial 1979

Biographical--Awards and Honors--"Man of the Year;" "Mr. UP" [Scrapbook Contents] 1972

Biographical--Awards and Honors--"UP Person of the Year" 1983

Biographical--Awards and Honors--Veterans Salute to Jake November 1, 1986 1986-1987

Biographical--"Big Mac" Presentation [Mural of Mackinac Bridge] June 16, 1976

Biographical--Biographical Information 1975-1994

Congratulations--Appointment as Chairman of House Appropriations Committee 1975

Congratulations--Births 1976-1992

Congratulations--Graduations--College [personal] 1982-1994

Interests--Italian American Cultural Society; Sons of Italy 1981-1992

Personal--Correspondence, etc. 1966-1985

Personal 1976-1985

Personal--Correspondence, etc. 1986-1994

Personal--Family 1965-1988

Personal--Eulogies [Jacobetti Death] 1994

Personal--50th Wedding Anniversary 1992

Personal--Material used by Paul Suomi at Northern Michigan University [NMU] 1976--Correspondence, News Clippings, Miscellaneous 1971-1976

Thank-yous 1972-1994

"UP Business-Past, Present, and Future" UP Sunday Times article [includes background material] 1979

Campaign 1967-1970

Campaign 1971-1972

Campaign 1973-1974

Campaign--Expenses and Receipts 1973-1974

Campaign--Expenses and Receipts 1975-1976

Campaign 1975-1976

Campaign 1977-1978

Campaign--Expenses and Receipts 1977-1978

Campaign--Charles Wilderspin 1978

Campaign 1979-1980

Campaign 1981-1982

Campaign 1983-1984

Campaign 1985-1986

Campaign 1987-1988

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Papers--Series II Personal

Campaign 1989-1990

Campaign--Congratulations 1990-1991

Campaign 1991-1992

Campaign--Dresch, Stephen 1991-1993

Campaign--Endorsements 1991-1992

Campaign 1993-1994

Campaign--Congratulations 1994

Campaign--Endorsements 1994

General Political--Awards and Honors--Endorsements by Dominic Jacobetti 1982-1989

General Political--Governor James Blanchard 1982-1985

General Political--Daniel Bonetti 1970-1990

Boy Scouting--Correspondence--Marvin Gibson, Scott Gibson 1974-1990

Boy Scouting--Congratulations, Eagles, etc. 1981-1994

Boy Scouting--Correspondence--Miscellaneous 1975-1991

Boy Scouting--Dedication of New Service Center, Marquette, MI 1977

Cohodas, Sam 1970-1988

Condolences [Lower Peninsula] 1974-1981

Condolences [Lower Peninsula] 1982-1987

Condolences [Lower Peninsula] 1988-1990

Condolences [Lower Peninsula] 1991-1994

Condolences [Upper Peninsula] 1965; 1974-1979

Condolences [Upper Peninsula] 1979-1981

Condolences [Upper Peninsula] 1982-1985

Condolences [Upper Peninsula] 1986-1990

Condolences [Upper Peninsula] 1991-1994

Congratulations 1975-1986

Congratulations--Adult Education Graduation 1975-1984

Congratulations--Anniversary 1977-1991

Congratulations--Birthdays 1975-1993

Congratulations--Graduation--High School 1984-1990

Congratulations--Miscellaneous [Lower Peninsula] 1975-1987

Congratulations--Miscellaneous [Lower Peninsula] 1988-1994

Congratulations--Miscellaneous [Upper Peninsula] 1971-1982

Congratulations--Miscellaneous [Upper Peninsula] 1983-1987

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Papers--Series II Personal

Congratulations--Miscellaneous [Upper Peninsula] 1988-1994

Congratulations--Retirement [Lower Peninsula] 1977-1982

Congratulations--Retirement [Lower Peninsula] 1983-1993

Congratulations--Retirement [Upper Peninsula] 1974-1982

Congratulations--Retirement [Upper Peninsula] 1983-1993

Congratulations--Wedding 1980-1990

Congratulations--Wedding 1991-1992

Correspondence--College Graduates 1978-1993

Correspondence--High School Graduates 1972-1986

Correspondence--William G. Milliken, Governor 1974-1980

Correspondence re: Visit by Pope John Paul II 1979

DeJulianie, Gerald; Joseph 1983-1994

Democratic Business 1977-1991

Democratic Business--Michigan Democratic Policy Committee--Speech: Environmentism Policy Subcommittee Platform 1975

Democratic Business--House Democratic Majority Calendar 1992

Employment Assistance Requests 1983-1992

Employment Assistance Requests--Louis J. Bonetti III 1983-1985

Employment Assistance Requests--Patrick B. Treloar 1990

Employment Assistance Requests/Endorsements within the Legislature 1992-1994

Endorsements for college Admission 1975, 1987

Endorsements--Gubernatorial Appointments 1986-1987

Endorsements--Gubernatorial Appointments 1988-1992

John Engler, Governor 1990-1991

John Engler, Governor--Protest Letters Against Budget Cuts 1991

Get Well Letters--Lower Peninsula 1975-1984

Get Well Letters--Upper Peninsula 1975-1982

Get Well Letters--Upper Peninsula 1983-1984

Get Well Letters 1985-1986

Get Well Letters 1987-1989

Get Well Letters 1990-1994

James W. Goulette 1953; 1985-1988

James W. Goulette--UP [Upper Peninsula] Person of the Year 1980

James W. Goulette--80th Birthday Celebration 1985

House Fiscal Agency Scandal--Dwight Anderson; Catherine Beckholt; John Binion; Luke Hasban; Malik Hodary; Dominic Jacobetti (folder 1 of 5) 1993-1994

House Fiscal Agency Scandal--Bruce Lindstrom; John Morberg; Jerold Saundri; Steve Shepich (folder 2 of 5) 1993-1994

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Papers--Series II Personal

House Fiscal Agency Scandal--Miscellaneous; Audit Report 1990-1993 (folder 3 of 5)

House Fiscal Agency Scandal--Detroit News Reporter--Pulitzer Prize 1994 (folder 4 of 5)

House Fiscal Agency Scandal--Letters of Support 1993 (folder 5 of 5)

Invitations 1977-1993

Joe [Joseph] Kheder--Correspondence 1990-1992

Letters done by B. W. [Miscellaneous UP] 1974-1975

Bruce Lindstrom 1982; 1992

Joseph Mack 1973-1980

Mailings--Legislative Reports 1966-1972

Miscellaneous 1971-1990

"Miss Superiorland;" "Miss Michigan Junior Miss," etc. 1982-1990

Press Releases 1965-1966

Press Releases 1966-1968

Press Releases 1969-1970

Press Releases 1971

Press Releases 1972

Press Releases 1973

Press Releases 1974

Press Releases 1975

Press Releases 1976

Press Releases 1977-1978

Press Releases 1979-1980

Press Releases 1981-1982

Press Releases 1983-1984

Press Releases 1985

Press Releases 1986

Press Releases 1987

Press Releases 1988

Press Releases 1989-1991

Press Releases 1993-1994

Press Releases--House Fiscal Agency Book I January-April 1993

Press Releases--House Fiscal Agency Book II May-December 1993

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Papers--Series II Personal; Series IX--Litigation; Series III--RESTRICTED folders

Thank-yous 1971-1992

UP [Upper Peninsula] Persons of the Year 1982-1991

"U.P In God's Country" Special excerpts from Lansing State Journal March 1987

YMCA [Young Men's Christian Association]--Youth in Government 1976-1990

Series IX Litigation--John J. Chambers v General Motors Corporation; Larry J. Franks v White Pine Copper Division, Copper Range Company 1993

Series IX Litigation--Lewis N. Dodak, et al v State Administrative Board Feb 6-May 17 1991 (folder 1 of 5)

Series IX Litigation--Lewis N. Dodak, et al v State Administrative Board May 17, 1991 (folder 2 of 5)

Series IX Litigation--Lewis N. Dodak, et al v State Administrative Board May 23, 1991 (folder 3 of 5)

Series IX Litigation--Lewis N. Dodak, et al v State Administrative Board May 24-May 31 1991 [HB 4847 included] (folder 4 of 5)

Series IX Litigation--Lewis N. Dodak, et al v State Administrative Board June-July 1991 (folder 5 of 5)

Series IX Litigation--Sophia Durocher, et al v Raymond Durocher, et al 1984

Series IX Litigation--Sophia Durocher, et al v Raymond Durocher, et al 1984-1985 [1967-1985]

Series IX Litigation--Grand Traverse County, et al v State of Michigan [State's alleged failure to finance its lawful share of operational expenses...] 1992

Series IX Litigation--Anthony C. Koszalinski and Donald W. Stowe v Department of Commerce, Corporation and Securities Bureau [low power TV] 1981-1985 (folder 1 of 2)

Series IX Litigation--Anthony C. Koszalinski and Donald W. Stowe v Department of Commerce, Corporation and Securities Bureau [low power TV] 1987 (folder 2 of 2)

Series IX Litigation--Samuel M. McIntyre, et al v Willam H. Shepler, et al 1983

Series IX Litigation--State of Michigan v Kenneth W. Gremore and Frank Rodwell [Wayne county Peoples Community Hospital Authority] 1962-1978

Series IX Litigation--Unemployment Benefits Hearing--Clarence L. Huot v Empire Mining Co. 1979

Series IX Litigation--Carl E. Sjoholm v Northern Michigan University 1978 RESTRICTED

Series III Veterans--Veterans Trust Fund--Jack Lampsa 1984 RESTRICTED

Series III Case File--Sonia Archambeau 1994 RESTRICTED

Series III Medical--Workman's Compensation--Biekkola, George F. 1991-1994 RESTRICTED

Series III the Dushane File 1980-1982 RESTRICTED

Series III Constituent Correspondence--Department of Social Services 1989-1991 RESTRICTED

Series I, Suberies 2 Veterans Facilty--Workers Compensation--Balbierz, Janice A. RESTRICTED

Series I. Subsries 2 Constituent Correspondence--Department of Social Services 1982-1986 RESTRICTED

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Papers -- Oversized

Certificate of Recognition by School of Education Alumni Society, University of Michigan 1985

Certificate of Recognition by Louie B. Nunn, Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky 1969

Great Seal of Michigan

Reprint of bill making Michigan a State 1987

Resolution by City of Kingsford honoring Jacobetti 1987

Resolution No. 2189 by Macomb County Board of Commissioners honoring Jacobetti [ca 1987]

Tribute to Jacobetti as "Mr. Upper Peninsula' nd

Resolution by City of Negaunee honoring Jacobetti 1988

Resolution by Chippewa County Board of Commissioners honoring Jacobetti as U.P. Man of the Year n.d.

Citation Award by Disabled American Veterans [DAV] 1972

Certificate of Merit by AMVETS 1967

The Tall Trees of Paradise re: Michigan Christmas Tree

Lithograph of State Capitol at Rededication of Restored House Chambers 1990

Recognition by State of Idaho 1975

House Resolution No. 79 honoring "Dom" Jacobetti [Jr.] 1965

Special Resolution re. Angeli/Jacobetti Voc-Tech and Industrial Incubation Center in Stambaugh, MI 1985

Special Resolution honoring 50th Anniversary of founding of "Our Own Bakeries, Inc." 1975

Special Tribute to Linda Roncoglione, Miss Ishpeming and Miss Snowmobile Queen of 1973 1972

Special Tribute to Joseph L. DeCook re: Distinguished Alumni Award of Northern Michigan University [NMU] 1974

Special Tribute to Rollin K. E. Thoren re: Distinguished Alumni Award of NMU 1974

Special Tribute to Norman E. Kukuk re: Distinguished Alumni Award of NMU 1974

House Resolution No. 160 commemorating Centennial Anniversary of Ishpeming and Negaunee 1973

Senate Resolution No. 561 as a memorial for Mr. Leslie W. Richards of Negaunee 1978

House Resolution No. 268 honoring Raymond J. Buchkoe, Warden of Marquette State Prison 1973

House Resolution No. 288 honoring Volunteers and Patrons of Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. 1985

House Resolution No. 907 as a memorial to Mrs. Harry (Bess) Truman 1982

Special Tribute to Northern Michigan University on its seventy-fifth Anniversary 1974

House Resolution No. 480 urging National Ski Hall of Fame remain in Ishpeming 1976

Special Tribute to Jacobetti 1983

House Resolution No. 335 regarding Pictured Rocks Park and National Lakeshore Drive 1966

House Resolution No. 6 memorializing Harry Herman of Laurium 1965

Special Tribute to Perry hatch 1975

Senate Resolution No. 168 commemorating Centennial Anniversary of Ishpeming and Negaunee 1973

Senate Resolution No. 303 commemorating One Hundredth Birthday of Iron Mountain, MI 1979

Special Tribute to Russell F. Carriere 1980

House Resolution 293 to Gwen Roberta Brown, Miss Michigan 1981

House Resolution No. 844 commemorating Marquette as a Michigan Main Street Community 1984

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Photographs and Negatives; Art works--OVERSIZED

Negative--Dominic Jacobetti 8.5 x11"

Photo of Dominic Jacobetti 8.5 x 11" with large border

Political art--Vote for Jacobetti 1972

Political Art--gift from Michigan's Electric Co-Coops 1987

Photo--Jacobetti receiving honorary degree; color 10.75x14"

Photo--log home; color 10.75x14"

Photo--log home; color 10.75x14"

Photo--? and Jacobetti; color 10.75x14"

Photo--Detroit Symphony Orchestra; color 10.75x14"; with matting 11.75x15"

Photo--Dominic J. Jacobetti Vocational Skills Center, Northern Michigan University 1979; color 10.75x14" mounted

House of Representatives 1973-1974; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1975-1976; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1977-1978; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1979-1980; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1981-1982; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1983-1984; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1985-1986; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1987-1988; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1989-1990; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1991-1992; color 11x14"

House of Representatives 1993-1994; color 11x14"

Photos--Unknown individual x2 nd; B/W 11x14"

Photos--Jud Heathcote and Jacobetti with Mr. UP award x2; color 11x14"

Photos--George Perles and Jacobetti with Mr. UP award x2; color 11x14"

Photos--Doug ? and Jacobetti with Mr. UP award x2; color 11x14"

House of Representatives Seating Chart 1985-1986; B/W 11.75x15.25" [laminated]

Photo--SIGARMS 9 mm pistol, Michigan State Police badge, etc. signed by Col. Rich Davis 11x14" mounted

Cut and paste photo of Jacobetti as "Slave Driver;" B/W 13.5x13"

Photo--Jacobetti behind rostrum, Northern Michigan University; color 16x20"

Photo--Jacobetti receiving honorary degree; color 16x20"

House of Representatives 1943-1944; B/W 16x20"

House of Representatives 1971-1972; B/W 16x20"

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Scope and Contents note


Map--Official Railway Map of the State of Michigan 1985

Sketch of Dominic Jacobetti, "Mr. Upper Peninsula" by Jack Glazier

LaVasseur Dike Flood Map 1985

Blueprints/Plans--Addition to Delta County Service Center 1986 [2]

Map--Dickinson County (Geological) 1903

Map--Geologic Map of the Silver Creek to Rocking Chair Lakes Area, Marquette County, Michigan 1986

Map--Michigan Department of Transportation Truck Operator's Map 1987

Plan/Map--Sidnaw Airport 1976

Map--Negaunee Sec. 33, T 48N, R26W [Carp River Forge site]

Map--Section 28, Town 48 North Range 26 West 1910

Floor Plans--Pictured Rocks Restaurant/Hotel and Grill 1976 [3]

Proposed State Prison Facility Munising, MI April 1986

Maps--Forsyth Township Tourist Park--Plan and Contour Map, Details and Service Bldg. Plan, Details Sheet, General Notes 1979

Caricature drawing of Dominic Jacobetti by Craig MacIntosh (Minneapolis Star Tribune) 1984

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Papers, SERIES X Ken Dorman, Jacobetti's Chief Legislative Aid

Ken Dorman--Correspondence--Miscellaneous 1982-1985

Economy--"a Report on a Preliminary Investigation of the Economic Impact of Federal EPA Air Pollution Laws and Regulation..." by Ken Dorman 1975-1986

Economy--Miscellaneous 1974; 1978; 1980-1983; 1991

Economy--Population Trends 1973


Employment 1973; 1983

Energy 1976-1983

Environment 1973-1983

Environment--Public Act 17 and Amendments; HB 4820 [included] 1980-1981

Industry 1977-1989

Industry--Chemical 1981-1982

Industry--Forest/Paper 1972; 1979-1981

Industry--Forest/Paper 1982-1989, n.d.

Industry--Forest--Visit of Mr. S. Akashi, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 1977

Industry--Shipbuilding--Upper Peninsula Shipbuilding Company (UPSCO) 1979-1983

Industry--Stealmaking 1973-1988

Dominic Jacobetti Project 1984 [biography outline]

Land Transfers HB 5661, 5662, 4787 [all included] 1973, 1977, 1983

Marquette Ore Dock 1973

Military--Miscellaneous 1947-1981

Military--Nuclear Armament, Base Closings, etc. 1975; 1982-1983

Military--Nuclear Protests 1981-1983

Mining 1979-1980

Munising Proposed Nursing Home Facility; Wiltshire Nursing Home 1973-1974

Personal 1959-1981

Personal Interests 1945-1983

Population Statistics, Studies, etc. 1977-1981

Public Land Inventory Meeting 1970

Republic Township Wastewater Project 1982

Speeches 1977, 1979

Tax Hike Legislation 1981-1983

Transportation 1981-1983

Veterans--Miscellaneous 1977-1983

Transportation--North Central Airlines--"Use It or Lose It" Investigation 1961

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VHS Recordings

Scope and Contents note

Five VHS recordings of Jacobetti involved in various activities.

Negaunee fourth of July parade, 1988

"Jake Breaking the Record Program" no date

"Off the Record" October 18, 1991

Mid-Year Commencement, Northern Michigan University, December 15, 1984

MSEA General Assembly Jacobetti Award 1984

"Dominic Jacobetti: Legendary Lawmaker" 1994

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Papers--Series VII Chronological Correspondence 1974-1981

Chronological Corres, 1974

Chronological Corres, 1975

Chronological Corres, 1976

Chronological Corres, 1977

Chronological Corres, 1978

Chronological Corres, 1979

Chronological Corres, 1980

Chronological Corres, 1981

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Papers--Series VII Chronological Correspondence 1982-1990

Chronological Corres, 1982

Chronological Corres, 1983

Chronological Corres, 1984

Chronological Corres, 1985

Chronological Corres, 1986

Chronological Corres, 1987

Chronological Corres, 1988

Chronological Corres, 1989

Chronological Corres, 1990

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Papers--Series II Personal

Press Releases House Fiscal Agency Book III January-June 1994

Press Releases House Fiscal Agency Book IV July-March 1995 [1994-1995]

Recommendations for Appointment 1982-1983

Recommendations for Appointment 1984-1985

Recommendations for Appointment 1986-1987

Recommendations for Appointment 1988-1989

Recommendations for Appointment 1990-1993

Resolutions of Tribute 1970-1976

Resolutions of Tribute 1977-1980

Resolutions of Tribute 1981-1984

Resolutions of Tribute 1985-1987

Resolutions of Tribute 1988-1990

Resolutions of Tribute 1991-1992

Resolutions of Tribute 1993-1994

Resolutions of Tribute--Geraldine DeFant 1991

Resolutions of Tribute--George Gipp "The Gipper' 1985

Resolutions of Tribute--John Voelker 1991

Jack Rombouts File 1968

[Michigan] Sesquicentennial 1987

Shared Power--Louis Dodak, Dominic Jacobetti vs State Administration Board, John Engler, et al re: "intertransfer of funds within a Principal Department's Appropriation" 1991 (folder 1 of 2)

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