Harlow's Wooden Man journal, Marquette County Historical Society


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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Harlow's Wooden Man journal, Marquette County Historical Society
1969 to present
10.0 Cubic feet

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Collection Inventory

Spring 1976 - Winter 1976

That's Entertainment

Clarksburg Contributed, Too!

To the Land of Iron

William Gray

Flitter Mouse

Got Your Bottom Covered?

Ida Leona Erickson

History on Parade

Marquette County Celebrates Centennial

Roller Hockey-Long Forgotten Sport

Mrs. George McCombs

Tennis Anyone?

Burt House Opens for 1976 Season

Mac, How Could You?

Homing In...

Musta-The Wonder Dog

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Spring 1977 - Winter 1977

Pictoral Presentation (Negaunee, Ishpeming

Super Scoopers

Pictoral Presentation (Michigamme, Champion, Gwinn, Republic, Princeton)


This Was Birch

Harvey....A Man and a Town

Big Bay

The Farming Communities (Skandia, Carlsbend, Yalmer)

House Calls

Marquette on a Vanishing Frontier

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Spring 1978 - Winter 1978

The National Ski Hall of Fame in the 70's

The Victorian Doll House

History of Child's Art Gallery

Child's Photographic Collection

1977 in Retrospect

When in Rome

Oral history

Early Fourth of July Celebrations

Monsignor Mathias J. Jodocy: Priest, Pastor and Promoter

Belgians in the Upper Peninsula

Happy Birthday to the Historical Society

Seasoned Sneakers

A Bond of Interest (Iron Industry)

Interview with Dr. Van Riper

Christmas Tree Ships

New Year's Celebrations of the Past

Keweenaw Dandruff

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Spring 1979 - Winter 1979


Alberta: Henry Ford's Sociological Experiment

How I Began My Family Tree

May Festival-Northern State Teachers College

Crop Rotation

Paull Collection Received

Upper Peninsula Oral History Workshop

The Peter A. Story

Prisoner of War Camps in the Upper Peninsula

Taking the Sting out of Summer

Lew Allen Chase 1879-1957

Esther Bystrom's Legacy

Canadians in Marquette in the 19th Century

So Who Needs Oil?

Christmas in Marquette County Over the Years

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Spring 1980 - Winter 1980

The WPA in Marquette County


Gay Blades

Earthquakes in the UP, 1905-1909

Inventor-Builder of Dreams

Le Barons Attempt at Exploiting UP Copper

A Clean Sweep

New Years Day Calling

A Brave Rescue

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Winter 1981 - Fall 1981

Winter Weather in the Old Days

Huron Mountain Club: Guardian of a Legacy

Slide Lectures-New Approach

Drop Seat Nostalgia

A Silhouette of Upper Peninsula History

When the Lights Went on in Marquette

Marquette County Industries Went to War

Bicycles in Marquette at the Turn of the Century

A Silhouette of Upper Peninsula History

When the Lights Went on in Marquette

Blemhuber Farm

Peanuts, Peppermint Once Grown in Peninsula

CCC Activities: A Limited Look at Marquette County

Indian Slavery in Upper Michigan

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Winter 1982 - Fall 1982

Whether the Weather

A Backward Glance at History

Slush Hath Charm


Building Boom in Marquette 1900

Influenza in Marquette, 1918-1919

Marquette's Three Golf Courses

Early Italians In Marquette County: Philip Marchetti, and Batista Barasa

Shiras Pool at Presque Isle

Snuffy's Saloon

The Civil War and UP Copper

A "Gentleman Farmer" in Northern Marquette County


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Winter 1983 - Fall 1983

Homesteading in Upper Michigan-Early 1900's

Lakeside Park-Front Street Marquette

Italian Newspapers in the Upper Peninsula

Homesteading in Upper Michigan-Early 1900's

Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway Co. Ore Dock No. 6-1931

Ishpeming's Verde Antiques Marble Quarries

City's Acquisition of Famous Presque Isle Recalled

A Fire in Marquette

German Immigrants in Marquette County

Manx Americans in Marquette County

Lebanese in Negaunee, 1900

Geological Observations on the Marquette Area from Bela Hubbards 1840 Journal

Marquette Loses a House

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Winter 1984 - Fall 1984

The Lake Superior Powder Company

Cornish Wrestling-A UP Sport

Old Ish

Marquette County Women in History

Ninety Years Nice

Marquette County's Italian Women Immigrants

Lake Superior Powder Company

Bay Cliff

Longyear Heirs

Reminiscing About Winter Sports in Marquette

Swineford - One of Our Pioneer Citizens

Our Yesteryears

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Winter 1985 - Fall 1985

City Commission Form of Government in Marquette

Homes Away from Everything

Opening of Navigation

Eastern Europeans in Marquette County

Chaw Raw Beef

Washington County

Getting There was Half the Fun


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Winter 1986 - Fall 1986

Neither Sleet Nor Snow...

The Dream Builder

The Springs of Marquette

Grandma's Camp

Multiple Use

The Incredible Cherry LaMont

Grandma's City House

The Dead River Gold Range

So-Sa-Wa-Ga-Ming Club

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Winter 1987 - Fall 1987

The Fur Trade: First Industry of the Great Lakes Region

Marquette County's Newest Oldest Settlement

A Mountain of Iron

The Burt Inventions

Life in the Upper Peninsula 1918-1935

The UP Beat

Growing Pains and Pleasures

The Marquette County Fair

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Winter 1988 - Fall 1988

Autobiography of the Wooden Man

Mr. Wood

The Adam's House

Recollections of Sidney Adams

Save Our Landmarks

Brewmaster's Home

Mary Todd Lincoln

Buffalo Bill

The Peter White Punch

A Superior Love Affair

How I Came to Write Books

Story of the Dandelion

Holly Wilson

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Winter 1989 - Fall 1989

The Lake Superior Ice Company

UP Dress Manufacturing Company

Lake Superior Knitting Works

John Tyler Jones, Inventor

Early Days

The Dead River

Blueberry Picking

Dead River Flour Mills

The Dead River Bridge

Mules, Oysters and a Crane

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Winter 1990 - Fall 1990

In Hallowed Memory of thy Halls

James B. Kaye

The Dormitory

The Olmsted Report


Jens Jenson


The UP Cricket League

Marquette Tennis Club

200 Years and Counting

Harlow's Wooden Man

Sanborn Maps

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Winter 1991 - Fall 1991

Labor Strife on the Iron Ranges

Ore Trimmers

Strike of 1946

Ice Blockade, 1917

Lake Superior Lighthouses

B.F. Childs

Reimund Holzhey

Bellevue Remembered

Cows must stay home

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Winter 1992 - Fall 1992

"Old Ish"...Again

Hell Town

Our Yesteryears (Ishpeming)

Marquette City and Presque Isle Railway

The Broomstick Train

Marquette, USA

Six Original Counties

Worcester, Please

The Western Brook

St. Jean Baptiste Church

Early Churches

Morgan Historical Marker

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Winter 1993 - Fall 1993


The Negaunee White House

MacDonald's MacDonald

Wooden Snowshoes

Our Engine was Gone!

Medicine Man

KI Sawyer Air Force Base: A History

Kelly Johnson

Aeroplane Knocked Out

UP Pioneer Auto Travel

Cloverland Created

World's Columbian Exposition

V.S. Hillyer and Northern Orchards, Inc.

Ishpeming's Celery Industry

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Winter 1994 - Fall 1994

Winter Recreation Long, Long Ago

Clover Land Created-Part 2

Graveraet High School

Women and Children on the Marquette Iron Range: Ishpeming in 1870

Emigrant Vessel


Arriving in Marquette

Old Days in Marquette

Nancy Harkness Love: World War II Aviatrix

Aircraft Warning Service

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Winter 1995 - Fall 1995

World War II: The Home Front

It's Over!

We Remember-Robert Harlow Clark

Gaines Rock

Hobo Villiage

Early Days in Republic

Iron City

Remember the Ladies

Mrs. Victoria Woodhull

Women's Welfare Club

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Winter 1996 - Fall 1996

Printers Devil and Reporter

150 Years

Alfred P. Swineford

Remembering the Big Band Era

Negaunee City Band

The Finnish Radicals Search for Utopia

Advertised for Workers

Finnish Language Newspapers

Finn Hall in Rock

Centar of Activity

Went to Russia

Eben Cooperative

Negaunee Labor Temple

Liberty Hall

Partridge Bay

The Huron Islands


Nester Goes Down

The Cormorant

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Summer 1969

Educational Opportunities in America From 1865-1918

Chippewa Indians of the Upper Peninsula

The Days of the Blueberry

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Spring 1970 - Winter 1970

Penny's Grandson Praises "North to Lake Superior"

Kenyon Boyer

Negaunee Rail Road History

Ladies' Corner

Poor Rock Playground

Helen Longyear Paul

Frederick Braastad: Ishpeming Pioneer

Ladies' Corner

Makin' Wood's Good

Lew Allen Chase

Society Publishing Journal of Famous Expedition

Early Aviation in Marquette County

Royal Oak Donates Historical Material

The Hermit

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Winter 1971 - Fall 1971

It's Up to Us...

Olive Pendill

The New Museum

22nd Annual UP History Conference

Rachel C. Spear

Sailing Sailing

A Young Man's Fancy...

Upper Peninsula History Conference Resume

Walter F. Gries

The Irish Side of It

Instant History

Christmas-Down Under

Charles Kawbawgam, Chippewa Chief

Certificate of Commendation

"Scum"...Alias Earl

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Winter 1972 - Fall 1972

The Mystery Quilt


Charles H. Schaffer

Bartlett King Memorial

Record Jump

Living History Up to Date

Frederick McDonnel Harkin

Frank Stolpe

Hospitals of Marquette

Clarence and Timothy

John Burt House

T.J. "Cap" Nicholas of Palmer

Cornishmen in Marquette County

Two on a Log

Robert Nelson: Father of Ishpeming

A Marquette Christmas Long Ago-1919

Swedish Settlement in Marquette County

Needle-less to Say

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Winter 1973

Wilfred Nevue

French-Canadian Superstitions

French Churches in Marquette County

The Abraham Fleury Family

S. tsuk! O.S.

Vina Winifred Lacey

My Irish Teachers

What Happened to the Irish?

Dennis Hogan

Spring Decorating

Finnish Religious History

John Morton

A Finnish Boarding House

The Basting Bench

German Settlement Green Garden

Henry and Robert Blemhuber

Pioneer Germans in Marquette County

All About Dolls

Impetus for Forming Bands

Lina Dyruff Paull

Devaluated Buck

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Winter 1974 - Fall 1974

Greek Orthodox Church of Assumption

Greek Weddings Keyed to Symbolism

Greek Orthodox Easter


The Story of Grand Island

The Italian Immigrant

Dr. Joseph P. Bertucci

Nostalgia (X-Rated)

Bicentennial Committee Announces Goals

My Scotch Heritage

Who Are the Scots-Irish

The Scots of Marquette County

The Morrisons of Marquette

Angus MacDonald

Old Feathers!

Bicentennial Plans Gaining Momentum in Marquette Area

Poland's Contributions to the American Revolution

The Socha Family

Polish Reminiscences

The Polish Immigrant

Marquette's First Two Christmases

"Sandy Ate My Hat"

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Winter 1975 - Fall 1975

Winter Sports a la Yesterday

In A One Dog Open Sleigh

From Ski Jumping to Ski Flying

Recollections of Superior Hills

Hockey in Marquette


Scouts Launch "Spirit of 76" Theme Next Fall

Bicentennial Plans of the National Ski Hall of Fame, Ishpeming

Heritage Crafts

Youth and the Bicentennial

Carp River Forge

Architectural Heritage



Pioneer Cottage

Jewish Holidays

Louis Getz

Temple Beth Sholom

Uncles Ed and Ike

Antique Shop?

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Winter 1997-Fall 1997

Room and Board

Company Housing

On the Road

Emigrant Vessel

"Anatomy of a Murder"

Legal Skirmishes

Poison Pen Letters

Michigamme Girls

Remembering Michigamme

Old Peter

Fishing on the Michigamme

Bishop Frederic Baraga

Trip to Grand Island

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Winter 1998-Fall 1998

Mount Mesnard

Fur Trading Outpost

Nitroglycerine Plant


Burtmore Park


Tourist Attraction

Ski Hills

Relics of the Charcoal Industry

Company L (Spanish-American War)

The Homefront

Olive Pendill, War Nurse

The Native American Flute: A Contemporary View

Mino Bimaadiziwin: Good Life, Strong Life

The 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Marquette's First Garbage Collection

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Winter 1998-Fall 1998

Midwives in Historic Upper Michigan

Ojibwa Infant Care

Care of Infants in 1889

The Kennedy Sisters

Park Cemetery

Traditions on the NMU Campus, 1899-1999

Faculty Reminiscences

Will Bradley

Miss Cecil Grylls

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Winter 2000-Fall 2000

Marqutte's Trestle-Downtown or Trestle

Marquette County in 1900-

Snowshoe Trip to Sauks Head

Horseshoers Examined

Unique Picnic Party

Mischieveous Kids

Marquette Water all Right

One Thousand Foreigners

Would Like Electricity

Hen is a Marvel

Wireless Telegraphy

Prepairing for Hunting Season

A Fairy Story that Came True

The Teenie Weenies

Early Advertising

"That Store that Meads Keeps"

Immigrants Settled in Champion

The Twain Shall Meet

Mine Doctor (DR. Paul Van Riper)

Champion Reminiscences

Historic Indian Trails

Dixie Highway and the Upper Peninsula

Marquette to Escanaba in 1915

Some Early Marquette County Roads

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Winter 2001-Fall 2001

Negaunee's Breitung Hotel

Early Marquette Hotels

Pigeons on the Lakes

Mapping of Lake Superior

Early Days in Yalmar

Pioneer School

Thomas B. Rundle-Marquette County Soda Bottler

Elson Bottling Works

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Winter 2002-Fall 2002

"The Three Twins" (The Peninsula Transit Company)

Pioneer Motor Company

Trouble at the Cow Pond


Trouble at the Cow Pond Part II

A Walk Down Mainstreet

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Spring 2003-Fall 2003

-A Peek at the Piqua: Makers of Munisingware

Lumber Camp "Cookee"

"Lumbering Towns and Company Men"

Lumberjack Lingo

Itinerant Quacks and Patent Medicine Hawkers

Nude Bathers

Forepaugh's Circus

The Kentuckians

Michigan's Troopers

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Winter 2004-Fall 2004

Dog Race Days in Ishpeming (Dog Sled Races)

Al Quaal Recreation Area

A Look at 1950s Fashion and the Fashion Industry of Marquette County

The Gossard Strike of 1949

Geraldine Gordon Defant

Marquette State Park


The Morgan Furnace

Presidential Elections and the Upper Peninsula

Taft Stays at Roberts' Home

Ballot Box Reform

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Winter 2005-Fall 2005

A Dangerous Trip Between Seasons

Rules for Falling on Slippery Sidewalks

Mineral Rights

The Homestead Act of 1862

The Yellow Dog Plains

They Called it Iron Money

Dog Mad Deposits at Bank

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Winter 2006-Fall 2006


Finnish Immigrant Self-Care Health Practices

Only Sissies Wear Helmets: Marquette County's First Foodball Season

Tuberculosis Care in Marquette County

Christmas Seals

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Winter 2007-Fall 2007

Cranking for Central

Hoaxes and Practical Jokes

Negaunee's Nitro-Glycerine Tragedy

Great Times at Guild Hall

The Burt Christmas Carols

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Winter 2008-Summer 2008

The Matanuska Valley Community

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Price of a Good Newspaper

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